Partners Tori Hunter always worked solo but in Samantha Kennedy she found a partner in ways than one Casey O Connor isn t thrilled to learn that she has a new partner on the way It s been hard enough to tran

  • Title: Partners
  • Author: Gerri Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tori Hunter always worked solo, but in Samantha Kennedy she found a partner, in ways than one Casey O Connor isn t thrilled to learn that she has a new partner on the way It s been hard enough to transition from working with live victims to dead ones Now Leslie Turner is going to slow down the process Professional duty trumps personal issues as the detectives focuTori Hunter always worked solo, but in Samantha Kennedy she found a partner, in ways than one Casey O Connor isn t thrilled to learn that she has a new partner on the way It s been hard enough to transition from working with live victims to dead ones Now Leslie Turner is going to slow down the process Professional duty trumps personal issues as the detectives focus on their latest case, a killer whose choice of victim is solitary women The investigation raises a lot of questions around the killer s means and opportunities Leslie would be happy if the questions stopped there, but she s also wondering why she d rather spend time with these women specifically Casey than with her fianc Casey would also like to stick to business, but as the case intensifies she finds herself also watching Tori and Sam and wondering how they balance their public personas and private passions Figuring it out is a pointless exercise, she tells herself, because that kind of lightning can t possibly strike twice Partners concludes the series that began with the chart topping bestseller Hunter s Way, and continued with the Lambda Literary and Golden Crown finalist In the Name of the Father with the sizzling intensity that only Gerri Hill can deliver.

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    1. Gerri Hill is a phenomenal author, her dialogue and characters are second to none. This is the third book in the Hunter series and while lacking some of the originality of the first two novels, is still any excellent read.My only gripe is that the ending is so abrupt, I found myself desperate for some closure. Off to see if there are any more in this series and hopefully find the end of the cliff hanger.

    2. I was going to include a review when I finished the book but it seems I wasn't in a good position to do so. And now it has been somewhat too long.Overall it was an interesting series. I rather loved the first book in the series. I was half ok with and half annoyed that the second book, In the Name of the Father, in the series moved off the two main characters from Hunter's Way. The second book in the series fell from the 5 stars 'Hunter's Way' achieved to 4 stars less to the switch in character [...]

    3. I was disappointed that we didn’t see Sam as much in this book as much as I enjoy Casey’s character. Although, I’m kind of bored of the whole “Straight woman falls for lesbian & realises she’s gay” It seems to me that Dallas PD is made up of Lesbian detectives. HOWEVER I am a sucker for the troubled characters and enjoyed it anyway. I did prefer hunters way.

    4. I'm really torn about this latest book by Gerri Hill.It's the continuation/conclusion of the series started with Hunter's Way, so it's a return of beloved characters. The story focuses on Casey, the character introduced in the second book of this series, In the Name of the Father, in addition to the case the homicide detectives have to solve in this crime/romance novel.I liked the case, trying to solve the murder of young women killed by a peeping tom and the connected murder of a homeless man, [...]

    5. Excellent as always. Loved the interaction between Hunter and O'Connor. Loved the new lady in the group. I can't wait to meet the highway series lady and see them catch Patrick. And then read the crossover with these six kick ass women!!!! Very good story, as always with Gerri Hill

    6. Loved this book. It tells more about Tori and Sam from Hunter's Way. It also brings back Leslie from In the Name of the Father and hooks her up with Casey. Another great mystery love story by Gerri!

    7. This was an okay story, but to have a second tale that mirrored the romance in the first book of the series seemed a little strange. Sure the cop story behind the romance in the two stories was different, but the romance wasn't. Each had a strong female lead, both cops. Sure, one was dark and taciturn and the other was happy go lucky, but both personas hid difficult childhoods. In the second book, these two strong leads become friends. Tori's partner from the first book was Sam. In this third st [...]

    8. I Don't Really Like Casey-Lesley Ship!! I Am All About Tori-Sam. So I Hate That Gerri Wrote That Casey Could Reach Tori In A Deep Meaning Than Sam Could. And This Whole Lesley - Michaele Thing Was Jus Something Else I Wasn't Interested In. And Robert, Hahahah, Bitter Bastard. And I Hate That The Book Was All About Casey And Lesley!!There Should Have Been More Confronting Moments Between Hunter And Robert. But I Love Casey And Tori, They Had An Amazing Friendship. I Would Rather Casey Ended Up Wi [...]

    9. Can’t helped but to feel the similarities between Casey and Leslie relationship with Tori and Sam. Especially Leslie and SamThe story plot was still good except that the ending wasn’t my expectation. Personally I thot there would be a book 4 to close this case only to realize the book 4 has no relation to this case.The ending of this was a little disappointing. I loved Hunter’s Way but I can’t say I loved the rest as much as I do for Hunter’s Way.

    10. Literally a downgraded replica of Hunter's Way with less amiable characters.This read sucked.I struggled to finish it.Don't even get me started on the ONCE AGAIN lack of ethnic/racial diversity and lowkey casual transphobia from the main characters.Plus, the ending was awful and abrupt.Though I'm slyly thanking God because the abrupt ending means this read is finally over.

    11. Wow!No other word for it this story keeps you on the edge the whole way through, linking characters from the last two books I would love to read more

    12. 3.5 star I don't like this book that there's something off or I can say boring easily guess what going to happen next

    13. The third Hunter book, but Tori and Sam are relegated to secondary characters in this one. Casey O'Connor (introduced in In the Name of the Father) is now in the Homicide department, where all really hot lesbian detectives seemed destined to end up. She's teamed up with a new detective who transfers in from Assault (formerly a Homicide detective in Fort Worth so it doesn't seem too odd to have to new homicide detectives partnered up). The new transfer, Leslie Tucker, is straight and engaged, but [...]

    14. What should you expect in a Gerri Hill book? Well here's a check list:*One character to be a straight woman. Or at least flexible in her orientation but with no experience.*Have one or more character run around without a bra on a regular basis and have no one notice until there is contact.*Major man hating. If one female is in a hetero relationship, then the man has to be an inconsiderate asshole.*When the woman in the hetero relationship figures out she doesn't love the man and never has, she d [...]

    15. Straight up - I did not like, or appreciate, the ending. Considering PARTNERS is touted as the final in the series it is left completely open ended and with a major thread left hanging what a mean thing to do to your readers. This is the third and final book of the Hunter series and Sam and Tori take the backseat as the story focuses on Casey and Leslie. The latest case to arrive in Homicide is a series of murders of single women that appear to be linked to Peeping Tom sightings and a dead stree [...]

    16. Realmente me gustan mucho los libros de misterio y crimen y más si tienen romance de por medio.Las protagonistas estaban bien, pero creo que ninguna supera a Tori o el gusto que me daba leer el primer libro de la serie.Me hubiera gustado saber qué pasó con Merissa, creo que prefería una historia de ella y Casey que con Leslie, porque igual y se repitió el patrón del novio y eso.El final me gustó, pero solo si es que en el proximo libro continúa una explicación y un cierre de verdad para [...]

    17. A worthy conclusion to the Hunter trilogy! I personally liked part 3 better than part 2. Through the love story of Casey and Leslie, Gerri Hill created the same quality of the original Hunter's Way book.I had wished that it had been a little longer. I wanted to know more about the relationship between Casey and Leslie.Of all the couples I've read about. the love story between Sam and Tori was definitely my favorite.Their chemistry and their road to love will stay with me.This book is the end of [...]

    18. This was headed for four easy stars until the end. It just stops. I turned the page, expecting another chapter and I get a list of Bella books. What the? I wouldn't have minded so much, except this is the last of the series. (It follows Hunter's Way and In the Name of the Father, neither of which I've read.) Are you kidding me? That's not how you end a series! I really liked the characters, the writing is light and easy (though there was one long info dump near the beginning that was unnecessary [...]

    19. Hunter's Way, a thoroughly engrossing read, hit all the right notes for me. The quality of writing is above average, as is the mystery / crime plotline, Which is handled well enough twists and turns giving us along the way and, happily, the book is populated by a cast of fairly believable characters who do not hover too close to the usual stereotypes.The hole Hunters series is good and exciting entertainment.

    20. Is no one bothered that, again, this is a book without a decent conclusion? Do other writers get away with this?Oh, and the fact that I read the previous one and this one in a grand total of five hours, speaks volumes about the length of these books. And they dare ask $10 for it on . Well, I didn't pay that.I'm done with Gerri Hill

    21. Where's the end of the book?! I even found myself thinking some pages were missing! That's my only disappointment concerning this book.Overall, I really enjoyed reading it, even if the love story looks a bit like the first Hunter book. It's always well written, and the characters are perfect.4,5 stars for me, because of the end!

    22. If this was a stand-alone book that had not been written after Hunter's Way I would have given this a 4-star rating and given my reasons why. However, this is almost the exact same story as Hunter's Way. I think the popularity of Hunter's Way is what spurred this book, but it short-changes the reader. Yes, pretty good read, but we've read it before. It was called Hunter's Way.

    23. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers and this one leaves several plot points open to visit and hopefully resolve in another book and I'd hoped some, like Leslie and Michael's relationship needed the closure they never really got. Feels like the last chapter was thrown in as an afterthought to set up the cliffie. Still a good, fast-paced read but not as great as the previous books.

    24. I loved this book and found it every bit as enjoyable as the first. I do however think I had an advantage to other reviewers in that I accidentally read "Devil's Rock" before this. I do hope and wish for more gripping material like this from Geri Hill as this seriously left me wanting more.

    25. Not without flaws (I'm tired of the 'straight girl wasn't really straight after all' trope) but it was quite entertaining. Casey and Leslie make for a nice couple and I really liked how Tori grew and mellowed through her relationship with Sam and friendship with Casey.

    26. An easy, fluffy read with a very similar plot to the first book in the series. The ending is quite abrupt and could do with another book to tie up the loose ends.

    27. The crime story and bad guy was better. I liked it. The love story was like a big reminder of the first volume, so no surprise there.

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