Pears and Perils

Pears and Perils Most people would be overjoyed to win and the chance to star in a nation wide commercial even if it was just for a fast food joint like Camelot Burger Then again Clint Tucker has never been l

  • Title: Pears and Perils
  • Author: DrewHayes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Most people would be overjoyed to win 50,000 and the chance to star in a nation wide commercial, even if it was just for a fast food joint like Camelot Burger Then again, Clint Tucker has never been like most people Ushered to the tropical paradise of Kenowai, he and the other winners undertake an island tradition for the cameras, one meant to free a local imprisoned deMost people would be overjoyed to win 50,000 and the chance to star in a nation wide commercial, even if it was just for a fast food joint like Camelot Burger Then again, Clint Tucker has never been like most people Ushered to the tropical paradise of Kenowai, he and the other winners undertake an island tradition for the cameras, one meant to free a local imprisoned deity One with very specific requirements that have yet to be met One that might just be a bit authentic than any of them expected One that will begin a journey fraught with danger, excitement, and beer than is wise or healthy.What people are saying Riveting Ground Breaking Truly Impressive People talking about a shipment of tools in a hardware store Dude, this digibook is so solid it four take powerlifting bros to budge it Thunder It s a masterful piece of fiction with laugh out loud humor and sparkling characters There, I said it, now get the hell out of my house and leave me alone Some guy we thought worked for the Wall Street Journal We were way wrong on that one

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    1. I think this would be perfect pair(pear?) with Divine Misfortune by A. Lee Martinez. Maybe space them out a bit though to avoid over comparing. Divine Misfortune is a lot more crazy stuff with those powers, while this is a little closer on the spectrum to American Gods. DM-----P&P--AG I prefer both over American Gods by Neil Gaiman which while it is awesome not as fun as I would like my divine stories to be. I really can't guess at how to write most of the character names as it was an audiob [...]

    2. Drew Hayes does it again! Another novel written in a completely unrelated genre to his other current works. I can’t imagine how he manages to do it, but he has a real winner with this one. If you like stories of reluctant heroes with fate dumping on them, then this is for you. It is an excellent piece of mystery and fantasy, but not excessive on the fantasy. Drew manages to keep it real.I won’t go into any of the plot details; the book’s synopsis is excellent. The story is a lot of fun. Ex [...]

    3. Sadly, I just could not bring myself to finish this book.I really enjoyed Drew Hayes's other works, but this one lacked the focus the other books did. There just wasn't enough focus or cohesion with all the moving parts and jumping perspectives. The result is a book that I just couldn't get into no matter how I tried. Every time I picked it up, my mind just wandered.So give this one a pass.

    4. This was an entertaining an unexpected book about people finding the divine in an unexpected way. From the description I was afraid it was going to be like Joe versus the Volcano, but it was completely different. It was fun and sweet and smart. There was some sharp humor and there were goofy characters and I enjoyed the adventure.

    5. Well, that was different. I really like Drew Hayes' sense of whimsy. I enjoyed the book, but hit a wall about half way through and forced myself to finish. For some reason, I kept getting the female characters confused and the underlying folklore seemed needlessly complicated. But I can't knock a book with a beer-drinking shark. This will be a good read for the right person in the right frame of mind. It might have been a better read for me at other times.

    6. This was a fun book to listen to (audiobook), and while short was a good romp story of a Carribbean god and the value of Zen. Drew Hayes has a good sense for comedy and I prefer his lighter works.

    7. Quite possibly one of his best booksI came to this book after reading Drew's Fred the Vampire Accountant series, Superpowereds, Forging Hephestus, all of which are well written and a ton of fun. Drew does a great job of making the supernatural feel natural, and the natural well super.

    8. An early Drew Hayes novel.What do you get when you mix: a tropical island, local gods, a burger franchise, a bunch of contestants and an ancient island ritual. Well???Well you get Pears and Perils. A novel stuffed with Drew's favorite sense of offbeat humor, odd characters and a story that gets only more interesting as it goes along. The premise is as follows: Clint Tucker is one of the 'lucky' winners of a tropical cruise an the possibility of winning $50,000. All he has to do is 'compete' with [...]

    9. ***I own a copy of this book. All thoughts are 100% my own.***So what do you get when you have an over-achieving college student, a hippie, a professional scapegoat, and a jargon speaking frat boy? One crazy adventure, that’s what! We follow Clint around and realize this guy wants nothing. He is paid well to take the blame for others mistakes. He lives in a nursing home by choice, and generally speaking is quite the loner. Then we wins $50,000 from a burger joint. Only one thing, the only way [...]

    10. This was a really interesting read. It is a little all over the place with the narrative. I love a mixed narrative, getting into many character's heads and POV. The problem here is that there are so many characters and the transitions are not always smooth. It makes things a little jumpy.I did enjoy the story once it really began moving. The beginning is more of a slow build, which makes it a slow read. It is predictable, but not in a way that makes it unpleasant to read. I liked the characters [...]

    11. Pears and Perilsby Drew HayesThis was a delightful read from the author of the Fred the Vampire Accountant series. I love the Fred books, so wanted to try some more of Hayes' offerings. This one was fun, with some mystery, some exotic settings, some danger, some magic, and a lot of humor. What would you get when a group of disparate individuals are thrown together as a result of winning a burger chain's contest? Especially when the group doesn't realize that they didn't just win a monetary prize [...]

    12. Once again, Drew Hayes writes a novel that is funny and really different. One reviewer wrote that he writes books entirely different from anything of his other books. I totally agree. Every story he writes is completely different. The best thing about his novels is that fact that every one of his books is a really unique take on the thing he writes about. I've never read about a mundane vampire (Fred, the Vampire Accountant) or a group of people with super powers who have had an operation to all [...]

    13. Four Americans win a contest and end up on a tropical island, caught up in a conflict between local gods that ends up changing all of them. Clint, in his twenties, adopted zen values--no desire--as a boy and is there only to help an friend. Falcon is an aging hippie. April is a type-A science college student. And Thunder is a happy go lucky frat boy, complete with a pink polo shirt. Centuries ago, a god broke a rule and has sat trapped in a tree, waiting for someone to set him free. These touris [...]

    14. Gods also exist in Drew Hayes’s silly tale of Pears and Perils (ebook). Start with a contest from the fast food chain Camelot Burger which has a reality ad planned in which the three winners go to the island of Kenowai to participate in a ritual to release Kenowai from the tree in which nature imprisoned him for the last few centuries. Nothing would have happened except for the cat, the King of Kenowai, who just happened to come along. Soon the god is released inside Clint, one of the contests [...]

    15. An entertaining and fun book, in the Christopher Moore style, but uniquely the author's own work. A couple of the characters could possibly use filling out; however, by leaving them as a slight mystery the author allows himself an avenue for follow-up books. This book is most certainly worth its small cost on if you are looking for something different.

    16. Holy crap, this was Unexpectedly really good.This was another book that I grabbed at random , just because the blurb sounded interesting . Turns out it was pretty fantastic . The beginning reminds me of early Terry Pratchett , which is not a statement I make lIghtly. It's a light ,well paced ,fun read. I look forward to reading more of Mr Hayes work.

    17. Second book I have read by Drew Hayes and again I really enjoyed his stuff. This was a lighthearted romp with a little bit of life philosophy thrown in just in case you want to ponder a little bit. Read his blurb and see if you are intrigued Funny and thought-provoking quick read. What more could you ask for on a nice summer day

    18. Wow this was a rare gem. This was the first stand alone book from Drew Hayes that I read and it was good. I liked how this book is full of witty humor and still manages to get a intriguing story across. I also like how he can take some strange genre's and gimmicks and turn them into functional good stories.This book gets 5 out of 5 stars.

    19. If you can overlook the plethora of typos, you might find some enjoyment in this unique tale. This is the second book I have read from author, Drew Hayes, and while he won't blow your top off, he can maintain your interest for a short period of time; since this is a pretty quick read, it's certainly worth a look.

    20. Fun story. Something a little different. Would have liked the author to move it along a little more in the second half. Started getting a little annoyed with some rambling spots starting at chapter 16.

    21. Interesting readCategorizing this for anyone on the fence, I'd say this is a fantasy comedy novel. The characters are alive and the story is pretty wild. This is not my usual fare but I found it highly entertaining.

    22. Fun. In the first few pages, it seemed like Hayes could've used an editor, but once the story got going it didn't bother me anymore. So many great ideas that could be fleshed out into their own separate stories packed into this one tale.

    23. Fun and strangeCats, gods, pears, and business collide on a tropical archipelago. Madness and drunken sharks ensue.Well worth the read, and a surprisingly solid foundation for sequels. Though they will probably never be written.

    24. I've read and enjoyed several of Drew Hayes' books lately, but the description of this one didn't do much to draw me in. I read it anyway and loved it! Not like any of his others, but it reminded me a little of a Christopher Moore caper. It was a fun, light read.

    25. As seems to be the trend where Drew's books are concerned, I liked this one. It's not overly deep, it's humorous, has a good pace, funny, and entertaining; it's perfect brain candy. Read it. Laugh. Maybe restrain from using any Thunder-isms. Or not.

    26. Fun, light interesting. Not my normal read, but enjoyable. Living in Hawaii and reading, makes it more reliable.

    27. Fun and light hearted, with flashes of deeper meaning. If you enjoy Terry Pratchett you will probably enjoy this.

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