Something In The Wine

Something In The Wine All her life Annie suffered through her brother s constant practical jokes Now he sets her up on a blind date with Drew a lesbian winemaker even knowing his sister is straight Annie and Drew decide

  • Title: Something In The Wine
  • Author: Jae
  • ISBN: 9783955330071
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All her life, Annie suffered through her brother s constant practical jokes Now he sets her up on a blind date with Drew, a lesbian winemaker, even knowing his sister is straight Annie and Drew decide to turn the tables on him by pretending to fall in love.But what starts as a revenge plan soon turns their lives upside down as the lines between pretending and reality begAll her life, Annie suffered through her brother s constant practical jokes Now he sets her up on a blind date with Drew, a lesbian winemaker, even knowing his sister is straight Annie and Drew decide to turn the tables on him by pretending to fall in love.But what starts as a revenge plan soon turns their lives upside down as the lines between pretending and reality begin to blur.

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    1. Review of Something in the wine 2nd edition by JaeJae is one of those authors I don't hesitate to read as her books are well written and very enjoyable. Her book Under a falling star is one of my favourite books:lezreviewbooks.wordpress/This is a revised second edition of this book. I read the original version a couple of years ago and gave it 4 stars. I really cannot detect the differences between the two versions - except for the bonus epilogue Seduction for beginners - as it's been a long tim [...]

    2. I must admit that this book had everything I search for in a good F/F romance book. It could have been a 10 stars book, it was so romantic and everything felt so right, Jae has a way with words. Her book made me laugh, get little butterfly's from the romantic vibe she creates and sometimes takes my breath away with anticipation. But it had one little problem.let me explain:(view spoiler)[One non-existent love scene's at the end, that was a big problem. Damn! I hate it when that happens, especial [...]

    3. I was a little hesitant to read the older version of this book based on the reviews. I always pushed this at the end of my to read list because of all those complaints. But got curious with the revised edition. I'm really glad I didn't pass up.This book will surely go to my favorites.I really like the character growth on this book especially with Annie. Unlike most of the push and pull stories that I've read, this one stands out.Annie is afraid and confused but one thing I really like about her [...]

    4. This is a sweet story, with nice leads. I enjoyed the scenes between them and the deepening of their relationship as it moved from friends to something more. Jae's books can always be counted on to flesh out the details and this book was no exception. The secondary characters weren't as interesting in this one though, which let it down a bit. On the flip side, I detested Annie's brother, and their 'let's pretend to be together to shock him' revenge twist thing was flimsy at best. All it did was [...]

    5. Thirty-year old Annie Prideaux is what some would call a wallflower–and that’s how she sees herself as well. Working as an accountant for a small firm, she prefers to share as little as possible with her colleagues about her private life and more times than not she spends her free-time with her cat Amadeus and a good book. Her experiences with men so far have been rather boring and when she is out on a date she tries to get it over with as fast and as painless as possible–a fact that gives [...]

    6. SOMEBODY HELP!! I'm obsessed!!!!! Like legit obsessed. I've been on a roll. I've been reading for 5 hours in a row and I have 2 chapters to go and I FREAKING Love it. This book is so relatable for me. The gay falling for the straight girl is a common storyline but the way this author has handled it is so delightful. I love the struggles Annie goes through and I Love how drew is not an arsehole about her coming to terms with her sexuality. *if only I had a girl like Drew*. Jae is a new author for [...]

    7. I have only read one of Jae’s books prior to this one and Heart Trouble started the addiction. I hadn’t realized that this was a second edition until I had finished it but can’t imagine there being much wrong with the first edition because Jae writes so beautifully and has a lovely way with words.Annie has grown up being the butt of her brother’s practical jokes and the most recent is when he sets her up on a date with his lesbian friend the only problem is that Annie is Straight and he [...]

    8. This is a great romance novel. It's been siting on my bookshelf for years and I don't know why I hadn't read it yet, but it found its way to me in the best moment. I love romance novels, it's actually my guilty pleasure nobody knows about and this story is exactly what I'm looking for in a book. The writing and the theme are light enough for me not to have to be too focused while reading, however the story is engaging and the characters are amazing, tho not stereotypes which I usually expect rea [...]

    9. I should go on record and say that Jae is one of my favourite author's and all of her books have been highly entertaining reads. Withbeing possibly my favourite lesbian romance.I love the way that she allows the story and characters to develop over time, that her characters have flaws and that the person they are at the start of the story should always be contrasted with that at the end, so the journey that they have traveled has extra resonance and worth.While I have been singing Jae's praises, [...]

    10. I'm conflicted in my star rating for this one. I finished the book a minute or two ago so I'm caught up in the emotion of it but I'm still going between 3 and 4 stars. I had a very hard time getting into the story, even though I liked the characters quite a bit. The writing, itself, was what made it difficult. I need to work through my impressions more but, I think, if it had been written by anyone other than Jae, I probably would have put it down after the first couple of chapters.Am I glad I s [...]

    11. I couldn't finish this book. The story is very long and predictable. And from the beginning, the writing bothered me. It didn't feel smooth enough, there were times dialogues didn't sound natural at all. Also, errors in the use of tenses irked me. I just couldn't get past them. Turns out, the author's native language is German and even though her English is really far from terrible, it shows.Moreover, I found the character of Annie to be extremely naive and it annoyed me. Overall the story lacks [...]

    12. I tried, I really tried to love, or at least like this. I didn't.So many people told me this is a great F/F romance, but I just can't. I even finished the book. I hate almost all the characters, even the one time appearing friends. The author wrote the characters like they were this unimportant, unrelated part of the main characters life. How unrealistic was that?And the main characters ugh. I don't care for them, I don't care for their romance, I don't care for their thoughts.And the gender rol [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book more than I did, because I've really enjoyed the other books I've read from this author. The premise is fun, but I suspect I would have enjoyed it more if the story were shorter or if Annie were able to accept her attraction a lot earlier in the book.

    14. Detailed score 3.25Despite my adoration of other books by Jae, I have put off reading this one for some time as I knew a central theme was one that I usually avoid like the plague in my lesroms -- one of the main characters coming to terms with her sexuality.But, ultimately, I knew I would always wonder so I gave it a crack.Something I am starting to learn about Jae is that she notably goes into great detail about her characters thoughts - their psyche - (sometimes to the detriment of exploring [...]

    15. This book is a little of a coming out story. I'd say rated T to be on the safe side. Jae is an excellent writer. The views between characters and her writing style flows flawlessly. It's a beautiful story and a good perspective on what it's like to come out at age 30.

    16. Indeed!Jake has tricked his sister, Annie, into coming over. When she sees a party is going on she is really mad to find him alive and well after scaring her into coming over. His friend, Rob, convinces Annie into staying for awhile even though she doesn't want to. Drew, a friend of Jake's spies Annie and begs him to arrange a date. Once again Jake cons Annie and she accepts the date. What he doesn't let on is that Drew is a woman. Annie and Drew decide to pay Jake back by pretending that they h [...]

    17. I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review.I really liked this book. It was a no-nonsense story. Just a lesbian chickflic, and who doesn't love those?!??!! Although I think there was something wrong with the MOBI that I received. English may not be my first langues and it's definitly not prefect, but even I knew that some words that where written weren't actually words. Not mistakes that Jae could've made. But besides that, it was a sweet story about a straight woman who wasn't so strai [...]

    18. This is a later coming out story through the character Annie.Annie isn't the typical romance lead found in other books. She's an awkward ugly duckling who only feels confident when it comes to her work (as an accountant). She's resigned herself to a life of loneliness and creates a buffer between herself and other people. Drew on the other hand, is an assured, sought after woman who sowed her wild oats when she was younger. With the death of her parents and taking on the family business, though, [...]

    19. While Jae always writes enjoyable romances, I felt this one was a bit wasted on a somewhat silly and contrived plot— and frankly both Drew and Annie are incredible pushovers for staying friends with an absolute trashbag manchild like Jake. The way he treats Drew like she's a predator or Annie like she's a child Ugh. Also, the more I read F/F romances, the more I feel like making a study on what beverages lesbian/bi women drink. Back when I first dabbled in the community everyone would tell me [...]

    20. My initial impression of this book was that it went on too long over the same stuff. But then after thinking about it, I've decided it wasn't in fact the book but me screaming at Annie to wake up and smell the roses. There is a serious undertone to the book that doesn't become apparent immediately but gradually builds. But Jae's subtle sense of humour brings a light hearted response to what is generally a serious issue. Annie's journey into lesbianism is funny what with her research and even som [...]

    21. This book is really more of a 3.5.I loved the premise of straight girl being set up on a blind date with a lesbian as a practical joke. But I think the authour could have had more fun with it. The revenge felt too serious, and the way the main characters went about it wasn't all that believable.Despite that, this book offered an interesting examination of romantic insecurity, social anxiety, and what it's like to come out at 30.

    22. I loved this story! I thought it was cute, original, funny, and it had me laughing more times than I can count. My only disappointment was that after everything that happened between them, there was no love scene. I think a love scene between these two characters would have been incredible. Other than that, the book was awesome.

    23. A fairly straightforward romance with likable characters and a sweet story, overall. I would have liked to see more of a resolution to Annie's pretty serious issues regarding intimacy, but I enjoyed it quite a bit, just like the rest of Jae's writing.

    24. Nice slow burn, once you get beyond the premise of a guy who sets his sister up on a date with a woman as a practical joke, and all the convoluted logic that follows as the main characters find reasons to be together without *being* together.

    25. I've always enjoyed Jae's writing, and this one is no exception. While it is a sweet "get to know you" type story, I feel that it stopped too soon, and somewhat suddenly.

    26. I was looking for extremely self-indulgent femslash, and here it is. I loved it. here’s what I didn’t love:The writing is good, but never breaks spectacular; often tells too much, and on occasion the dialogue doesn’t follow a natural conversational vernacular. There’s a lot of not very prompted Long Emotional Admissions that didn’t have as much subtlety or buildup as it could have.My issue was that it felt a little… “basic” is the word that comes to mind, a few degrees removed fr [...]

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