Duck, Duck, Goose?

Duck Duck Goose A goose who envies the attributes of other birds learns to appreciate herself

  • Title: Duck, Duck, Goose?
  • Author: Katya Arnold Vladimir Suteev
  • ISBN: 9780823412969
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A goose who envies the attributes of other birds learns to appreciate herself.

    One thought on “Duck, Duck, Goose?”

    1. This book has nothing to do with the kid's game we play as children. This story is about being true to yourself but it was kind of hard to pay attention to that message with the pictures. The pictures were horrible. My student kept remarking on the creepy pictures rather then read this book. We finally made it through with both of us agreeing that we just should never switch body parts like Frankenstein. (If you read this book you would understand.)

    2. The message is about being happy with one's self. But the pictures were weird and I thought a bit ugly. The book smelled terrible. The goose exchanging body parts was not only odd but ridiculous and silly and even a little disturbing. While I didn't like the book and will not use it anywhere near the Being Happy Book Time, I did like the last line: And still prettier than a duck!

    3. This book has a wonderful message which is to be happy with yourself and what you look like. I thought It was a good book to maybe read to children whom are feeling upset with some type of appearence. I do have to agree with the other reviews that the pictures are a little strange but over all its a colorful/creative book.

    4. I liked the message of the book. However I got tired of reading it (only read it once). I was literally flipping ahead to see how many pages were left so I could be done. I agree with another reviewer that the illustrations were strange.

    5. I love this book, and Bobo thought it was pretty funny as well. I want to make it into a flannel story for storytime.

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