Possession An alternate cover edition can be found here When the ghost of a notorious killer possesses the body of an upper class youth London s pre eminent medium Emily Chambers must exorcise it before the s

  • Title: Possession
  • Author: C.J. Archer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover edition can be found here.When the ghost of a notorious killer possesses the body of an upper class youth, London s pre eminent medium, Emily Chambers, must exorcise it before the spirit goes on a rampage As if this isn t distraction enough, she must fight her feelings for brooding ghost, Jacob Beaufort, who doesn t like the new man in her life the haAn alternate cover edition can be found here.When the ghost of a notorious killer possesses the body of an upper class youth, London s pre eminent medium, Emily Chambers, must exorcise it before the spirit goes on a rampage As if this isn t distraction enough, she must fight her feelings for brooding ghost, Jacob Beaufort, who doesn t like the new man in her life the handsome and very much alive, Theodore Hyde With reputations and lives at stake, Emily discovers that navigating the poorest suburbs of London in search of the evil spirit is almost as dangerous as finding her way in a Society that thinks freaks like her belong in the circus.

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    1. This review was originally posted on Young Adult At HeartA strange little girl summoned an evil spirit into Jacob’s sister Adelaide, and it’s up to the only other spirit medium in London, Emily Chambers, a seventeen year old mixed-race middle class working girl, to stop him before he hurts someone. Also, Jacob is broody.Possession brings us largely the same as The Medium in that Emily must investigate this strange ghostly possession and then race against time to overcome a villain who keeps [...]

    2. A little girl summons an evil spirit into Emily Chambers friend (and Jacobs sister), Adelaide. The spirit then transfers our of her body to Wallace, a male member of the upper classes, and goes to have some "fun". Emily, George, Jacob and Theo (Wallace's cousin) Must find him before something bad happens to Wallace and/or his reputation and rid him of the spirit that possesses him. But who is the master behind the scheme? And who is the little girl and where can they find her?This was a wonderfu [...]

    3. More of a 2.5, because the plot was compelling, but the characters were IDIOTS.Emily's story continues with her attempt to track down Jacob's killer. But she has to switch gears when she discovers that some other medium has brought a nasty ghost back from the dead to possess people. Again, we've got an fascinating story, but it suffers from the same issues as the first book in the series. Emily spends as much time moping over her impression that Jacob doesn't love her after all as she did swooni [...]

    4. I really enjoy Archer's historical perspective. The reader gets a fairly good picture of the city in that time period, and an even better idea about the social structure and customs. I thought the character development / interactions were better in this book than Book 1, which I also really enjoyed. I feel like the author did a great job of growing the conflict between Emily and Jacob, the characters seemed to be really working through things this book, unlike the first where their relationship [...]

    5. In this second installment there is a demon on the loose able to possess people that Emily and Jacob have to stop. In this second book we are able to find out more about Jacob’s death and Emily’s past. This book was hilarious, especially how George reacted through the whole thing. I was a little less enchanted with Jacob in this one but overall I am still rooting for him, even though he is dead. I really want to find out who is after Jacob! I can’t wait to start the third book!

    6. Liking this trilogy but still don't know if the girl gets her spirit or her man! Also Paranormal "bad guys" are almost always more fun than their human counterparts. The new characters fit right in and the action is steady. If I can visualize it as I read, I know the author is doing a great job of keeping me invested in the storyline (IMHO). Can't wait to read #3. I have a feeling I'll be sad to see these characters leave at the end of the book

    7. A love triangle! Knew it would come.But, in all seriousness, I did quite like this second novel, more so than the first one since the action is much more present while the whole relationship takes a slight step back.One thing it does very well is keeps me guessing as to the identity of the villain. I will, I believe, greatly like the next instalment of this series.

    8. I have pretty much the same feelings towards this book as I did to the first. The story had promise but was smothered by the childish romance between Emily and Jacob. I felt like there wasn't much substance to the story and was let down by the end. The one thing that I do really appreciate about Archer's writing is that she creates an issue in the first book that kind of forces you to finish the series in order to see the resolution. It isn't like a lot of series that have one problem in each bo [...]

    9. Oh, what I had to go through to get a copy through ILL! Once again, Emily and Jacob have to solve another demonic-type mystery. Their love for each other is still an issue, though we do find out more about Emily's parentage. My daughter pointed out that this is very similar to Meg Cabot's Mediator series, though it's is set in Victorian times. She's right, and I'm wondering what resolution we'll find in the last book of this trilogy.

    10. FunC.J. Archer has written a story that will take readers to another plain of existence. The characters are fully fleshed out, enjoyable and relatable. Emily is engaging and intelligent. It is the kind of story where the reader can easily picture themselves as any of the characters. Thank you.

    11. This book, while not as captivating as the first, couldn’t hold my attention at first. But about half way through it started getting really good. I enjoy the characters in this series Especially Emily and Jacob. I feel sadness for them. Worth reading. A lot of action in this book. I’m now onto the final 3rd book.

    12. Another great story - I was hooked from the very first page. There were a lot of twists in this story to keep you reading. I wasn't prepared to like the idea of a human to ghost romance but it is really working for me. This trilogy so far has exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to dive into the third installment.

    13. Great seriesThey is definitely a great series and worth reading. It's never boring, there is always something happening, a great mystery/love interest, with a wonderful crew of characters.

    14. Lots of action, emotion, and new characters coming into play. Not quite as gripping as the first book, but now I really need to know how the story ends!

    15. Penniless lawyers! Seductive ghosts! Psychic dalliances! Possessed sisters! Underage aunts! More brooding! It has it all!

    16. A great second instalment to CJ's spirit medium trilogy. Emily and Jacob are a nice pair. The plot was fairly predictable, but the characterisation and love story alone make this a great gentle read. I love my steamy romance, but sometimes it's nice to read something a little more delicate and restrained.

    17. This book, a summary: Emily pines after Jacob, there's repetitive ghost hunting, Jacob is an arse who tries to control who Emily sees and what she does, while displaying a spectacular lack of consistency in both words and actions. I am really not into the Jacob/Emily romance, and it seems to be taking up more and more of this series. At least they're easy to get through.

    18. This is an amazing addition to The Medium Series as we delve further into Jacob's unfortunate circumstance, that of a ghost unable to move on to his next destination. It would seem that his family; however, is being targeted by a demon capable of possessing others. His family isn't safe, but there is nothing that he as a ghost can do. Emily is ready to take down this demon and unravel the mystery behind who is targeting Jacob's family and how Jacob did in fact die. A new love interest is introdu [...]

    19. Emily ist noch nicht ganz über Jacobs Zurückweisung hinweg und daher ist das Problem mit dem Geist, der Menschen in ihrem Umkreis in Besitz nimmt nicht einfach zu lösen.Und dabei lernt Emily mehr über ihren Herkunft und ihren Vater unnd lernt weitere Familienangehörige kennen.Außerdem tritt Theo, ein 'armer' Landadeliger in ihr Leben. Über dessen Leben Jacob unschöne Details erfährt, die Emily nicht wahr haben möchte.Hin- und hergerissen zwischen dem realen Theo und ihren Gefühlen zu [...]

    20. Book 2 of the Emily Chambers trilogy. One week has past since the events in The Medium. Emily has not resolved the issues with Jacob, the inexplicably solid ghost. In the meantime, a little girl has initiated a possession instigated against Jacob's family. Only a medium can do this. And the little girl looks remarkably like Emily which raises questions in Emily's mind. But first she must fix the issue of the runaway possession with the help of Jacob, George and a new man introduced, Theo Hyde. E [...]

    21. An excellent sequel. Again, loved the Victorian pastiche and loved the characters and dialogue. This book grew darker and sadder, because a new character was introduced: Theodore Hyde. Theo starts paying attention to Emily and she finds him quite attractive, albeit she's not in love. Jacob is quite jealous, but how can he be, when he's dead and can never be with her? It's the most original love triangle I've come across. It's particularly effective because I liked Theo. I wanted to dislike him, [...]

    22. OOH i loved this series. Warning! may have very very slight spoilers. Emily and Jacob made such a great pair. I bought this book as a triology with book 1-3 put together and these books did not disappoint. There were times where Emily did some immature thinking but other than that she was resourceful and brave. Jacob was our tortured soul of a hero and he really pulled on my heartstrings as a ghost. All of the other characters were great too. Emily's sister is very protective and sweet. I guess [...]

    23. This is a continuation of the Emily Chambers Medium trilogy, book 2. It is also still set in the late 1800's, really a direct progression from book 1. The author does a good job at depiction what the city, London, was like in that time period. Also the social structure is very intriguing as well.The love story, not a love story between Emily and Jacob continues. The tension mounts even higher with the introduction of Theo. He is appealing to Emily and is very interested in her. Jacob is not impr [...]

    24. 3.5 This book was a definite improvement on the last book and reads smoothly. I loved the introduction of Theo and Cara, I'm looking forward to learning more about both characters in the final installment. I'm more and more certain about Emily's true parentage, but I'm waiting to have it confirmed in the next book.I found the melodrama between Jacob and Emily to be a little annoying, it has still only been a week since they met, going on about love and that just seems very soap opera. They are g [...]

    25. Having read the first in this series, I was eager to get into the second. I was not disappointed. The storyline kept me turning the pages till the end.Set in the victorian days, Emily, a medium who can see ghosts, sets about trying to solve the murder of her ghost boyfriend, but things start to go crazy when the people around her start to get possessed by a malicious spirit.You will have to read it yourself to find out what happens. A must read for all paranormal enthusiasts. Can't wait to read [...]

    26. I loved this book. It is the second in the series. I would tell you more but it seems good reads is having trouble let letting me do anything this morning including adding this author and book. But seriously if you love reading about parAnormal and the late 1800's and a great love story to end all love stories this is it. So do yourself a favor and read Possession oh but grab the first one The Medium all by a wonderful author CJ Archer. You'll laugh at times and your heart break as mine did. I'm [...]

    27. This book is incompleteAll three of these books should have been one. In this book especially and the first book there is no conclusion to the plot of the story. I understand authors need to make money. However, publishing incomplete books and calling it a trilogy is a rip off when you could have made it a complete book and charged an appropriate price for the full story. That being said, I enjoyed the story and characters and writing style but am dissatisfied with the lack of conclusion in the [...]

    28. As I stated in the first book's review, I read the trilogy in one continuing sequence as a box set. The writing improved with this one, both in characterization and strength of the first-person narrative. My main gripe now is the way the author displays the love story - girl loves boy, feels their love can't be, he tried to push her away to "protect" her. Emily is stronger than, say, Bella Swan, but still has moments of weakness and insipidity that weren't necessary to display a doomed love stor [...]

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