The Boss

The Boss Sophie Scaife almost ran away once trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo But a delayed flight and a hot one night stand with a stranger changed her mind putting her firmly on track to

  • Title: The Boss
  • Author: Abigail Barnette
  • ISBN: 9781493625482
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sophie Scaife almost ran away once, trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo But a delayed flight and a hot one night stand with a stranger changed her mind, putting her firmly on track to a coveted position at a New York fashion magazine When the irresistible stranger from that one incredible night turns out to be her new boss billionaire and publishing magSophie Scaife almost ran away once, trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo But a delayed flight and a hot one night stand with a stranger changed her mind, putting her firmly on track to a coveted position at a New York fashion magazine When the irresistible stranger from that one incredible night turns out to be her new boss billionaire and publishing magnate Neil Elwood Sophie can t resist the chance to rekindle the spark between them and the opportunity to explore her submissive side with the most Dominant man she s ever known Neil is the only man who has ever understood Sophie s need to submit in the bedroom, and the only man who has ever satisfied those desires When their scorching, no strings attached sexual relationship becomes something , Sophie must choose between her career and heart or risk losing them both.

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    1. FREE on (limited time): goo/KbgCo9★★★★★! The Boss, book 1 of 5. The best sex of her life with an older man at an airport becomes the forbidden affair with her new boss!“Can you spank me again, Sir?” I asked, pumping my hips against the pillow. This time, the slap he gave me made me yelp loudly in surprise. “If you can’t stay quiet, I’ll gag you,” he warned. “And don’t tell me how to do my job.”Books in The Boss series should be read in order:Book 1: The BossBook 2: T [...]

    2. Normally, I don't read erotica. Just not my cup of tea, so to say. I do gynecology for a living¹; no need to venture to the 'private parts area' in my spare time.¹ I could not resist posting this picture. It's just too awesome.Or maybe I was just too scarred by my venture into that territory, courtesy of Anne Rice. This book, however, may have helped fix my literary post-Anne-Rice PTSD.For a year or so, I have been happily following the blog of Jennifer Armintrout/Jenny Trout for the brilliant [...]

    3. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/ME - the biggest prude on just read a BDSM book . . . So basically if this . . . and this . . . . had a baby you would pretty much end up with something like The Boss. The good news is, the dom/sub stuff wasn’t totally rapey like 50 Shades and the male lead wasn’t a complete and total creeper. The bad news is, I still didn’t like it.Sophie and Neil met six years ago when the flight they were supposed to be on to Tokyo got cancelled. Rather than goi [...]

    4. When I pick up a book that is supposed to be erotic and have hot sex scenes, I expect to be turned on reading it. I see people who praise 50 Shades of Grey for being so steamy and an inspiration for the sex lives of all of these readers, and I just don't understand. Did we read the same book? There is no part of me that would want to be in a relationship like the one depicted in that train wreck of a trilogy and the sex scenes left a LOT to be desired. Which brings me to The Boss, which renewed [...]

    5. It's both easy and difficult to compare this book to "Fifty (or is it 50?) Shades of Grey". Easy because the storyline is similar, but difficult because "The Boss" is what FSOG should have been if it was:-written by a talented writer-based in common sense and logic, representative of a real D/s relationship-not glorifying abuse as romance-completely devoid of any oh my/jeez/inner goddess/subconscious/earth shattering orgasms everyngle.time.Also, "The Boss" has plot that moves and side stories th [...]

    6. ☆☆☆ No spoilers and colorful language abound! P.S. this is free on ! I was not expecting to like this. I was wrong.Just because I'm not into D/s smexy stuff, doesn't mean I don't find it entertaining to read about. One must broaden their horizons and junk. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this is what FSoG should have been, it was down right empowering to read about a women taking control whatand how she wanted it. Now, if you like your smut chock full of emotionally crippled men with a pe [...]

    7. August 2016 Re-Read★★★★☆Abigail Barnette just released her prequel novella (#0.5) The Stranger which covers the one night stand continually referenced in The Boss. So after finishing that sexylicious novella, I had to proceed to The Boss just one more timeJune 2015 Re-Read!!!★★★★☆I read The Boss before via ebook but when I saw the audio version at my library I knew it was time to re-experience it. I enjoyed it the second time around so much more now that I have read the rest [...]

    8. There's a lot to like here - honestly. I love the voice, and how the author portrays the story. She's got a great rhythm in telling the story.I love the sensibilities and respect of the characters. Just check my updates for all the stuff that I love in this book.Unfortunately, I'm not getting the "connection" between the hero and heroine. There's a huge age/power/experience disparity. I can't figure out what they see in each other except for good sex - and I'm all for that. I'd be good if that's [...]

    9. 4.5 stars. A well-written book that explores a 24 year old assistant and her sex-only relationship with a 48 year old billionaire. The word 'billionaire' was tossed around a little more than I prefer, and their sex was constant (not really complaining) - but it was varied enough to keep it interesting. They have a Dominant/Sub relationship, which it seems like the last five books I've read have been that theme, so I think I'm a little bored with safe words and gags - as weird as that seems. :)It [...]

    10. Well I'm not going to rate this one. Pushed myself to a little past 50%, then skipped 25% then skimmed the last part just so I could get an idea of what happened and how it ended It is a cliffhanger but this one just didn't hold my interest well enough to read the next one. It's got the formula I love sexy billionaire, steamy sex, etc but I just could never really feel the connection with Neil and Sophie and the story surrounding them just didn't grab me. Oh well it happens.

    11. This book was justNeil & SophieSophie works as an assistant for one of the most important women in the fashion industry. When her boss gets fired, Sophie is shocked to realize her new boss is the man she had a one night stand 6 years ago. The man she never stopped thinking about, even if she didn't expect to see him ever again.Well, turns out he didn't forget her eitherI was a little uncomfortable in the beginning with their age difference, but I got over it. It's Sophie's life after all, no [...]

    12. I really really liked this.It's choppily paced since it started life as a serialised story and I'm not too keen on the ending due to this, but otherwise it was great fun to read. It's essentially Abigail Barnette/Jennifer Armintrout going "Hey, EL James. You think you know shit about erotica and BDSM? Think again, sweetie". It's full of knowing winks, genuine humour, characters you don't want to punch in the face, sexy sex and consent! The last one shouldn't be as big a deal as it is but there y [...]

    13. I saw a review of how a blogger had tried to write a non-sexist version of that horrid Fifty Shades of Gray and my curiosity was piqued. Terrible and problematic as most contemporary erotica is, I still hold on to hopes that a non-cringeworthy one would appear at some point. This book tried, but I think the premisses it was working on (Rich, famous older man fall for your average working younger girl/ BDSM proclivities of the said couple) are riddled with landmines of clichés and problems. Stil [...]

    14. Don't you just love being pleasantly surprised by a book? Especially when it is free!As far as mummy porn goes, this was alright. I'm generally not a fan of books where sex is the main focus. But surprisingly, for a huge prude like me, the sexy times were not too cringe. There was a lot of spanking, and way more orgasms than felt natural (unless I've been doing it wrong??). But, there was absolutely no use of 'down there" with relation to the female anatomy. The c-bomb was dropped. A lot. And I [...]

    15. How I feel about this book, I have no idea. At times I loved it, at times I was bored.The beginning was great, the middle part was somewhat boring, and the last few chapters were okay. However, the fact that I’ve been reading it for sooo long says I’m not too thrilled. Therefore, I’ll settle for 2.5 stars – seems fair.You know what’s the problem with erotica books? After a while, they all start to sound the same. Man, you have to be creative – even with sex; especially with sex, in f [...]

    16. So I previously read First Time: Penny #2 and realize that if maybe I had read "The Boss" first I would have liked it more. Instead, I saw the same themes and had the same issues with this book that I had with that one.I know that Abigail Barnette (Jenny Trout) wrote this book as the anti-Fifty Shades of Grey. And believe me I am happy that she actually did a very good job of showing a BDSM relationship that didn't have the same crap going on with Christian and Anastasia in that book. I could be [...]

    17. FREE: US | UK | CA | AUI've read this book some time ago, so forgive me for not being very specific. I came to read this book, which re-ignited my searing interest for all books including realism and erotica. Yes, I dislike stories that are far-fetched and have characters TSTL (to stupid to live). I stumbled upon a tweet that praised this book to be a thousand times better than Fifty Shades of Grey. And I thoughtwhy not?Yes, we have a Dom here that actually behaves like one, respects his Sub [...]

    18. I've been looking for this book for a long time--that is, a D/s erotica with characters I actually like, and a relationship dynamic that doesn't make me want to scream at the heroine to run very far away. (I don't usually put gifs in my reviews, but I've probably yelled this at no less than five BDSM heroines in the last couple years.)The Boss is like if The Devil Wears Prada and I was going to say The Secretary, but neither character is as fucked up as those two. But suffice it to say, Sophie i [...]

    19. DNF @ 16%It was free on and I love free books (who doesn't? LOL) so I downloaded it. And I happened to see that someone said it's similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, so I gave it a try because I love FSOG so much.BUT!! it's TOTALLY different!The story is just don't 'click' for me.I know age doesn't matter in love but still, I found it gross.The Hero is 24 years older than the Heroine (twice the Heroine's age).And the Heroine is the same age with The Hero's DAUGHTER!!Seriously you fuck a girl that [...]

    20. I just yelled at my visiting mom, because she interrupted me reading the last few paperless pages of this and I was dying to know what happened. Now I do, and all I want is to start The Girlfriend, but, sigh, I must go be social. I absolutely love this book and Sophie and Neil. My poor brain is truly like a sieve and I forget books almost immediately, but I very much hope I remember this one's so well-written! And I read that this book is really the anti-Fifty Shades? Well, whether it is or not, [...]

    21. Loved it. Didn˙t have a problem with age difference. Maybe I have a problem but I don´t care. I liked that she doesn˙t have girly uncontrolled and stupid outburste is so level-headed girl that I liked very muchof I go to the second book

    22. I quite literally stumbled across this story by accident. Sometimes that’s how you find the best things in life. That is most definitely the case with The Boss.This is story of sexual exploration set in the business world, but unlike a lot of stories in the quickly growing “millionaire kinkster” genre The Boss has hidden depths we rarely find in most erotica. Sophie is young, sarcastic working girl, struggling with the same insecurities many of us face. Despite this she is surprisingly str [...]

    23. Sofie is a feminist through and through. She believes in looking out for herself all by herself and doesn't take crap from anyone much less handouts. She is also a commitment phobe. So when a blast from the past shows up in her life in the form of her new boss, who's an older man, she knows she's in trouble. If anyone can get her to submit, she knows it's him. What starts out as a purely sexual affair soon spirals out of control when emotions get the better of her. This is a very funny read as w [...]

    24. I did not enjoy this. I have not read 50 shades of gray neither do I plan to but I admit I was curious to know what the fuss with this new genre is all about, and having seen reviews that this was way better I decided to give it a chance. The main character is not as annoying as almost all romance/erotica novels are, I'll give her that. But it was just so bland, predictable and not distinctive in any way.

    25. Okay, I almost don’t know where to start with how much I appreciated this fantastic, sexy powder keg of a book. The Boss by Abigail Barnette just won my ‘favorite feminist erotica ever’ trophy. This review is going to be long, disorganized, and ecstatic. Get ready, folks.I talk a big game about the possibilities of feminist erotica, about a literary genre where women are sexually empowered, savvy, satisfied, but still real. It is my belief that feminist erotica can deliver the sex educatio [...]

    26. Buddy read with (click links to read their reviews):Aly - 5 starsMaru - 4 starsNavessa - 3 starsAnge - DNFI jumped into this buddy read at the last minute purely because of the fantastic updates I kept seeing from the others so I had incredibly high hopes for the story. In fact, there was a LOT to like about it, there were some great one liners and in particular I REALLY liked the fact that Neil wasn't some crazy stalker even though he was a millionaire business man and Sophie worked for him. Un [...]

    27. Update 11/18/17:Can I just say I'm glad I quit this series before it turned to shit?Original ReviewThis is a book I debated between a 3 and 4 star rating. I think I wanted to like this book more than I actually did. Don't get me wrong, Neil Elwood was kind of an adorable Dom (I mean he giggles for Christsakes!) and he was sexy as hell. His age didn't particularly bother me, but it did add some serious weirdness when it was known that Sophie was the same age as his daughter. Neil be like:But that [...]

    28. This is another story that falls in the FSOG train. In fact I was just reading some reviews and apparently the author (pseudo-name for Jennifer Armintrout) wrote the book after being discontent with the whole FSOG . Overall I enjoyed it It had a couple of things that felt to me different from the other similar stories I've read in the same genre and I thought the writing was pretty nice. I really liked Neil's character. He is 48 years old, British and I thought his character felt believable to b [...]

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