Why Mosquitos Buzz In People's Ears

Why Mosquitos Buzz In People s Ears None

  • Title: Why Mosquitos Buzz In People's Ears
  • Author: Ossie Davis
  • ISBN: 9780694511877
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Audio
  • None

    One thought on “Why Mosquitos Buzz In People's Ears”

    1. While reading I thought it was a good book; however, I was irritated by the way the author spelled out sounds for actions like animals moving around and the such. I think Mr. Davis did a poor job of properly wording the sounds, but that could just be that his is from a different culture than me. I was reading the flap inside the back cover of the book and the critical acclaim for the book talks about the books vivid and colorful pictures which is very true. I believe the pictures pop out because [...]

    2. This Caldecott winning story takes us into the African jungle where we encounter many different animals in their habitat. The author creates a fun and intriguing tale of why humans find the pesky insects, mosquitoes an annoyance. It also holds real life implications. It shows the harm words can do when we are not careful listeners. Overall, Why Mosquitos Buzz In People's Ears is a fun read.

    3. I really like the moral that came from this book about the dangers or rumors and gossip. Also, it teaches the importance of listening. In addition, the pictures are directly correspondent with the story. This is allows the children the opportunity to look at the pictures if they are having trouble reading/ understanding the words. Adults will also gain a lot from reading this book.

    4. I think the illustrations in this book might be scary to children. I think it might also be challenging for the children to follow the storyline of this book.

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