Mumin 3

Mumin Serien inneh ller alla tecknade mumin episoder i komplett och kronologisk ordning H r episod Mumin och kometen Mumin och den gyllene svansen Muminvinter Mumin till sj ss Kl tt

  • Title: Mumin 3
  • Author: Tove Jansson Lars Jansson
  • ISBN: 9197018635
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Serien inneh ller alla tecknade mumin episoder i komplett och kronologisk ordning H r episod 17 23.Mumin och kometen 3 19Mumin och den gyllene svansen 20 41Muminvinter 42 61Mumin till sj ss 62 82Kl ttdjurets frieri 83 103Mumins lampa 104 119Mumin och j rnv gen 120 135

    One thought on “Mumin 3”

    1. I saw two stuffed Moomins in the window of a shop in Plymouth when I was there for Seth Lakeman's pieces with the BBC orchestra. That reignited an old love I had for them. I got this from the library today -- the first volume wasn't in, but I've now reserved it, ha! It's so cute, and often quite funny -- I mean, they're Moomins, but they're just, oh, people. Like Moominpappa wanting to move away to a lighthouse to write a novel and then finding out that it isn't what he wanted at all, and Snorkm [...]

    2. Description: Moomin is the main character, and also that's the species of what they are. Moomin has a wife named Snorkmaiden, and there's also Moomin Pappa and Moomin Mamma. They all live in Moominvalley. They look like hippos, but they're not. Moomin and Snorkmaiden sometimes get mad at each other. They're all kind of silly and dopey, and the meet different strange characters. Moomin Mamma gets flustered and stressed out by things, Moomin Pappa gets grand ideas or sees himself as a cool gentlem [...]

    3. I've been seeing Moomin figures and cartoons around for a while, at some point there was even a Christmas exhibition near my house and so I decided to finally find out what Moomin is. I got my hands on this edition and enjoyed it. I am not sure if it is for children as some claim, it is too mature in many aspects, but it is different and original!The artwork is cute, and even though the stories end happy they are always realistic when it comes to people's whims and characters.9- Moomin falls in [...]

    4. Another good anthology of the Moomin comics. I really liked the "Moomin Falls In Love" one, and actually I found it interesting that this story and a few of the other ones had all these situations where people made big deals about things because they thought that was what they were supposed to do. Moomin "protecting" his girlfriends when he was really himself scared; Snorkmaiden begrudgingly putting herself into one perilous situation after another because she thought that what would make Moomin [...]

    5. This is actually book 3, not book 1 in the series.The artwork in all of these books by Tove Jansson is delightful and satisfying. I particularly like "Moomin Falls in Love" (the Hattifatteners show up in droves). I find it very interesting to see how the stories from the books are presented, quite differently, in the comic strip. "Moomin and the Sea" is an example. "Moominpappa at Sea" has a much sadder atmosphere than the comic strip. The personalities of the Moomin family are so much fun and I [...]

    6. This is the third in the comic strip. Personally, I think that Tove Jansson's least important work is in her comic strips. The format of a daily newspaper strip was not suited to her particular form of genius. Having said that, while the quality of the work here varies quite a bit. The War of the Worlds spoof is probably the weakest, the whole thing is a delight. The most interesting bit is when they go to a lighthouse, because that work is a first pass at the material in Moominpappa at Sea, whi [...]

    7. A very charming all ages 1950s comic strip from Swedish artist Tove Jansson that apparently has been well known to much of the world all these years, but is just now being presented for Canadian and US readers, thanks to the sterling efforts of Montreal's Drawn & Quarterly Publications. Jansson's art is deceptively simple and her stories are quite imaginative and funny. I just can't imagine anyone who enjoys newspaper strip comics being disappointed in this excellent work.

    8. Though Vol. 1 still remains my favorite, I could not stop giggling at this. They're so full of wisdom and still totally hilarious.

    9. weird, weird, weird. "Indeed you are the most idiotic family I ever saw- but you are at least LIVING every minute of the day!"- from the character Stinky. characters that look like hippos, but are actually Moomins (as becomes clear in the story about the zoo). shifting landscapes, and silly adventures from a mid 1950's comic strip. these strips are long narratives, and aren't something you just breeze through (relatively speaking for comics), but take time to appreciate.

    10. Not as good as vol. 2. Still Moomins, so still great. Highlights included: accidentally riding a mine back to the lighthouse, being confused as hippos, when animals are let free from the zoo and being part their own club AND EVERYONE JOINS AND WEARS TIES, because that is just what is done when one is in a club!

    11. The Moomins are delightful as always in this volume, the third in the series of Moomin comics. The stories are cleverly drawn, often philosophical, sometimes subversive, and always both funny and poignant.

    12. jansson's work is like nothing else i've come across - wonderfully odd dialogue and characters, most of the time without punchlines. i'd never read the comics before - only the short stories as a kid, and the charm and general "what ho" of these is impossible not to like.

    13. I love Tove Jansson. Her stories are so fantastic and weird and her drawings so endlessly interesting. And how does she make the the very simply drawn Moomins so expressive? Bonus points for the cutest little Martian Man ever.

    14. Volume 3 of this fantastic comic strip collection is my favorite so far - it has some of my all-time favorite Moomin stories, such as when Moominpappa moves the family to a lighthouse, and when Moominvalley becomes a jungle. Amazing.

    15. every time i read one of these, i'm struck by how goddam *perfect* they are. sly, adult, childish, witty and stupidly funny. they sit on top of my art books/large comic books pile so i can pat them every so often.

    16. i grew up with the moomintroll books, never knew there was a comic. sort of like growing up eating banana bread and then finding out about muffins.

    17. Wonderfully dour and satirical in a way akin to Flook by Trog and nothing like the creepy / boring cartoons of my youth.

    18. Delightful! It is such a joy to see more of Tove Jansson's art displayed in her whimsical and ironic comic series. She had such a lovely way with a line.

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