Mumin 4

Mumin Serien inneh ller alla tecknade mumin episoder i komplett och kronologisk ordning H r episod Muminpappa och spionerna Mumin och cirkusen Mumin nybyggaren Mumin och scouterna M

  • Title: Mumin 4
  • Author: Tove Jansson Lars Jansson
  • ISBN: 9197018643
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Serien inneh ller alla tecknade mumin episoder i komplett och kronologisk ordning H r episod 24 31.Muminpappa och spionerna 2 17Mumin och cirkusen 18 33Mumin nybyggaren 34 50Mumin och scouterna 51 67Mumin brukar jorden 68 83Mumin och guldgr varna 84 99Robinson mumin kruse 100 116Mumin och konsten 117 135

    One thought on “Mumin 4”

    1. I remain completely and utterly biased. The Moomins are adorable. I do have to say, though, that reading all the strips in a row does show up the repetitiveness of the stories, and the way everything returns to its idyllic status quo at the beginning of each story. Not a bad thing, necessarily, in this context, but less fun when you're reading all the strips together.

    2. Highlights include a time machine where snorkmaiden meets Snorkmaiden and insults her. Snorkmaiden has a problem with a man who like pork dumplings over pancakes. Again, it appears that Snorkmaiden and Moomin troll are in some sort of bizarre open relationship. Little My isn't as cheeky as she normally is, which is upsetting. All the moomins hate working and give no f's about a comet. Moomin gets famous by having a golden tail and has a love/hate relationship with fame.

    3. This is the fourth volume in the comic strip. Unlike the previous three volumes this one was written, with the exception of one story, by Tove Jansson's brother Lar's. It is still drawn by Tove, however. Strangely, in some ways this works out quite well. I think of Jansson first and foremost as a writer and second as an illustrator. The format of a three panel a day comic strip was never that well suited to her writing style. Liberated from the chore of writing, several of her stories burst into [...]

    4. Dva příběhy se strojem času jsou zřejmě nejbanálnější z celé série, ale tento nečekaně slabý začátek je bohatě vynahrazen příběhem se zlatou oháňkou a zejména třetím stripem "Uvědomělí muminové", kde si autorka pohrála jak s vykreslením povahy muminku, tak oproti ostatním dílům i s přechody mezi jednotlivými panely.[člen Ligy pro uvědomělost a povinnost]: Takže Vy nepracujete, pro Vás život není ani boj![muminkův tatínek]: Ne[člen Ligy pro uvědomě [...]

    5. The drawings are wonderful and the characters as endearing as ever, but there are 2 stories in this volume that are unfinished ("Snorkmaiden Goes Rococo" and "Moomin and the Golden Tail"). These volumes have no editorial apparatus - there is an interesting bio of Tove Jansson at the end - it is the same for each volume - so there isn't any comment on why these stories are incomplete. Since the Golden Tail story is the last in the book, it left me with a "down" feeling. The wonderful topsy-turvy [...]

    6. I always seem to forget how random these stories are. Jansson is typically mocking modern society, but the stories are never more than tenuously related events strung together. The satire is kind of like an out-of-control machine gun; at least as many misses as hits, probably more. Comet in Moominland is my favorite of her books, so it was particularly disappointing to read the comet episode here, which was more running around and less of the subtle humor and gathering sense of dread of the book [...]

    7. I just LOVE these books. The stories are bizarre, border-line nonsensical, thoughtful, magical, hilarious, sometimes political, culturally/racially diverse (yes, even in Moomin Valley culture and race exists) and vastly creative. And her drawing style is very satisfying, there's always so much going on. As long as they come out with Moomin books, I will buy them. I cannot wait to share these with my daughter when she's a bit older.

    8. Tove Jansson's Moomin books, both the series for children and this the fourth volume of her comic strip, originally published in England, are brilliant. Her simple line illustrations and her lovely, wistful storytelling make the Moomintrolls like no other literary creations. If you are just being introduced to the moomins try the first volume of comic strips or Finn Family Moomintroll.

    9. I pretty much unabashedly love the Moomin novellas (which I grew up on), and the recent publication by D&Q of the comic strips has really tapped into that nostalgia for me. While the stories in the strips lack most of the nuance of the prose books, the art is fabulous and the whimsy and sense of wonder are fully intact.

    10. Oh how I love these Moomin comics of Tove & Lars Jansson. This collection deals with fame, duty and comets, and all the stories are so funny and hit so close to home it really makes you rethink your priorities. A good book to start to the new year =).

    11. Cute, simple stuff. I don't know why but I've always thought these are totally geared for a female brain, I'm not a huge fan but can appreciate it. I certainly will not read another one though. It's just me.

    12. I usually love moomin But didn't enjoy the storytelling in this one, probably due to the fact that Tove Jansson only illustrated it. It felt sloppy and random, I especially found the western story to be awful. That special feeling was simply lost.

    13. I like Tove's own style better than that of Tove and Lars Jansson together, at least in this book's comics, but both are still enjoyable. I can't even choose my favourite quote from the comics, there were so many brilliant ones. (I read the Finnish edition.)

    14. I'm reading this series collection out of order----but I couldn't help but laugh at the random Moomin antics. I love Moomin's views on "modern" society's just a cute quirky comic!

    15. Härliga historier som är skrattretande i sin klockrena träffar i att parodiera dagens samhälle och visa upp hur fånigt saker blir när man drar de till sin spets. Mumin när den är som bäst.

    16. some representations in this collection are hard to forgive. I can blame it partially on Tove Jansson's brother but

    17. Not the best volume, maybe it's because her brother did some Maybe not. I'm hoping volume 5 is more like volumes 1-3 than 4.

    18. I could be Moomin-fatigued, or the first half of these comic short stories blew. Either way, this Moomin book gets docked stars.

    19. abgesehen von ~dieser einen Geschichte~ sind sie alle so toll! Mumin und Snufkin sind so süß zusammen! omg! aber halt, ja, diese eine Geschichte.

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