Under a Graveyard Sky

Under a Graveyard Sky Zombies are real And we made them Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse The Smith family is with the help of a few marines When an airborne zombie plague is released bringing civilization to a

  • Title: Under a Graveyard Sky
  • Author: John Ringo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Zombies are real And we made them Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse The Smith family is, with the help of a few marines.When an airborne zombie plague is released, bringing civilization to a grinding halt, the Smith family, Steven, Stacey, Sophia and Faith, take to the Atlantic to avoid the chaos The plan is to find a safe haven from the anarchy of infectedZombies are real And we made them Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse The Smith family is, with the help of a few marines.When an airborne zombie plague is released, bringing civilization to a grinding halt, the Smith family, Steven, Stacey, Sophia and Faith, take to the Atlantic to avoid the chaos The plan is to find a safe haven from the anarchy of infected humanity What they discover, instead, is a sea composed of the tears of survivors and a passion for bringing hope.For it is up to the Smiths and a small band of Marines to somehow create the refuge that survivors seek in a world of darkness and terror Now with every continent a holocaust and every ship an abattoir, life is lived under a graveyard sky.At the publisher s request, this title is sold without DRM Digital Rights Management.

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    1. So when I came across this zombie apocalypse story that was set on the seas, I thought maybe I could give it a go. Turned out to be good choice for me I enjoyed it. The story begins with an Aussie family(the Smiths, mom, dad, 2 teen daughters) living in the U.S They are preppers. Prepped for nuclear war or military invasion the Smiths did better than most when the zombie virus strikes. They fight their way through the beginning of the apocalypse long enough to get the family inoculated but quick [...]

    2. The book starts with a decent premise. There is a viral plague spreading like wildfire. The first symptoms are a bad cold or flu. Then there's recovery. Then the second phase hits. Infected are transformed into blood thirsty savages. Basically zombies. And that's awesome, because I love a good zombie apocalypse story.The book follows the Smith family as they respond to the plague. Fortunately for them, they are preppers. They are super-duper prepared, and after only a bit of trouble they wind up [...]

    3. Under a Graveyard Sky by John Ringo is another post-apocalyptic zombie adventure. Weak characters in an action-filled plot. Biggest problem: a thirteen-year-old girl with no previous combat experience out-doing adult men with lots of experience in special forces and the marines, carting around 40-60 lbs. of equipment and being the best zombie killer. EVER. Hard to swallow that scenario. Oh, and the fact that the conclusion of Part I is like an inadvertent farce with adults going to dinner and a [...]

    4. I don't know why I read so many zombie novels. Zombies aren't even really my thing, but I do like apocalypses. Under a Graveyard Sky is your basic zombie apocalypse, with genre-savvy main characters. As soon as the virus begins spreading, Steven Smith, an Australian naturalized U.S. citizen and former soldier with a wife and two daughters who are just as l33t and Heinleinian as he is, jump onto a sailing yacht and head to sea to try to ride out the zombie apocalypse. With a little detour for the [...]

    5. This book was terrible. It had all the components to be a really fun book, but the writing, editing, and story telling is awful. It's ridiculously one dimensional and full of incredibly stereotypical characters. If it was intended to be a mockery of the zombie genre, it MIGHT have bordered on entertaining--but it wasn't. The story itself is one part political commentary (primarily liberal bashing, which I don't particularly care about one way or the other, but it was all pretty lowbrow), and one [...]

    6. Oh boy. Where do I begin?When I’m reading a story, or, in this case, listening to one, at some point I go beyond giving the tale a chance to grow on me and have to decide that it is, or isn’t, working.This one, it did not work. I’m at a loss to explain how much this did not work for me. And I think it’s a genre thing. I look around on and see four and five star reviews all over the place. Clearly, there is a disconnect here somewhere. This book isn’t written for me. I’m not the targ [...]

    7. Hey, who wants to read Swiss Family Robinson and the zombie apocalypse? Me! Clearly there will be more books, and the story will continue. Come on! Write it already!

    8. Book Info: Genre: Post-apocalyptic (zombies)Reading Level: AdultRecommended for: People who like lots of action without all that distracting character developmentTrigger Warnings: killing, rape (reported)My Thoughts: I have been a fan of John Ringo for several years, and have quite enjoyed most of the books he has written. This was, unfortunately, not one of his better books. There is a lot of action and 'splodies, which is cool, but I would have liked to have seen more character development. Th [...]

    9. I read finished this some time ago, but am just now getting around to reviewing itrry.First on the whole I'm not a fan of "zombie apocalypse" books (or movies or TV series). So the fact I like this one might (I say might) make it stand out a little.First this is another on of the stories/books/movie/etcetc. that may bring on a debate about what constitutes a zombie. These are "not really dead zombies", more like (but not exactly like) the ones in 28 Days Later. Personally I lean toward the "thes [...]

    10. All things considered - and it definitely did have its flaws - Under a Graveyard Sky was probably one of the better apocalyptic tales I've read in a long time, and certainly one of the best zombie tales in recent memory. Rather weak and unbelievable in terms of characters, but very strong in terms of action and plot, John Ringo has pulled together a novel that is sure to please his fans, and potentially win him some new ones.The book starts on an awkward note, plunging us right into the action, [...]

    11. John Ringo schafft es in diesem Buch, das doch etwas abgenutzte Zombie-Thema wieder salonfähig und spannend zu machen. Der Stil hat mir gut gefallen, ebenso viele starke Frauenfiguren. Allerdings besteht das Buch aus zwei Teilen, von denen ich den ersten überragend fand und den zweiten eher mittelmäßig, sodass dabei gerade noch 4 Sterne heraus kommen, sehr schade eigentlich. Ich hoffe, dass das Potential in Band 2 mehr ausgeschöpft wird.

    12. For some, this could be their kind of zombie story. A long portion in the beginning is spent explaining the progression of the zombie virus and how hard it will be to make a vaccine. A husband, wife and two daughters (age 15 and 13) have the inside track on getting out to sea, but first, the daughters must help with the vaccine production. The zombie action didn't excite me and the way the story was told bored me. I liked the second part when they were out to sea and had to come up with a pirate [...]

    13. I wouldn't say I am a particularly picky person. I actually liked all the serialized novels to the Resident Evil game and just spent two weeks raving about those black oil books to anyone who would listenBut there's still a line. There were times I even thought about just putting it down somewhere and running away and let the book fend for itself. There are things that it attempts to do right. Some terrorist figures out how to manipulate the flu and rabies and spikes bathroom sanitizers across t [...]

    14. I've never read anything by John Ringo I loved the cover. Read the blurb; checked the book out of the local library. QUITE ENJOYED IT. As other reviewers have mentioned, the editing can be jarring, but the only thing I really really didn't like was all the military jargon with no footnotes for those of us who have NO FRIGGIN' idea was a lot of those acronyms and jargon terms MEAN. I adored the character Faith, even tho thinking that your 13-year old daughter is a "hottie" and considering that it [...]

    15. An Insult to Professional (& Amateur) Authors, the English Language, and the Common Decency of HumanityMy book club owes me for making me spend time and money on this. I live blogged my reactions for my book club and it's a 70+ post list of poor writing decisions or inaccuracies in facts. 10 have finished so far and the average rating is ONE STAR.The writing is elementary, the plot is a straight line (continually descending in quality & ingenuity), a significant percentage of the copy is [...]

    16. Under a Graveyard Sky has a lot of things going for it. While very enjoyable it did lack a bit on the character depth and development end. Now this all depends on what you’re looking for. If you are a zombie lover to the extreme I think you’ll seriously enjoy this book because its packed full of action, a very cool concept, and ideas that help make it stand out from the hoards of zombie books that are currently out.My itemized thoughts and feelings – cause I’m feeling lazy:- Fun, funny, [...]

    17. AudiobookThis is a great start to this series. It starts from when the virus is first determined and then goes on to months later when the survivors are trying to save people. It ends with a ship full of infected (zombies) and people barely surviving. I'm going to listen to the entire series. Tristan Morris does a pretty good job although I think his Australian accents are a little heavy-handed but then I'm from California so what do I know.

    18. LOVED this book. And I don't even like the zombie genre. It made me laugh, it made me think, overall it gave me hours of enjoyment. I have re-read the book multiple times, and have only had it a month. Can I say any more about the fun factor of this book? "ill looking for a chainsaw." ROFLMAO!

    19. This book series is a cross-pollination of two disciplines I’ve been reading a lot of: military science fiction and dystopian fiction. Technically, it’s considered horror/sci-fi, but I would probably describe it thusly. The first part is a lot like the first season of The Walking Dead, and the second half, which all takes place on the high seas, is a combination of Fear the Walking Dead, The Poseidon Adventure, and Water World.And yes, it’s about zombies. Technically, a strain of flu is ai [...]

    20. I've never been a big fan of the zombie genre, but Ringo makes it work through excellent character development and a coherent biological scenario.

    21. This is the first book in John Ringo's zombie trilogy. Since zombie stories are so popular these days, everyone has to take their spin on it. Ringo's is to make his as plausible as possible, which means it reads a lot like a techno-thriller initially. Zombies are created by an artificial disease that combines the flu (to get a wide, initial infection with a long incubation period) and then a rabies variant (so it induces psychosis, violence, and becomes a blood-borne pathogen.) Unlike a techno-t [...]

    22. This is a surprisingly difficult book for me to rate and review. The problem is that there were problems. I'm not talking about problems with the writing (copy editing, mostly) as such, although there were quite a few of those, as I read an eARC and I trust at least most of those have been sorted out for the actual release.I'm talking about deeper issues. Things I would, under other circumstances - and do, and did - feel uncomfortable with. Things like our young heroine throwing around statemen [...]

    23. (I received an ebook ARC of this novel through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)This is an oddball to review, and I still don't know what to think of it.On the one hand, I liked the ideas developed in it. A family already having a plan in case of a zombie apocalypse? Well, why not. They have the right connections to be informed of such things first-hand, and it's not harder to believe in that than in, say, a family during the early Cold War living in fear of, and preparing for, a pot [...]

    24. First let me start by saying I am a zombie-holic. Ok to be more appropriate I am an apocalypse addict, but I prefer my apocalypses to include zombies. However any book that includes zombies, whether they bring on the end of the world or not, I will eagerly devour. I enjoy the apocalypse ones though because they deal with how people decide to handle the end of civilization as we know it. How they use the resources they have in new and inventive ways, how they deal with the zombies, other humans, [...]

    25. 'Under a Graveyard Sky' by John Ringo is the first book in a series about a family that survives during the zompie apocalypse and it's got some pretty good characters.When an airborne virus is released, it unleashes a zombie plague. The Smith family is caught in the middle, but thanks to dad, Steven, they are prepared. In the beginning, it would almost seem that they are overprepared, but that turns out not to be the case. With the world falling apart around them, they eventually take to the sea [...]

    26. I loved this book. Generally, I love John Ringo. I know some people have issues with his portrayal of men, women and sex, asserting that his books are degrading to women, but I feel like he offsets that with strong, powerful women who are just as much warriors as their men are. This book is the beginning of Ringo's take on the zombie apocalypse. I generally am not so into zombies, but, hey, it's Ringo. This first book takes a high school history teacher, his wife, and their two daughters from a [...]

    27. There are no spoilers in this review. Okay, first of all, I LOVE ZOMBIE NOVELS. I am not really a horror fan, but when it comes to zombies I gobble them up (pun intended). I was wary when this book was recommended to me because all I knew of John Ringo was his a Sci-fi novels and they all had cheesy covers (sorry John lol). But once I started this series I couldn't put it down. It has amazing characters that feel real and are a bit unhinged as one would imagine they would be. It also has a milit [...]

    28. Bought the ARC version, re-read it twice back to back and then had to pick it up again when it finally came out in hardcover in the bookstores. It is odd to say that this zombie apocalypse is more realistic than any other in the genre I've read, it is after all zombies, but the descriptions of the politicians non-reactions, the general public's ostrich impressions, the corporate types ass covering, that was all too believable. So too were the variety and type of people who survived.The family wh [...]

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