One thought on “People, Years and Life (C.I.L.)”

  1. Espectacular, é difícil non perderse entre a maré de páxinas pero a de cousas que se aprenden e descubres. Recomendable se te decidiches pola vida ascética

  2. Read the 1891-1921 & 1945-1954 parts now. Amazing remembrances. I don't think I'll have time to read the 1921-41 part this year. Anyway, he met so many amazing people & seems to have been a really intelligent and remarkable person (which is a sense I didn't get from reading The Thaw - clearly fiction wasn't his forte)"Today I have too many desires and not enough strength. I shall end with a confession: I hate indifference, curtained windows, harshness and the cruelty of isolation. While [...]

  3. Brilliant book. There is an interesting bit where Ehrenburg is remembering his encounter with Ernest Hemingway at the Gaylord's Hotel in Madrid during Spanish Civil War. The Russian from "For Whom the Bell Tolls" called Karkov is based on Ehrenburg, whom Hemingway called "the most intelligent man he knew".

  4. I started to read “Люди, годы, жизнь” by mistake )). I initially wanted to read “Жизнь и судьба” by Василий Гроссман (and still want to) — and mixed them up in my head )). I understood my mistake very soon but decided that I might read this stuff as well, especially considering a very unusual biography of Илья Эренбург and an interesting story of publication of these memoirs.Well, they gave me a hard time. I mostly did not like Иль [...]

  5. Long-winded and boring. Generally, I love memoirs, but this one is not so much a collection of reminiscences, but a political statement.

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