Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, the Bill of Rights, and the Election That Saved a Nation

Founding Rivals Madison vs Monroe the Bill of Rights and the Election That Saved a Nation None

  • Title: Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, the Bill of Rights, and the Election That Saved a Nation
  • Author: Chris DeRose
  • ISBN: 9781596982826
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Unknown Binding
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    One thought on “Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe, the Bill of Rights, and the Election That Saved a Nation”

    1. While by no means an expert on the Founding Fathers or the creation of the United States Constitution, I chose to tackle this book to further flesh out the story surrounding the founding of America and the entrenched rules by which it would run. DeRose examines the lives of the two Virginia Jameses, Madison and Monroe, as well as the influential roles they played in the early stages of American independence. This book examines their clashes, teamwork, and the efforts both put into creating what [...]

    2. With this compelling prose, I was transported back to the times of this once young, budding nation. To re-live those frantic times filled me with a rush, zipping through the pages in order to stumble across the final results of a pivotal time. An unforgettable book about a seemingly forgotten time. (4.5/5)

    3. The best way to approach this book is to see it as an example of a big porch attached to a little house. Big porches should not only attract visitors, they should draw them in to explore what should be a big house filled with many things. A big porch attached to a small house is always a disappointment.The vast majority of it is interesting, especially in terms of the friendship which developed between Madison and Monroe. But the author's argument that the election of 1789 and the pivotal role w [...]

    4. This book reveals the long forgotten but significant election that would send James Madison to Congress from Virginia's 5th Congressional district. While I consider myself an amateur student of history this story was unknown by me. It was the first election after the ratification of the Constitution. The author persuasively contends had Madison not won we would not have had the Bill of Rights. His opponent was his good friend, James Monroe. Then a Federalist, Madison had let the effort to secure [...]

    5. This was a great book mainly about James Madison. It discussed a little known election between Madison and Monroe for Congressman. Madison was THE major player in the creation of our government. Great reading!

    6. I enjoyed this read about Madison's and Monroe's relationship, rivalry, and the impact of such on the development and ratification of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The second half of the book read much faster than the first, and I especially appreciated the chapter regarding the election between Madison and Monroe that would determine representation at the Constitutional convention, and ultimately the narrow vote for ratification in which Madison was wholly instrumental. I also appreci [...]

    7. A great story reasonably told.In his first published book, Mr. DeRose has found a really interesting story about one of those key moments in time, when if things had gone differently, so much would likely have changed. Fortunately he avoids the temptation of trying to describe what those differences might have been, simply allowing the reader to imagine - what IF James Madison had not been elected to the first House of Representatives? At first glance it seems like a small thing, but so many cri [...]

    8. In these days of contentious politics, where adversaries rip into one another with all the grace of beasts, Chris DeRose's Founding Rivals is downright heartening. It is the story of a friendship born of revolution and the struggle to create a more perfect union, a friendship which helped define that uniond one which persevered even as the two friends found themselves running against one another for the same seat in the first Congress of the United States.Madison and Monroe's names stand tall th [...]

    9. Chris DeRose's "Founding Rivals: Madison vs Monroe, The Bill of Rights and The Election that Saved a Nation" is a book which means well, but honestly in some cases could've been summarized in a lot less than 300 pages. The book's title references the 1789 Congressional election for Virginia's 5th district which pits what would be 2 future US Presidents against each other. DeRose takes us down the road w/ both James Madison & James Monroe's lives from the Revolutionary War through the creatio [...]

    10. Much of this book covers matters that were part of my American History class close to 50 years ago. However, I'm absolutely certain that it's not just my aging memory that accounts for so much here that we never covered back then. Though we know the end of the story, that both Madison and Monroe became President, it's still fascinating to read about how the earlier rivalry (and friendship) so deeply affected the course of history. Even if your memory of high school American History is much clear [...]

    11. I have a new appreciation and respect for these 2 great men. It saddens me that their part in obtaining our independence and liberties was largely overlook in school.

    12. Historian Chris deRose takes an in-depth look at a pivotal point in American history and the men who helped create the nation. A fascinating read.

    13. I could not be any more pleased with this book. For all the current political rancor, reading the story of Madison & Monroe was a wonderful respite.

    14. These two men can be considered founding fathers, both having served in the Revolutionary War, the Confederation Congress, in the First US Congress (one a Senator the other a Representative) and as Presidents (Madison as the 4th, Monroe as the 5th). They remained close friends for much of their lives in spite of running against each other in a gerrymandered district which strongly favored Monroe.Both felt the government under the Articles of Confederation needed strengthening. Madison was motiva [...]

    15. "Founding Rivals is a super book. The story of the history of the United States was a series of miracles, one after another after another. The country should not be here and wouldn't be but for these miracles.After the Revolution, the Articles of Confederation were adopted to run the country. Unfortunately (and justifiably) they made the government impotent. It could not collect taxes, could not defend the nation and allowed the states to ignore whatever they didn't agree with. If import duties [...]

    16. (Audiobook). In the books that I have read about the Founding Fathers and the early years of the American nation, I hadn't done a lot of reading about either Madison or Monroe. Both are best known as the 4th and 5th presidents of the US (respectively), but there is much more to each of the men. For Madison in particular, he is arguably America's first true career politician, especially since he did so much to earn the moniker "Father of the Constitution". With Monroe, his route in the pre-Presid [...]

    17. As I was looking through others' opinions of this book, I found a review I completely agree with:"This book might have value for junior high school students if the author would restrain his tendencies towards excessive melodrama and patriotic worship of the Founding Fathers and adopt a more objective approach to his subject. The "election that saved a nation" is only one example of his tendency to exaggerate and oversell what is not a particularly interesting or insightful narrative. The princip [...]

    18. There are pivotal moments in history that have shaped our present times. It is a shame when these moments become obscure and unknown to most of us. This book brilliantly explains the events leading up to and including such a moment. Does The Constitution continue or does it die as the previous, insufficient Articles of Confederation did before it? It all comes down to one election fought between two men who shared a life-long friendship and maintained that friendship although they had become pol [...]

    19. The book mainly focused on James Madison rather James Monroe. Both men were fundamental to our country. James Monroe fought against the British and quickly moved up the ranks. He seemed to love solider life. James Madison was too sickly to join the army but helped out in public government ways. Both men had Thomas Jefferson in common and he urged them to communicate. During the war Madison tried to get Virginia to enlist soliders by paying them in slaves.Monroe was elected to replace Madison in [...]

    20. While I know a lot about James Madison, I know comparatively virtually nothing about James Monroe prior to his presidency. In Founding Rivals, DeRose takes a look at these two figures in the lead up to their presidencies and how they truly became rivals in politics. These two men were Founding Fathers of the Constitution and the formation of the early government of the United States.These men were not always rivals; early on they were colleagues until their political ideologies began to differ. [...]

    21. The period from the end of the American Revolution until the ratification of the Constitution and swearing in of George Washington was always a bit hazy. This certainly cleared things up a bit, and using the relationship between Madison and Monroe to tell it was an inspired choice. Madison represents the federalist, pro-constitution faction, and Monroe the anti-federalist insistent that a Bill of Rights was the only way to keep the new government in check. After all the constitutional convention [...]

    22. Very well done. An enjoyable history book to read, I think even for someone who does not enjoy history. I now have a much better appreciation for both Madison and Monroe's roles in the Revolutionary War and the subsequent creation of our government -especially the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.Interesting how these two men could be friends, oppose one another repeatedly, but still remain friends. No doubt there was plenty of personal attacks and mud-slinging that went on in those days. If [...]

    23. A refreshing perspective on the Founding FathersPublished 2011 by Regnery HistoryI am an avid reader of American history and one of my favorite areas to study is the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers. There is no shortage of books about the build up to the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and Washington, Jefferson and Adams (as of late) but there is a real scarcity of books about the difficulties experienced by the Articles of Confederation government and the debates [...]

    24. fills in a major gap in most narratives of US colonial historyAnyone who has read extensively on our founding fathers will want to read and devour DeRose's seminal work. All that we are and have become could have been lost were it not for two men. The obvious is George Washington who was the perfect choice for President under the new Constitution. The less obvious is Madison the principal author of our Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights. How is it that at so many turning points in our co [...]

    25. This book might have value for junior high school students if the author would restrain his tendencies towards excessive melodrama and patriotic worship of the Founding Fathers and adopt a more objective approach to his subject. The "election that saved a nation" is only one example of his tendency to exaggerate and oversell what is not a particularly interesting or insightful narrative. The principals come across with less depth than the average comic book character and the retelling of the eve [...]

    26. I find things I learned in this book helps me to have a bit different view of the country today. I doubt we have ever had since that time such strong and forceful men as began our country, yet they had their weaknesses, too. I doubt it was the author's intention, but I rather blame James Madison for the strength of the central government. I find myself in the camp of the other side, who believed the danger too great to give the government the power to levy taxes as it eventually got. The book en [...]

    27. This is an excellent book which confirms the truth behind the saying that "there is no history, just biography" in that it exhibits the important events surrounding and lived by these two great subjects of history. Revealing details not covered in the many books I have read about Monroe and Madison kept things fresh and interesting while also generating thought about the importance of character that sometimes seems forgotten in the modern era. I highly recommend this book but perhaps not to some [...]

    28. This book was quite interesting despite the reader - I just could not get into his half whispers and fake inflections. The information provided gave me an insight into the Federalist and the Anti-Federalists. Considering when this took place I would have seen myself as and Anti-Federalist - even today - I realize that they had foreseen the problems we have today in the overreaching of the government.

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