The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World

The Practice of Adaptive Leadership Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World We live in a time of danger and opportunity Individuals organizations communities and countries must continuously adapt to new realities to simply survive Wanting wanting to thrive even under cons

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  • Title: The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World
  • Author: Ronald A. Heifetz Marty Linsky Alexander Grashow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • We live in a time of danger and opportunity Individuals, organizations, communities and countries must continuously adapt to new realities to simply survive Wanting , wanting to thrive even under constantly shifting and often perilous conditions, people in all sectors are called upon to lead with the courage and skill to challenge the status quo, deploy themselves wiWe live in a time of danger and opportunity Individuals, organizations, communities and countries must continuously adapt to new realities to simply survive Wanting , wanting to thrive even under constantly shifting and often perilous conditions, people in all sectors are called upon to lead with the courage and skill to challenge the status quo, deploy themselves with agility, and mobilize others to step into the unknown Ron Heifetz first mapped a groundbreaking theory of leadership in the seminal book, Leadership Without Easy Answers Followed by the bestselling Leadership on the Line, he and long time Harvard colleague Marty Linsky offered a compelling set of arguments and stories to show how to lead and stay alive through the dangers of change.Now Heifetz and Linsky, joined by Alexander Grashow, have distilled the learning from their combined sixty plus years of leadership consulting, teaching and training around the globe into a practical hands on guide to making your leadership both effective and powerful The Practice of Adaptive Leadership will help you think and execute amidst profoundly changing complexity With its comprehensive and systemic approach to assessing candidly the situation and yourself, and then taking action, its wisdom and advice are drawn also from the experiences of people like you, committed to advancing what you care about most The book is anchored in the framework of Adaptive Leadership, but goes beyond the theory to provide a practical set of stories, diagrams, techniques, and activities that will help you both assess and address the toughest challenges that lie ahead Dozens of tools and tactics are presented in an exciting, clear, and reader friendly design The Practice of Adaptive Leadership is your handbook to meeting the challenges of leadership in a complex and rapidly changing world.

    One thought on “The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World”

    1. It is hard to know what to say about this book. I took on a new position in January, and the other new assistant director and I have been reading this (along with the library director), periodically discussing it at our meetings. It has been great for that, but I haven't been ready to hear some of the ideas, and some of them aren't quite appropriate. This is a book I will keep, and consult from time to time.The only chapter I really balked at was the "Inspire" chapter. I'm just not sure every pe [...]

    2. I found this book this past year as I was part of a steering committee put together to develop emergency first responders. Cops responding to crisis to be specific who need to be flexible of thought. I have taught and even written on adaptability myself but this book had a great way of explaining what adaptability was and how to implement it in an organization. it took into account things I had experienced first hand such as the resistance to the idea of developing adaptable cultures capable of [...]

    3. I think I was looking for more of an update and deeper dive into the content of "Leadership On the Line." instead it felt like they pulled back from the core of the individual in the larger system and lost the attention to purpose and values or and their quality of analysis. Less from the heart and the gut, more from the head. Still quite useful though.

    4. I pretty gave up on the leadership genre of books several years back. I've picked up a few having to do with leadership in the missional church in recent years but found those to basically be more of the same. So,"The Practice of Adaptive Leadership," which was assigned reading for a class, was not a book I would have otherwise picked up to read. There is a lesson to be learned somewhere in there as this might be the best thing I've ever read on Leadership. The authors view leadership as the nec [...]

    5. This book would be amazing if it went to the depth of inquiry necessary. You read a section, and are left just wanting more, but not in a good way like a solid novel. Instead, you being to understand the topic the authors are getting at, and are ready for more, and the chapter ends. Very unexpected, and not very useful.

    6. Change doesn't come easily. In order to change people around you, your community and the world, you should adapt the leadership. I really enjoyed reading it and the message I got is that you have to have that willing to be changed. I think I'll reread when I become a part of any organization.

    7. I was really looking forward to this book, but there was a lot more "what" than "how" and much of the "what" was intuitive.

    8. Great book about leadership. This book or something similar should be required reading for all human beings

    9. It feels more like a workbook than I had imagined. The table of contents is essentially a three-level outline. Each chapter is clearly organized with headers and bullet points, with crisply written sidebar case studies and exercises. The opening chapter encourages workbook-like uses, saying that in addition to reading the text from start to finish, readers can browse for “concepts and tools most useful for understanding or deal with the particular adaptive challenge you are facing.” If you [...]

    10. Two very useful things from this book, for me, were the separating out technical problems from adaptive challenges (and how important it is not to use strategies for solving the first for solving the second) and the idea of creating holding environments and embracing silence. Additionally, the notion of "getting on the balcony" (to remove yourself from the immediate action in order to gain perspective and/or clarity) was useful. This, in conjunction with Senge's Fifth Discipline, are a strong ca [...]

    11. The ideas in this book are solid, and if you have not been exposed to the concepts of adaptive leadership, I highly recommend this. However, I gave this 3 stars because it felt a bit boring to read as a book. This is more of a resource for a professional book club. Having experienced adaptive leadership ideas via experiential learning methods thanks to Coro NY, I know that this is good stuff -- but reading this as a book is not so exciting. Viewed as an accompaniment to professional goal-setting [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book a lot. A bit of it was more of a rehash of Leadership Without Easy Answers than I would have liked, but the implementation was great. I will need to reread this when I am in the field and not in the classroom. For the purposes of assigned class reading I skipped many of the exercises available because I did not find them applicable. I suspect, however, that I will return to this book many times.

    13. As in Leadership on the Line (by Linsky and Heifetz) the authors discuss a theory of leadership for change situations. THis book adds a very useful "how To" componenbt, suggesting exercises to practice the various components of their theory ("Observe; interpret; intervene.")and providing brief "case study" style examples along the way. THe writing style is generally concrete and easy to read. On the whole, I found it quite useful.

    14. One of the better business books I've read in many years. Practical solid framework to help leaders manage the difficult side of change - getting humans to change hearts/minds/habits and alliances. No easy task! I appreciate the approach of the book broken down with "balcony" view activities and "on the field" activities. Most activities are self reflective in nature but likely the most important if one is to lead from self in a way that inspires/persuades others.

    15. Realistic treatment of what to expect when being a part of change in an organization. Quotes and illustrations are good, but reviewing a couple of months later I can't remember any jaw-dropping or eye-opening insights. I gave it four stars at the time, so some of its influence must fade after a little while. This is why I read LITERATURE and remain open to practical, timely implications of it rather than boiled-down how-to material.

    16. Useful in conversations and trainings with others already schooled in adaptive leadership, the language will be a barrier to those who haven't already learned about the principles and practices in this team's previous books. Still, an important reference and depth development guide for those committed to the practice.

    17. Read this for a work project on leadership books. This one is probably the best I've read so far. It is in-depth and somehow drives home the points while not being obnoxiously repetitive. The activities at the end of the chapters are the best I've seen - effective, not childish, questions I'd be likely to actually put some effort into.

    18. There's a little more content to this book than some books about the nature of effective leadership. The main premise is that a leader needs to stay committed to her mission of doing what is right for the organization while, at the same time, navigating flexibly based on ever-changing circumstances.

    19. This book was a required material for a course. It is a relatively easy read and is organized in such a way that it can be useful for quick reference. Though textbooks are not usually interesting enough to want to keep this one seems like it could be beneficial if read more than once. There is a great deal of material in this book that leads to reflection and goal setting.

    20. A classic work that provides a comprehensive model of leadership that is appropriate for any situation because it helps leaders make the best decision by rising above the fray and seeing things through the lens of multiple narratives.

    21. The problems churches face today requires leaders that can face complex and adaptive challenges. This book presents practical toolsets for leaders to endure and lead such changes. Pastors and Lay-leaders should take notes here!

    22. Sound leadershipBest book on how to be a leader no matter where you are located within an organization. Covers corporate, nonprofit, and government. Practice some of the techniques already and look forward to expanding my leadership toolbox with this book.

    23. I am hooked on Heifetz. There isn't a ton of "new" stuff in this volume. So it isn't among my favorite(s) of his "adaptive L'ship trilogy." Still, this is a useful--more practical--volume for those who'd like to refresh themselves on these principles and their practical application.

    24. READ APR 2010Good treatment on the leadership practices needed for managing and leading organizational change. Best quote, "stay focused n developing distributed responsibilityaptive leadership generates capacity, not dependency" (p. 214).

    25. The first half of the book was really good, where they talked about adaptive leadership and how to create adaptive organizations. The second half where they started talking about how to develop yourself was way too shallow and I think other books and courses cover the topic much better.

    26. Useful book for those in leadership roles. I read it with church leaders in mind but I'm sure it would be helpful in the business world as well.

    27. Read this book as part of the training program. Not sure if it offered anything new but some of the concepts were interesting.

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