One thought on “Echoes of War”

  1. One factor is assessing this book is the length of time it took to read - nearly three months! The first two hundred pages were a chore and I nearly gave up for it told of the relationships and feelings of a series of upper middle class members of a family almost too "nice" to be true. Then, as the historical facts behind the events began to take a greater hold on the reader and you realised what Riviére was attempting, you are drawn more closely into how the Lammases were affected by the outsi [...]

  2. This was simultaneously one of the more tedious books I have ever read and also one of the most enriching. At times (many times), I wanted to stop reading it, but I have very limited books when I travel, so I pushed through it. Ultimately, I'm very happy I did so, as I learned a lot from reading this book. I have never been able to fully appreciate the hesitancy which the UK felt before entering WWII, particularly their policy of appeasement. This book made me understand it. This book made me un [...]

  3. A wartime saga that spans the globe and the range of human emotions. You must love sweeping historical fiction to appreciate this and if you do, you will not be disappointed. It is a rich novel with a host of complete, sympathetic characters and period detail that will captivate.

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