Woman On The Run

Woman On The Run Julia Devaux loves big cities She s partial to chic cafes and old movies and charming men So she s not ready to be relocated by the Witness Protection Program to a small isolated town in the middle of

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  • Title: Woman On The Run
  • Author: Lisa Marie Rice
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Julia Devaux loves big cities She s partial to chic cafes and old movies and charming men So she s not ready to be relocated by the Witness Protection Program to a small isolated town in the middle of nowhere But it s either that or be whacked by the mafia don she witnessed murdering one of his minions Simpson, Idaho doesn t have chic cafes or cult movie theaters or evJulia Devaux loves big cities She s partial to chic cafes and old movies and charming men So she s not ready to be relocated by the Witness Protection Program to a small isolated town in the middle of nowhere But it s either that or be whacked by the mafia don she witnessed murdering one of his minions Simpson, Idaho doesn t have chic cafes or cult movie theaters or even sidewalks And it definitely doesn t have charming men It does have Sam Cooper, former Navy SEAL, now horse breeder, who makes her feel safe and excited at the same time True, he doesn t have any charming conversation in him But conversation isn t what Cooper does best The gorgeous new second grade schoolteacher who just showed up one day in Simpson is a miracle in Cooper s eyes Beautiful and smart and kind, she has the town of Simpson wrapped around her little finger His heart, too, though he doesn t have the words to tell her that But when killers come for her, Cooper doesn t need words to show what he feels He s willing to lay down his life for her This book was originally published by Ellora s Cave and is a lightly re edited version Lisa Marie Rice is an autobuy author for me She never disappoints Her books are comfort reads that I re read time and time again Hands down she is one of my favorite authors NYT bestselling author Maya Banks The right blend of romance and pulse pounding thrills makes this a riveting story Rice creates strong characters that develop and grow Sensual sex scenes, action, suspense and some unpredictable twists keep the pages turning Romantic Times Edgy, sexy, endlessly exciting, Lisa Marie Rice never disappoints Give me a dangerous, seductive Lice Marie Rice hero any day or night Shannon McKenna, New York Times Bestselling author Watching a warrior choose a woman over his brotherhood is definitely addictive, and for me, I Dream of Danger was a gateway drug New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James

    One thought on “Woman On The Run”

    1. 11/01/2014 re rated from a 3 star to a 4. I had issues with the start, but since I finished it I have found myself thinking about it and how much I liked it in the end and I shall be trying more books of hers out.This was my first book by this author.Have to admit, in the first few pages, I was wondering if I would finish this.We have Julia Devaux, who witnesses a mob murder.And what are her concerns upon being told she has to go into the Witness protection programme? The name she has been given [...]

    2. 2.5 ✭It was okay. Not much to say on this one. Girl is put in witness protection program by seemingly incompetent government officials. City girl meets Podunk. Podunk takes to h like ducks to water. Talkative city girl meets grunting cowboy. They have lots of sex. Dude has stamina. They fall in love. Assassination attempts spoiled with a little TSTL thrown in. Town is saved by good decorating. HEA. Babies! H needs to shut up he talks so much now. The End.

    3. I have to say that I find this book extremely frustrating. There is nothing special in it, it´s pretty basic, with a well known structure, a typical plot line, plenty to criticized about the characters, yada, yada, yada. And yet I find myself coming back to it and rereading it!! Why? Why? I have read it at least 3 times already! What’s wrong with me? I swear I have much more bad things to say about it than good things but for some reason it beckons me! It kills me to admit it but I find Sam C [...]

    4. This was another good book by LMR. I loved both Coop and Julia, even though I didn't understand at first how she fell in love with him since he barely talked to her and, quite frankly, he didn't know what foreplay was - I mean, he knew what it was but just didn't have enough control to dedicate himself to it, LOL.The thing that bothered me in this book was the amount of scenes dedicated to the villain bent on killing Julia. There were too many of them, to the point that it was annoyingly distrac [...]

    5. This was another dip in the erotica genre for me. Although it is only rated S=sensuous by Ellora's cave, it was quite sufficient for me ;) Only down side for the whole book was the use of the c word. My pet hate. Anyway, unlike other reviewers I liked Sam being the strong silent type (I married one and was fathered by one after all). I thoroughly enjoyed the vulnerability and strength of both Sam and Julie. It was a well written book even though the plot line has been used before. It was enough [...]

    6. Mujer A La Fuga escrita por Lisa Marie Rice fue una lectura que me sorprendio mucho.He leido varios libros de la autora, me gusta su forma de escribir y las tramas que crea pero no tenia muchas esperanzas puestas en esta novela, en parte porque al leer la sinopsis me imagine un tipo de historia y la verdad es que Mujer A La Fuga no fue para nada como yo pensaba.Rapida de leer, entretenida y con un ritmo agil que nunca decae, ademas la pareja protagonista me gusto mucho ( y eso que al principio n [...]

    7. Romantic Suspense (Steamy) - Stand AloneA very good story of a young woman whose life is suddenly turned upside down after she witnesses a mob murder. Julia is hurriedly relocated via the Witness Protection Program from big city Boston book editor to a tiny rural Idaho town, where she's now a grade school teacher. Julia, now known as Sally, is doing pretty well under the circumstances, just trying to keep it together until she can testify and regain her real life. In a moment of panic after hour [...]

    8. DNF 30 %I had decided to give this one a chance simply because I liked the "on the run" concept. I fell in love with Paul's "Loving the Enemy" and was looking for a book that would give me thrills and make me fall in love with the characters while exploring new places, travelling. On the run. That's what I think of when I read the words on the run.But here, Julia, or Sally, as her new ID states, is relocated to this little town and this is it. I could have sticked with it if the romance had been [...]

    9. I liked this book and thought it had some neatly written passages throughout, but neither Sam nor Julia (Sally) fascinated me. Sam wasn't much of a talkerThis book is rated S (Sensuous) by the publisher and, frankly, I've read hotter books in mass market format. I can't even place this in my "Hot" bookshelf. So, if you are looking for a nice romantic suspense (which is where I would categorize this one), you should enjoy it. There were some similarities to this author's book "Pursuit" written by [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. Lisa Marie Rice books have an old-school Linda Howard feel to them and I'm a sucker for that. Big, strong, inarticulate ex-soldier meets delicate, sophisticated editor hiding from evil villains, and within hours he's on her like a stallion on a filly. I'm not even kidding.A little more heavy-handed than it should be, there's no subtlety here at all, but if you feel like a reading about a damsel in distress rescued by a big, strong hero, it satisfies a craving.

    11. 3.75 stars, rounded up. Absorbing. Suspenseful erotica with a lovely feel-good STORY about a dying community. Some bits at the end bugged me, we spent too much time in the killer's mind, and the sex felt exhausting. But I just loved Cooper! (The cover art does NOT do him justice.)

    12. Bueno! Terminé, en cuánto?, 2 días??, "Mujer a la fuga" de L.M. Rice. Super recomendada!!!!Y con razón!! me enganchó (a pesar de que estaba pasando por un mal período), me divertí, me reí bien alto!!Es policial, porque Julia es testigo de un crimen y entra en un programa de protección a testigos. Cambia su vida totalmente: de la ciudad al campo.Cooper (criador de caballos y ex SEAL) es un moreno divino, parco, seco, casi no habla, pero piensa mucho y es muy, muy tierno. Hablar no habla, [...]

    13. a reread and I did enjoy the story but the development of the romance seems a little disjointed for me. I remember enjoying the first read and looking for other LMR books to read after that.

    14. Julia Devaux finds herself in the mother of all fixes when she witnesses a mob hit and becomes a valuable witness who could put away the dangerous Joey Capruzzo behind bars for a good long time. However that also means that one seriously rich and pissed off Capruzo is after her pretty little head served on a platter which would mean another failed attempt by the US government to indict him.A book worm and film buff at the core, though Julia has lived a life of moving from one place to the other [...]

    15. I’d been wanting to read this Lisa Marie Rice book for a while. If I’d had more of this author’s books handy after devouring Pursuit, which she wrote under her pseudonym of Elizabeth Jennings, I would have been reading them too. This woman can write. She pulls you in immediately, gives you characters, especially heroes, you love (at least for me), and a storyline that won’t let go of you until the very last word is read.Julia is in the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing [...]

    16. This is one of the worst books I've read, to be honest. I'll try to keep my rant short. The plot was barely there. So the heroine has a price on her head. And that's the whole plot line with no other development other than some meaningless small town activities. Even "the professional" wasn't any mystery. For God's sake, you can't throw in some new character, not from the small town of Simpson mind you halfway through book that just keeps popping up every once in a while afterwards, and not have [...]

    17. CURRENTLY READING(view spoiler)[ is will be good. ‘If she had red hair instead of brown, he'd probably pick her up, throw her on her bed and jump on top on her.’ These Lisa Marie Rice cavemen are irresistible charming to meet every time. Love them!!*********************************************************** Sophisticated urbanite Julia Devaux loves her life. Julia is a well-educated city girl loving old movies, books and nice restaurants. She has a pretty nice job in publishing, a bunch of l [...]

    18. A great read. I think I liked it almost as much as Rice's Midnight Angel. Cultured, east-coaster Julia, after witnessing a mob murder, enters the witness protection plan and ends up as Sally Anderson, a grade school teacher in a dying town in the midwest. Cooper is a former SEAL who now runs a very successful ranch just out of town. They had chemistry and I really enjoyed their interactions, but I didn't quite feel that sparks were flying. I love dialogue between characters, and Cooper was extre [...]

    19. My first book from Lisa Marie Rice. i really enjoyed the book when I first got started. I liked LMR's style, I liked her humor. I thought that it would be a nail biting, heart stopping action story. But the book just dragged on. Everything is so predictable that there is essentially no plot, no twist, and the characters are all one dimensional. Not even half way into the book i started skipping and scanning. The sex was hot in the beginning; then it became more of the same and a little gratuitou [...]

    20. Not quite 4 stars, but rounding up. I found this very fun! It's lightweight and not something that is going to move your soul or whatever, but it's an enjoyable read. The prose is very smooth, it isn't full of terrible nonsense, and I just enjoyed it. I find myself typically almost unable to read those "former SEAL and a random lady" suspense things because they are so over the top and trying and failing to be macho. Heroine is Julia/Sally, who inadvertently witnessed a murder and is now in Witn [...]

    21. 3.5 stars. Good erotic romantic suspense. Enjoyable and fun escape, but a few weak plot devicesORY BRIEF:Julia was a city-loving book editor who witnessed a mob murder. Under the Witness Security program she is relocated to a small town in Idaho, working as a 2nd grade teacher. The murderer put out a million dollar contract on her life. Hit men are plotting and searching for her. She meets Sam who breeds horses and is a former SEAL. Julia and Sam are immediately drawn to each other and begin a r [...]

    22. Still on my LMR kick. I liked this one a lot. It felt different from the other two recent LMR books I recently read (Midnight Man and Dangerous Passion). For one there was a nice undertone of humor throughout the book. Not yuk-yuk funny or anything, but the main character, Julie's, inner dialogue was great. She is a sophisticated city girl, an editor for a boutique publisher. She is well travelled and well read. She likes her coffee shops, her bookstores, her foreign films and her cat Frederico [...]

    23. This romantic suspense by Lisa Marie Rice was written in 2004 when email and mobile phones weren’t quite so prevalent and data encryption wasn’t as good as it is now. But, leaving those things aside, this book was a win for me. LMR books have a kind of a crackalicious flavour to me – like those glorious B movies some people love. Julia Devaux witnesses a mob murder and is placed on the Witness Protection Program. Her new name is Sally Anderson and she’s relocated to the tiny town of Simp [...]

    24. 3.5 starsThis was a very difficult book for me to settle on a rating. I believe that many of my GR friends will really love this though.Woman on the Run had the potential to be really really great for me. I thought the short-on-words Cooper was fantastic and sexy. Julia/Sally was pretty decent. The setting and storyline were interesting. There were lots of nice side characters. I loved how absolutely OTT obsessed and crazed Cooper was for Julia/Sally. The epilogue was totally adorable. I loved i [...]

    25. Actually 4.25 starsIncredulous is the word to describe Julia Devaux's reaction rant of 'Sally! Sally May! Sally May Anderson! Live in Idaho! Are you kidding me? I couldn't look less like a Sally if I tried.' The name alone is almost enough to make Julia reconsider testifying against a powerful crime lord and entering witness protection. Add frumpy clothes, an injured flea-bitten stray dog and a shabby house in a place where deer is the local fast food, and Julia's thinking maybe the scrawny man [...]

    26. Outstanding !! I loved this book , the plot was grabbing and the characters were real and had depth. The suspense was perfect and the romance was a bit different as the hero's character was unusual. Julia/Sally was funny , sweet and brave. I liked her character a lot , she's very honest with herself and though the situation definitely calls for whining she held herself together and dealt with everything that was thrown her way. Cooper was really intense , he's a man of few words and isn't reall [...]

    27. A nice fish-out-of-water thriller with great characters, as long as you overlook some plot stuff like the idea that an editor could seamlessly be successful as an elementary teacher (but I do think that most people who don't teach always think teachers have it so easy, so ^^).Some technical stuff got semi-updated for this indie release, but if your DOJ US Marshal can't get you an anonymous kindle account, it doesn't mean you don't read, it means you start pirating ebooks ^^ (probably not somethi [...]

    28. Cover & Title - four out of five. Favorite Character - Cooper.I have read and enjoyed quite a few books by this author. The sex scenes in them is normally ranging from hot to really hot, I felt a bit let down in this book. I guess the sex was still hot but it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be. Foreplay was an unknown concept that is for sure. Oh and a few references to horses during sex were rather odd but *shrug* Thankfully the story made up for the not the best sex. I surprisingly enjoye [...]

    29. Bueno Cora, pues le pongo 3 estrellas. Lo que es la historia entre ellos me ha resultado simpática, pero la parte en la que él se pone a cuidarla una vez desvelada su auténtica identidad me parece un tanto despropósito ¿cómo es eso de que está más segura en una tienda con un octogenario que la "vigila" desde la rebotica que en un bar repleto de gente? Que no digo yo que en el bar estuviera segura cuando su cabeza tenía un precio de 2 millones de dólares. Me imagino yo que con un precio [...]

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