Forever Love

Forever Love Emily and Eric tried to tolerate everything that was thrown at them but they couldn t survive it They both made mistakes that lead their paths to take different directions Emily found comfort in the a

  • Title: Forever Love
  • Author: Melissa Johns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Emily and Eric tried to tolerate everything that was thrown at them but they couldn t survive it They both made mistakes that lead their paths to take different directions Emily found comfort in the arms of her friend, Alex He was what she needed and he was trying to help her achieve her dreams of being an artist Eric had been drafted into the pros and was moving to DeEmily and Eric tried to tolerate everything that was thrown at them but they couldn t survive it They both made mistakes that lead their paths to take different directions Emily found comfort in the arms of her friend, Alex He was what she needed and he was trying to help her achieve her dreams of being an artist Eric had been drafted into the pros and was moving to Denver without his family He was struggling to find his way and when opportunity presented itself, he had to take it But when tragedy hit, Emily was faced with a decision that she needed to make and she knew that there could be consequences Will Emily and Eric find their way back to each other or will Alex steal her heart for good Forever Love is the conclusion to Eric and Emily s story in the Now Forever Series Don t miss First Love 1 , Everlasting Love 2 and take the journey through their love story.

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    1. Your high school sweetheart, the love of your life, and the father of your child…cheated on you.Repeatedly. Then lied about it. Also repeatedly.And while he was all contrite and sorry about you braking up with him over this, he was actually starting a relationship with the other woman.While he was kissing you, schmoozing up to you, begging for you to take him back…he was already with somebody else.You heart is broken. You are down, lost, obliterated by the breach of trust, by the hurt.But… [...]

    2. I really can't believe that Emily got back with Eric after he cheated on her. I don't want to say she was wrong because I have no idea from reading the novel if her state of mind was right. For me, that isn't a choice I could of made. Yes, it was a fairy tale type ending but honestly I found it a bit bias towards Eric even when he cheated on her. People who love you don't do that at all. I did see Eric grow up in the novel but I still saw him as a cheating butthole.

    3. I can only say this: DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!?!?!?! Oh My Gosh!!! Why would she make Eric the BAD BAD BAD GUY HERE?????? Coz girls like bad guys??? but not that way!!! Seriously?? I do agree with this line: "If we didn’thave a child, I would be gone without asecond thought." -Emily (Everlasting Love)I'm so sad for cute little Emma. Really. It's so sad that her Daddy is a cheating, lying, bastard :(((((

    4. Oh no she didn't!This series was the root of my migraine for the past two days. It was a quick read. Also, judging from the superfluity of grammatical and spelling errors that had me chewing the inside of my mouth each time I encountered them, it was quickly 'edited' too. I chose to hold my review until the end of the series because I simply wanted to know if Emily would woman up and quit victimizing herself. I don't understand how her cheating, sack of sh it, douchebag of a high school sweethea [...]

    5. This series was a good fast read!!!I'm happy that Emily andEric found a way back to each other. I guess true love always wins but I am kind of disappointed that she left Alex. He was an incredible person who loved Emily for who she truly was, supported her throughout her breakup with Eric and helped her follow her dreams.What I loved about this story was the friendship between Sam and Emily they were high school buddies and turned out to become amazing BFFs.I also loved how incredible Emily was, [...]

    6. Hmm I liked this book,, but didn't love it Only cuz I wanted Emily with Alex! He treasured her while Eric was immaturere he changed ter the fact that he realized he was losing his family, but that's what you get when u eff up again and again Sigh All in all The ending of this series was ok. I'm glad that everyone found their own happiness

    7. Book 3 was definetly better than the 2nd, but I can't help feeling sorry for Alex. I know it sounds wicked, but I wish he would have cheated with Sue so I could hate him instead of feel his heart break:(

    8. I am glad things turned out the way they did. I think Emily and Eric both needed to grow up and learn to tackle things more maturely, especially for Emma's sake. That happened in this book and Eric seemed to come down from his craziness of college football.Alex was a good boyfriend, supportive and willing to do anything for Emily to make her happy. I don't want to give away who Emily winds up with, but I feel like things ended up exactly as they should have. Hopefully the one who wasn't chosen w [...]

    9. Badly written. Extremely badly. Wooden conversations. Emotions are not felt. Immature characters - as in, not developed well and lacking emotion and childish reactions. WOrst of all is it needs more editing and proof reading more than any book i've ever read. Normally I can over look it, but this was BAD.

    10. This was by far my favorite of the three books. This book had a more mature theme and the book was definitely the best of the three. I would rate it higher but again, this book had so many spelling errors, word errors and extra words that it made it hard to flow properly. Sometimes the story was being told by Emily then it would change to a different character and wasn't always clear. The story was still good, I hope that it is reedited at some point. The book starts out in the future and then b [...]

    11. Did anyone else realize these 3 books are basically about the life of famous former NFL quarterback Brett Favre?! He had his high school sweetheart, knocked her up the first years of college, left her to raise their child and put herself through college on her own while he pursued his college football career, got mixed up with drugs, was drafted by the NFL, then moved her and their daughter to live with him in Green Bay and later married her and had another kiden when he was in his 40s was caugh [...]

    12. Predictable conclusion to a series. However, if you have lasted this long to read the first and second, you might as well read the third just to round out the story.The whole series felt like a soap opera for me. Slightly entertaining but not too inspiring. But then again, I read the whole thing soat in itself says something about the books.P.S. I thought that Emily was really selfish in this one. Which she does have the right to be due to what she had to sacrifice along the way. Unfortunately, [...]

    13. Very good book I love the way the book started how Eric and Emily are together and I love that Emily tried to stay out of Eric's life but couldn't cause of Emma and she still loved him. Alex was an amazing person to Emily and he was very understanding to her when she wanted to put her family back together. I love the wedding idea the cake I could just imagine it and how it was, something to represent both Eric and Emily. I have read all but the last one that is the next book I read. I love this [...]

    14. Usually the 3rd book in a series, in my opinion are not very good (just saying). But this book was pretty good. Not great. But good. You really wanted to know who Emily will chose. Will it be Alex who adores her and wants to see her achieve her dreams. Or will it be Eric her first love that she had all her ups and downs with?

    15. I enjoyed this series, I was very drawn to the drama of their relationship. I thought the author was filled with good ideas, but there was some grammar/punctuation issues. The story also moved a little fast, with the main character flip flopping between loving two different men. It was very intriguing and I am happy with the ending, but it just seemed to come too fast.

    16. I felt bad for Alex but in the end Emily totally was meant to be with Alex. They started young and yeah he made mistakes but he grew up. As much as I loved Alex and Emily. I'm glad to see she ended up with eric and started their family together. Overall it was a great trilogy and I was glad to read their story.

    17. Less errors than the last book, but still too many to forgive. Character voice flipped around again, and I didn't connect with the characters as the author obviously wanted. I was not engaged, but read it because I wanted to see how the series concludes, and it ended just as I predicted, everything tied off with a bow (not believable at all). It's a shame because this series had potential.

    18. Great seriiesI usually don't read books about teenagers but when I read the first book I couldn't put it down. There were times I wanted to shake some sense into both characters. Emily is a strong young woman that has a good heart because I wouldn't of forgiven Eric for what he did.

    19. I loved this book and the series!!!!! It was great. Usually I am a VERY SLOW reader. It usually takes me A MONTH to read ONE BOOK. This book took me 2 DAYS! 2 DAYS!!!! I love this series. I totally recommend it to anyone who is a sucker for love and or chick flicks!!!!!!!

    20. I think that books which form part of a series can be equally enthralling and frustrating. You become engaged but then sit on a cliff waiting for the next instalment. I though the books were good and confess was hanging out for the last book and was very pleased with the ultimate outcome.

    21. I actually sat and read all 3 books within 24hrs (fast reader) ;-) and it was a very good storyline I loved the M.C.'s and how you watch them grow and mature over a period of 6 years its a good story I recommend

    22. you WILL be screaming and wishing for certain things during this book garunteed. you will feel almost attached to the characters and be telling Emily exactly what to do. an outstanding 3rd book and highly reccomended

    23. It wasn't as good as her other two but it had to end. I really didn't like how this one read - it was just wired and choppy. I still enjoy this author. And it gave you the fairy tale ending. All in all I liked the series.

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