Maggie's Mondays

Maggie s Mondays Maggie Walker is single parenting four teenagers while she shares a bedroom with her invalid mom She cleans houses for a living but tries to devote a few minutes to her sketchbook every day Jim Madd

  • Title: Maggie's Mondays
  • Author: Diane Adams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Maggie Walker is single parenting four teenagers, while she shares a bedroom with her invalid mom She cleans houses for a living, but tries to devote a few minutes to her sketchbook every day Jim Madden is struggling to get out of debt, while he single parents three children A romance is hardly feasible, but God never lets circumstances interfere with His plans.

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    1. I really enjoyed this book. It is about growing in faith, learning to trust God, raising children, respect, love, teenagers, mothers, fathers and so much more.Maggie tries to overcompensate with her children because of their father leaving them for another woman. Jim's kids have issues too, but he has a handle on them, for the most part. Maggie had to learn that she shouldn't try to please her children all the time. That she is important too, and that she needs to nurture herself as much if not [...]

    2. So sweet!Just as with all the other books I have read by Diane Lil Adams, this story was well-written and very enjoyable. I definitely recommend this book.

    3. Good light heartedI thoroughly enjoyed this book which I did read on another readers suggestion. Generally, I don't read many love stories but this is a story of more. Two mature single people, lots of children and the problems that arise. Should we or should we not? Is being a single parent really that bad as to being married and trying to emerge two completely different families together with different ideas of raising children. It lighthearted and well worth the read. Every single mother will [...]

    4. Families who work together Maggie was like a lot of mothers in today's world. Giving kids what they think they can't live without. Mom does not want her babies to suffer. Why. That would be to hard on their pride and mom would do anything to not let her kids suffer. Very poor judgment!!Jim had his share of problems but he did not see through a glass darkly. He saw what was happening and stayed the course and finally got both families working together.

    5. Romance is a little different when the man and woman involved are both single parents of teenagers, and both have experienced difficult first marriages. Although the pace was a little slow, it was because of the their situations. Although the story was light-hearted and had a fair amount of humor, the characters dealt with serious issues like their faith and following their dreams/realizing their potential.

    6. A really enjoyable, feel good story with a message. Both Maggie and Jim came across as real people with their issues and faults. I thought the ending was probably a bit to good to be true, still this book left me smiling.

    7. My new favoriteThis was such a good read! I loved Jim, his romantic side,his dry sense of humor, his love for kids and his approach to parenting! I was especially fond of his love for Maggie and the way he expressed it. This is definitely my new favorite by Ms. Adams!

    8. Maggie's MondaysInteresting read. This is the second book I've read by Diane Lil Adams. The characters and plot are believable and the situations the face are true to life.

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