One thought on “The Naked Eye”

  1. Saatchi is ultra rare in that he is officially a Tory yet he is a promoter of artistic freedom, intellect and free thinking. perhaps he is only a Tory because he is so rich and would rather not be labelled a hypocrite. he challenges conventional thinking in a variety of ways, direct, sharp, opinionated and a fount of names, facts and figures. subjects touched on here include Dubai ('a simply lovely treat'), sinkholes, postBiblical plagues, the telegraph, Empires and tennis. the short pieces all [...]

  2. Basically a cool photo then some tangentially related text; for any normal human being it would be a blog project. Couple of interesting tidbits and the pictures are good but I often found myself wanting more info on the photos themselves rather than random facts about Portugal or whatever.

  3. I enjoyed this book. I found it fascinating. Weird and wonderful photographs which tease and tantalise and a selection of stories to go alongside which are only loosely related. A cornucopia of titbits put together in an unusual but compelling fashion.

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