Evangeline Angeline Gottschalk bullied in school and abused on the farm is hiding a dark and terrifying secret one buried so deep that not even she knows the truth That secret is Evangeline the homicidal twin

  • Title: Evangeline
  • Author: E.A. Gottschalk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Angeline Gottschalk, bullied in school and abused on the farm, is hiding a dark and terrifying secret one buried so deep that not even she knows the truth That secret is Evangeline, the homicidal twin sister who narrates this extraordinary memoir of a teenaged serial killer out for revenge and living her dream in the American Heartland.WARNING Evangeline contains graAngeline Gottschalk, bullied in school and abused on the farm, is hiding a dark and terrifying secret one buried so deep that not even she knows the truth That secret is Evangeline, the homicidal twin sister who narrates this extraordinary memoir of a teenaged serial killer out for revenge and living her dream in the American Heartland.WARNING Evangeline contains graphic language, sexual situations and violence.

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    1. ***** 5 Your Trusted Servant Stars ***** This book is just WOW. Miss Gottschalk is one hell of a writer. Her style is filled with sarcasm and humor during the toughest times. I absolutely enjoyed this story which has me considering my mental state but when the writing comes across the way this author tells a story, hell yes I can say I enjoyed!! What was is endured in this book is beyond what any mind, body and soul should have to live with. This is considered a horror story, but in all honesty [...]

    2. Now friends, I have to say, I was a bit put off at first by the "preachy" narrative voice used in this story. But as I read deeper into the story, I found myself cheering for the serial killer (yes, friends, that's correct!) and truly enjoying the witty account of Angeline's life.Angeline? You may wonder if that's an error since the name of this book is Evangeline. Well, as it turns out, Angeline is a sixteen-year-old girl who has had a deplorable childhood, thanks to her disgusting pedophile st [...]

    3. This book is sick, and I mean in a good way. Angeline is a shy girl, way too sweet for her own good. Her mother lives in her own Jesus crazy world and doesn't realise, her daughter is being sexually abused by her second husband.Oh, but don't worry Evangeline will take care of him. she won't let anyone harm her sister. In fact she sees herself as an avenger, her mission: get rid of all the sick perverts and make them pay for their crimes.I love this book and downloaded the second book right after [...]

    4. 2.5 starsSo the idea of this girl having an alter-ego personality that emerged as a result of being abused is an interesting premise for a horror story, but I felt some of the writing was too 'try-hard', often being overtly graphic and shocking just for the sake of it.Written from the point of view of Evangaline, the darker 'sister' personality to Angeline (whose social inadequacies kind of reminded me of Carrie White), we join her on a journey of twisted revenge against the scum who have made h [...]

    5. There are so many kindle books vying for you the readers attention and so many are disappointing. This is just one step above dross a below average horror? read with a liberal dose of graphicither terrifies, titillates nor entertains

    6. A young and abused woman develops a split personality as the way to survive, and that split personality swiftly works up a taste for murder – taking out paedophiles and scumbugs around her home town. It had to be said that ‘Evangeline’ is really well written; boasting a confident, sharp, funny, but deliberately nasty style. I just wish I’d liked it more. Normally such a reactionary tale comes with a coda suggesting that these killings sprees have terrible consequences. ‘Evangeline’ d [...]

    7. I don't know where to start with a review of this book other than to say that every page made me keep reading even though I wasn't sure I wanted to. I stopped reading Evangeline for a few days because it was nearing the end and I knew it would be over and that, too, it would leave me disturb so I punished myself by not finishing the book. However, Evangeline possessed me to keep reading and finish it and I did! I was truly glad I finished it and in the end (no need to worry about a spoiler) I wa [...]

    8. Gory and explicit by turns, while also consisting of a compelling tale, the "true story" trope is put to good use, though the "your humble servant" cliche felt out of place here.I liked the general realization of the concept, though it left me wishing the core concept had been just a bit more thoroughly explored.That said, the writing was generally tight and built tension well, though I did notice a handful of lazy-writing-habit instances, though not uncommon ones, and it didn't rob any joy from [...]

    9. Holy crap was this book amazing!!! It has been a while since I have read a book that I couldn't put down. The only reason this book is getting low ratings is because people are too sensitive to the material. Yes this is dark, yes there is rape, yes there is murder, and all these things are to be expected after reading the description of the book as well as other readers reviews. That being said, I don't understand why people rate a book negatively because of these things being in the book. If th [...]

    10. This book is sooooo disturbing/dark/twisted and NOT for the faint of heart. I got it free on and seriously almost quit reading after the first part of the book (because of the subject matter), but continued on with parts 2 & 3 before buying the last couple parts for a buck. lol. I HAD to keep reading to find out what would happen! I feel almost guilty for liking it, but what can I say it was well-written. hahahaha.

    11. Decent horror/thriller about a girl who has suffered terrible abuse told through the eyes of her, er, "sister" who decides to take revenge (in a roundabout way). It's entertaining, if that's the right word, well-written and easy to read. I've read a lot of horror books so it didn't exactly blow me away, but it's worth a read if you like this type of novel.

    12. I don't think that I have ever liked a serial killeror any killer as much as I like Evangeline. The girl has style. a grusome sort of way. Is it a case of multiple personalities, evil possesion,.what? I was actually rooting for her in parts. You go girl!!

    13. This book captivated me from the very start. It's pretty grotesque and probably triggering for some since it describes sexual abuse. But it's clever, the language interesting and the story is so exciting! I read the whole thing in one sitting, I just couldn't put it down.

    14. I loved this book. The raunchy language and creepy scenarios grabbed me and didn't let go till the last page.

    15. Dark, twisted, well written, and a story to keep you involved. I do love a story were there is a sweet and deserving revenge. I felt bad for the main character who was developed into a person I wanted to protect. Imagine my glee when she is protected and avenged by the narrator who has a wonderfully sadistic sense of justice. I would dearly love to see a second book.I would also love to see another book by the author!

    16. Never a dull moment.The thing that initially drew me to this book was the writing style. Witty, darkly sarcastic. Sardonic. This kept the narrative fresh from start to finish.A dark and disturbing read, it also makes you think about what might drive someone to do the things done in the book; the personal desperation that pushed them over the edge in a bid to rid themselves of their own pain by channelling it into others.A bracing read.

    17. Gottschalk has a knack for keeping the story blunt but also adding some gore imagery. I am pretty picky with my spooky books but I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful this one was! 🖤✨

    18. I thought this was a fresh take on a revenge story. I felt some parts could have been improved but overall kept me hooked. Looking forward go K.C Franks next novel!

    19. A quick warning for anyone interested in reading this book: “Evangeline” contains some of the most graphic depictions of sexual violence I’ve ever seen. This book is literally full of rapists. That being said, author E.A. Gottschalk’s writing style actually made the violence – because rape is an act of violence – palatable. The quick-witted and sarcastic narration from the titular character even made me chuckle while reading passages where chuckling was the last thing I would ever wa [...]

    20. Inside the Dark and Vicious Mind of EvangelineFor starters, let me explain how I stumbled across this book, the complete opposite of my normal reading material. Pure accident. I was looking for EVANGELINE by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, that epic poem about French lovers that became Acadian legends . I've been wanting to purchase an old edition to add to my book collection. Needless to say, this EVANGELINE is nothing like Longfellow's poem. Not even close. That said, once I happened upon the titl [...]

    21. It should come as no surprise that I read this book. I first heard about it on a first reads giveaway. The moment I read the blurb I was completely HOOKED! Multiple Personalities, serial killers, teenagers? Count me the fuck in. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't old enough to enter the giveaway, so I paid the nine bucks for it on instead. Totally worth it.Evangeline was, for me at least, the perfect book. I loved everything about it. From the setting, to the characters, to the murder, to the langu [...]

    22. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FABULOUS.In my opinion this book was positively fantastic. I love this kind of story and I absolutely loved the characters. Don't laugh, but this was one of the most amazing books I've read in a very long time.

    23. Holy shit, well THAT was fucked up. "Evangeline" has Been rated R by the nerd association of lanie for swearing, sexual situations, violence, and general fucked up-ness. Seriously, it is not a book for the faint of heart.It's filled with gore. It's creepy.It's disturbing.It's sad.And I'm sure that this says something weird about my mental state, but.I loved every second of it! :) This has got to be one of my favorite horror stories in a long time. And definitely one of the best free books I've p [...]

    24. So, call me unobservant but I didn’t realize that this was based on a true memoir or that the person writing this story was encouraged to do so by her doctors and therapists at the mental hospital she was a patient in. That is, IF her Acknowledgements section is to be believed. I think that if this is the case, the woman knows how to scare the crap out of people!The story revolves around a small town country girl who has no friends, has a stuttering problem, a mother who is nuts, and a step-fa [...]

    25. Wow. Ha. Yeah. This was quite the read. It was remarkably dark and incredibly twisted, yet also quite funny, intriguing, and well written.Anyone who reads enough of my reviews know that there are certain story elements I will rate a book low for, even if the rest was good, because it felt like they were thrown in for shock tactics. This book had those elements (and often) BUT it was core to the story. So it worked.There was an interesting element to the very ending (the last few pages) that I'm [...]

    26. Twisted insightI have always loved psychology and have always been curious about what makes people tick. I'm a psychology major at Cornerstone University, and having my own little dark issues (nothing like in this book, but dark and sometimes self destructive nonetheless) this book caught my attention and it was so hard for me to put it down. There was a part of me that both applauded and was appalled by Evangeline. I wanted so much to save Angeline, to take her away and show her a different lif [...]

    27. Gore, thrills, blood, violence, sympathetic heroine, and a great story piecing it all together. Evangeline has the whole package. The writing is good, and the style draws you in and hooks you early on. While the protagonist, and narrator is a teenage, this is not a book for the YA crowd, though it should be in many regards. A lot of the reviews seem to say what I would say here, and it is not fair to rehash those so I wont. What I will say is that this is a solid and well written, at times, thou [...]

    28. This is a very short sort of novella building up to the series, about a girl with multiple personalities. Who takes matter into her own hands mouth.It was dark, and violent. I should have known going into it, but it had more child abuse and molestation then I anticipated. If it was a card game, I would be throwing my cards on the table and saying I was out. Because it's not something that I want to read for fun and entertainment. I know that there are other reasons for reading, like enrichment a [...]

    29. Completely twisted and utterly fantastic!What happens when a person experiences more pain and injustice than her fragile mind can handle? Evangeline happens, and the sh*t is definitely going to hit the fan. Take a disturbing trip through the life and mind of Angeline Gottschalk, a girl struggling to uncover her personal demons and stop the onslaught of bodies that seem to be piling up around her. Evangeline is a tightly woven tale about mental illness, abuse, revenge, and psychosis that will kee [...]

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