Montana Star

Montana Star WANTED WIFE WOMAN TO WORK BESIDE ME ON RANCH IN MONTANA Aries read the ad Ben McCabe had placed in the paper and prayed the position hadn t been filled She knew nothing about cooking ranching or be

  • Title: Montana Star
  • Author: Deann Smallwood
  • ISBN: 9781477861868
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WANTED WIFE, WOMAN TO WORK BESIDE ME ON RANCH IN MONTANA Aries read the ad Ben McCabe had placed in the paper and prayed the position hadn t been filled She knew nothing about cooking, ranching, or being a wife for that matter Aries had been trained by one of Philadelphia s best physicians, her father Trained, but not board certified trained but not allowed to practiWANTED WIFE, WOMAN TO WORK BESIDE ME ON RANCH IN MONTANA Aries read the ad Ben McCabe had placed in the paper and prayed the position hadn t been filled She knew nothing about cooking, ranching, or being a wife for that matter Aries had been trained by one of Philadelphia s best physicians, her father Trained, but not board certified trained but not allowed to practice She longed to be a practicing physician, but no one wanted a woman doctor Her father s death, which left her with nothing but gambling debts and a young brother to provide and care for, forced her to put aside her love of medicine Answering this ad was the only way Aries could think of to provide for herself and her brother She felt badly about deceiving Ben, but what she didn t know was that Ben had deceived her from the moment she d read the ad and been sent the money to travel to Montana There was no turning back Aries knew that as she heard the clickety clack of the train taking her closer to a man she knew nothing about and who wanted no part of a woman in his life and certainly not a wife.

    One thought on “Montana Star”

    1. I am a sucker for mail order bride stories, so when this came across my feed for a 1.50, I jumped on it. Turned out it was a great deal and a sweet read. While there is only kissing the complexity of the couple more than made up for it. Really enjoyed it and something you can recommend to your mom or grandma.

    2. I wanted to like this book but I just didn't. It was predictable, filled with grammatical errors, and ended super abruptly.

    3. I was looking for something light & easy to read for hot summer nights when I couldn't sleep. This certainly fit the bill! I was looking for a little history on medicine in the early days in Montana, as well as where women fit into the profession. The story was a conglomeration of every romance book where the girl who doesn't realize she is pretty wins the day with her sunny disposition. She wins over the grizzled drunk doctor after one meeting & he determines to change his evil ways. Sh [...]

    4. EncouragingA woman determine to be a Dr. Finding out her father gambles aways everything Saint not wanting off we s a home,a want ad for a wife she take a huge chance answers the ad. Moves and makes the best everything and c.f. one clean about lying and not saying a thing about her brother. Time conquer all and they fall in love. And sharing a practice with the Dr. And yes humble and admits he's wrong and call her Dr. Add he did it faced everything and grew

    5. Mail orderWhat happens to a Doctor's daughter who cannot cook and doesn't know anything about the West answers a mail order bride ad in a Philadelphia paper? What happens when she arrives with her 4 year old brother only to find out that the man who placed the add isn't the one she's supposed to marry? Oh my! You need to read this one!!! Soooo good!

    6. ExcellentA story to enjoy. Different twists and certainly great writing. You won't be disappointed with this one. Excellent reading here.

    7. Doc finds a familyWas different turn out Aries answers an add. Moves to Montana to be a housekeeper. Thing's are different, than she expected. She doesn't know how to cook, the person who meets her at the train station. Is a lot younger who she thinks will be her future husband and then meets Ted. The father, turns out both Ted and Ben wrote the letter. Intended for Jarrett the oldest son. Since her arrival, Aires tends to townspeople ailing. Jarrett and Aries clash. She's determined, to make it [...]

    8. Great Book!!There was never a lull in the activity - from beginning to end. Enjoyable read with interesting characters. I highly recommend this author.

    9. PGI've not read anything by her before, so I was pleased to discover that DeAnn Smallwood can write a GREAT book! I have had a little spate there of books that just weren't well written, but the last couple I've read have been so good, and this *Montana Star* is right at the top of the list. I've read 'mail order bride' books before, but I loved the character development in this one. The h, Aries, is a 24 year old, trained doctor who is mother to her 4 year old little brother. She finds herself [...]

    10. A nice romance storyThere is still some editing that needs to be done. Wrong words placed in some spots, enough to be annoying. I found the story charming. I really like Aries. She is a nice strong lead female character. Her personality and character is well developed. Love the McNabe fellows. Not so sure about Ben. There was a lot of conflict but not much fun or enough redemption to balance out the love story. I felt that the ending was rushed. I would like to see a continuation of Ben and Arie [...]

    11. Solid 3.5 starsThe things I liked were the beautiful (and accurate) descriptions of the time and place. The fact Aries was strong and intelligent yet didn't come on overbearing unless necessary. She knew what she needed to do and did it. Her brother was adorable. I really liked Jarrett's brother and dad as well, they sounded like fun. It was interesting to read about the difficulty a female had regarding medicine during the time period.The author did a nice job of showing what the consequences w [...]

    12. Beautiful love story.A sweet romance of healing and redemption. Not a book of erotica, but not a sappy Harlequin either. The characters and story are special. I needed a comforting read, something that didn't tear my heart to shreds. Living a hundred years ago must have taken courage. I will definitely keep another Diana Smallwood story on hand when I need comfort,like comfort food only in story from. I really liked this read.

    13. This was a lovely romantic story set in Montanawith a mail-order bride and her 4 yr old brother traveling West to start a new life. Nothing goes quite as planned and there is a big learning curve for little brother, big sister (who misrepresented her housewifely skills!), and for the ranch family she joins. She brings a skill set to the new town, and knocks most folks on their ears!! Follow the story and fall in love - with Montana and all the folks who cross paths in this lovely book!

    14. The story of a young professional woman who needs to get married in order to give a home to her young brother and therefore agrees to marry someone she does not know, who - to make matters worse - put an add on the papers looking for a wife, is actually a surprising light, cute read. The build up to the romance is captivating but the climax is not as good. BUT it does not compromises the book.

    15. This book was very predictable, even for a historical romance novel. The main problem was that it was extremely long-winded where it shouldn't be (basically everywhere, e.g. describing a room for three pages) and short-cut also where it shouldn't be (every romantic moment). The romance aspect had such potential, but even the ending was abrupt, corny and unsatisfying.

    16. Sweet StoryIf you liked the shoe Medicine Women, you will enjoy this book. A young woman who with her 4 year old brother, must face a new way of life from big city to the frontier of Montana.

    17. Sweet romance along the historical vein. After her Father's death and facing a life of poverty and servitude, Aries answers an ad for a wife on the Montana frontier. I loved the heroine, Smart (very) plucky and strong.

    18. Great love soryLoved the whole book !! Aries is the heroine , she s a brave , intense woman who doesn't take no for an answer , Jarrett is her worthy opponent couldn;t put the book down until i finished , wish it were longer !!

    19. I absolutely loved this book!! The mystery and need for answers made me zoom through this book. The western setting made the situations in this book even more believable. I could visualize every situation. It was an easy read because I was hooked!!

    20. Who doesn't like a good love story with a few twists.Aries and Jarrett's story is full of twists and turns. Her learning to cook and be a homemaker to him learning to love again in the Big Sky Country.A quick read that will leave you with a smile.

    21. Sweet storyThis tho a sweet story of true love, and an easy read, the kind of book you curl up with when there is either a blizzard or thunderstorm out side. Its the kind of story that makes you smile and believe

    22. I bought this on impulse, without knowing whether it was (a) interesting or (b) clean. It turned out to be both interesting and clean. A nice story.

    23. Mail-order bride/ Dr Quinn type story. Enjoyed the writing. The story didnt go anywhere really though. Abrupt ending.

    24. very well done clean romance with a strong female lead. Would have liked some more description of Montana, but that's a very small criticism.

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