By Referral Only

By Referral Only After being unceremoniously dumped freshman year because of her family s new money status Ruby Cotton has taken care not to put her heart on the line No matter how enticing Emilie and Quinn make it l

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  • Title: By Referral Only
  • Author: Lyla Payne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After being unceremoniously dumped freshman year because of her family s new money status, Ruby Cotton has taken care not to put her heart on the line No matter how enticing Emilie and Quinn make it look, relationships are scary and hard while a string of flings is easy and fun That s what Ruby wants Easy and fun The only problem is, when it comes to satisfaction inAfter being unceremoniously dumped freshman year because of her family s new money status, Ruby Cotton has taken care not to put her heart on the line No matter how enticing Emilie and Quinn make it look, relationships are scary and hard while a string of flings is easy and fun That s what Ruby wants Easy and fun The only problem is, when it comes to satisfaction in the sack, most of the boys at Whitman are nothing but pretty window dressing and false advertising.Ruby takes it upon herself to make campus life fulfilling, creating a referral database that allows female students to rate their sexual experiences, thereby informing girls of what they re getting into before agreeing to a date.When her acting partner, Liam Greene, finally shows some interest, Ruby figures she won t need to utilize the helpful gossip He s handsome, fun, and most importantly, not a guy she d ever fall for hard enough to let him break her heart.Not only that, but dating Liam gives Ruby the perfect excuse to say no to Cole Stuart.As a star swimmer and heir to honest to God Scottish royalty, Cole sits at the top of Whitman s A list but he s also the lowest rated referral on Ruby s website The ratings make rejecting his repeated requests for a date a no brainer, but her real reason for avoiding Cole runs deeper than a string of unsatisfied exes.He s gorgeous, he oozes sweetness and charm, and the electricity between them could power half of Whitman, but Ruby knows it will only last until his family or friends convince him she s not good enough Before she knows it she s falling anyway, waiting for the other shoe to drop but clinging to a tentative hope that Cole might be as different as he seems When the secret behind his low ratings comes to light, that hope is torn apart, and Ruby wonders if she was right to give him her heart and whether she has the strength to let him keep it.

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    1. 4 Wicked stars!!!Two words that made this book for me: Cole Stuart. Handsome, rich, Scottish royalty who knows how to wear a kilt had me swooning. The heroine was bit of a let down for me but Cole made up for it. Please check out my full review at everafterromancebookblogs. *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

    2. Just a drive by to let you know that BY REFERRAL ONLY is part of a boxed set right now - SIX amazing NA novels actually SET IN COLLEGE for under $1!!amazon/Heat-Up-Fall-Bu-----Ruby's got a new cover, guys! What do you think??______Hey beauties! In case you fans and supporters of Whitman University need some fun and feisty (and Scottish!) weekend reading, here's a heads up BY REFERRAL ONLY is available a few days early! I am so, so hoping y'all enjoy Ruby and Cole's story because I am beyond plea [...]

    3. Also posted to Jen in BooklandUgh. I really couldn't stand Ruby. She was horrible. Her self loathing poor me attitude was just horrible. I hated her so much. She came from new money and so apparently people expected her to act like a white trash princess so what does she do? Acts like a white trash princess then gets mad when people see her that way. Um okayif you don't want people to see you that way stop acting that way? Then she complains about poor her everyone judges her without knowing her [...]

    4. BY REFERRAL ONLY made me reconsider my usual wariness of contemporary romances. I devoured it in one sitting, and finished it smiling. I don't think I've ever laughed so much reading sex scenes--and I mean that as a compliment. This book is smart, funny, and unputdownableOKEN AT LOVE fans will be pleased to see Emilie and Quinn make a reappearance in this novel, but will be equally captivated (or even more, as I was) by Ruby and Cole. Ruby is smart, tough, and ambitious--and, as we already know, [...]

    5. All right. I literally just finished this book, and I should probably wait to review it but I can't and I won't. Because I loved it.Now, I have to say that it took me a minute. I was immediately drawn in because Payne made me laugh my ass off pretty much straight from the beginning.Here was my issue:Ruby's kind of a bitch.I did *not* find myself liking her. The fact that her biggest problem is that she's not 'old money' I thought was misguided and vapid. But, that's kind of where Ruby is when th [...]

    6. 3 starsI liked the first book. But this book, it was disappointing. I almost put By Referral Only in my DNF shelf because of Ruby. She was very annoying. After a few chapters, the story was no longer appealing to me. She ruined it for me and I hated her for it. I'd rate this book 2 stars but I put it 3 stars because one star is solely for Cole. I liked him a lot. Anyway, this book could be better without someone like Ruby in it.Read on your own peril.

    7. Ruby Cotton is considered 'new money'. Something she learned very quickly is frowned upon by those with 'old money'! After being dumped her Freshman year by a boyfriend because of it, she decided never to put her heart on the line again with a Whitman boy. But she also doesn't want to waste her time with guys who aren't worth the effort. After running into a sorority sister who had a 'bad' evening with Cole 'fucking' Stuart she comes up with the idea of a referral website. A website where the fe [...]

    8. When I was in middle school and high school, I was all about romance novels and chick lit. I couldn't get enough of largely idealized love stories. As I got a bit older and realized the universe wasn't soon going to deposit a hot foreign guy on my doorstep, one miraculously only attracted to me and wealthier than Midas, I got a bit disillusioned. Only in the last couple years have I started to enjoy romance novels again, though it's hard to say whether that's because of increased cynicism or opt [...]

    9. **spoiler alert** Reviewed for Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance: Ruby Cotton is a girl who has decided that she isn't looking for a serious relationship. Being burned before means that she's determined to seek out fun and easy flings. The implication, I suppose, being that relationships are neither easy (true) nor fun (not true). To this end, she's avoided all of the guys that go to her hoity-toity university full of rich pretty kids that have never had to work for anything in their lives [...]

    10. Read more on Tiffani's ReviewsFirst read: 25th December 2013Aside from the fact that Ruby was very pushy and judgy in the sex departement, she was also very shallow and childish. Apparently, because she comes from 'new money', unlike any of her fellow students, everyone expects her to be white trash. So, by her reasoning, instead of trying to prove them wrong and actually be yourslef in the process, why not prove them right? So there she is, snapping at and acting bitchy to anyone and everyone. [...]

    11. It was an ok book. The heroine got annoying after a while of the woe is me stuff. The hero however was hot as hell!! I want one just like him

    12. As per my usual I started reading this book before I read the first. I always manage to start a series at the second book but with this one I totally didn't mind because I got so unexpectedly attached to these characters I can't imagine not reading them first. Lyla Payne delivered a sweet, intensely sexy and hilarious story in By Referral Only that not only caught me by surprise but left me a little misty eyed.Ruby Cotton comes from new money as people who have been wealthy most of their lives r [...]

    13. Wouldn't it be interesting if there is a way where you could rate the guys at your school? In that way, you would know whom to go out to or not, right-oh?!Ruby Cotton, solved the problem of Whitman University's girl populationby making the Whitman Referral Site. What would Ruby do when the lowest ranked guy on her site became the guy that she's most attracted to? Will the attraction and understanding between each other be enough or will the secrets keep them apart?----By Referral Only is the com [...]

    14. **See more of my reviews at girlbooklove!Young. Fun. Fresh! What a great book! I loved it! By Referral Only is book 2 in the Whitman University series. Book 1, Broken at Love, was also really good so even though you can read them separately, I recommend reading both! I really enjoy series where the characters from book 1 are also in book 2! I loved Quinn and Emilie, so it was nice seeing them again! After being dumped by her boyfriend freshman year, because of her “new money” status, Ruby Co [...]

    15. I was so excited to read this after the first "Whitman University" but was a little disappointed with the story. Ruby's family came into money right before she entered middle school and she's never felt like she's as good as those who were born into wealth. She attends a private university with students who are "old money" and believes they all think she's white trash. She meets Cole, who is some sort of Scottish royal (it's never explained) and even though he pursues her she doesn't believe it [...]

    16. Check out my blog booklalaland/This was a nice summer book. Sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating and sometimes sad but in the end, full of love. Ruby is a tough girl and I liked her from the start. Her website was a funny idea but I saw how it could have backfired and it did. Cole is a perfect guy, hot and Scottish *swoon* but Ruby had problems in her past and wont trust him. They are two people who care for each other but past insecurities were an obstacle in their path. I liked the ending an [...]

    17. I was so excited to read Ruby's book. She was my favorite character in the first book. She's a bit girlier than I am, but I adore her sense of humor. Plus, there's a deeper side to Ruby that I felt connected to as well. Then, there's yummy Cole! I have a weakness for a handsome Scot. Cole was absolutely perfect for Ruby. I loved the book and definitely recommend the series!Quotes:~"Cole Stuart." The accent. My drawers turned into water droplets and then disappeared, just like Ginny said.-pg 24~I [...]

    18. LOVVVVVVVED IT!!!!!!!I'm always worried when I start reading a 2nd book in a series, they tend to by lacking and rushed, but have to FEAR ladies and gents that is not the case here. As a matter of fact, I would say this might be even better then the first book, I said might. This book is Ruby's story and I could not put it down. I was captivated all the way through. I think Lyla Payne has an knack for writing sexy sweet N/A and I'm a super fan that will continue to read anything she puts out. Br [...]

    19. What a charming novel.I admit, I wasn't sure when I downloaded this. It was a gap as I knew I didn't have much time this week. However, I found myself rather pleasantly surprised. Yes you can guess what's going to happen at every turn but I still really enjoyed the journey. A very sweet and enjoyable contemporary romance.

    20. Heart-twisty and as steamy-hot as the New Orleans Ruby hails from. I loved this one and you will too! Full review to come.

    21. This book was just ok for me. I liked Broken at Love ( the first in the series) a lot better. I just couldn't really connect with Ruby, the heroine. She kinda got on my nerves with her "woe is me, I'm new rich not old rich" yada yada yada. A prologue would have been a major help in connecting with what the main heroine feels and connecting with her on her "new money" insecurities. Plot:I'll try to summarize because there were a lot of little side ventures to this story. Read it and decide if you [...]

    22. *Also posted at Oops! I Read A Book Again*I won a signed ARC of By Referral Only from Lyla Payne's Twitter giveaway early in June and I can't thank the reading gods enough for that luck they bestowed on me. I kinda regret not reading it as soon as possible, waiting for release date to come closer before I got into it. If I read it earlier, I could have experienced the amazebomb that is this book earlier. So thank you to Lyla and thank you to Kelly too for organizing this release day launch! Let' [...]

    23. Cole Stuart is pretty perfect, but the book just flunders after the first half. All of the Whitman University have the same problem with a very intriguing first half and a slow second one, but this one felt particularly annoying because I loved the beginning so much

    24. 3.5 stars.The conflicts seem to me very weak. I don't know, maybe because I'm not an American and I believe in work for money and not inherit it.

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