The Benighted (The Benighted Saga, #1)

The Benighted The Benighted Saga The King was dead His body was found slain in his room only months after his son had been brutally murdered Skylar Mandolyn his daughter has now become the last heir to inherit the throne But inste

  • Title: The Benighted (The Benighted Saga, #1)
  • Author: A.M. Dunnewin Noah Schwinghamer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The King was dead His body was found slain in his room, only months after his son had been brutally murdered Skylar Mandolyn, his daughter, has now become the last heir to inherit the throne But instead of becoming Queen, she has been imprisoned for helping in the escape of Sir Harlin Brien, her knight who was framed for the King s murder Confined to darkness, Skylar sThe King was dead His body was found slain in his room, only months after his son had been brutally murdered Skylar Mandolyn, his daughter, has now become the last heir to inherit the throne But instead of becoming Queen, she has been imprisoned for helping in the escape of Sir Harlin Brien, her knight who was framed for the King s murder Confined to darkness, Skylar s captors have given her no choice but to yield to a new kind of enemy a kingdom that has advanced in both technology and warfare It s when she refuses that the prison uses its other means of persuasion, and although unmerciful, the whip lashings and isolation can t suppress the memories of her family s downfall Pulled between her subconscious and reality, Skylar already knows who the true enemy is, because even the darkness can t hide the deceptive hands that have destroyed them all With two kingdoms on the brink of war, Skylar s only hope is in the person who has gone missing Harlin, the knight who was sworn to protect her The memory of him surrounds her when the darkness screams louder than the prisoners, and when Death smiles a faceless grin in between the cracks of the stone While the tremors start to rise from the deep, crawling up through the prison s walls, Skylar doesn t realize that she will soon see why he s one of the Benighted The mystery was never how Harlin escaped It s how he ll return.

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    1. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 becauseill no 1/2 stars here on GR and the female MC in this story derserved that extra 1/2 star for being able to kick a**Can I just say I really like the cover of this book. So much so that when I was wondering around over on Net Gallery looking for something different to read I caught my eye and to be honest I looked at it for a moment and then I moved on but sure enough after a few minutes I had to go back so I looked at the pretty cover a bit longer read the blurb [...]

    2. Why you should read it: For lovers of good YA fantasies complete with a hot hero, strong heroin, deception, and mystery, this book is for you!4 “Benighted” StarsWhen everything Skyler Mandolyn grew up expecting falls apart, she must rely on herself and her trusted knight, Sir Harlin Brien, to fight off the advances of an invading kingdom and unravel the mysteries surrounding her own kingdom and her family's claim to the throne.The plot of this story is extremely engaging. The death of Skyler [...]

    3. I have been following A.M.Dunnewin on her Facebook page and thought I would buy her novel. Not really knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised by her story, The Benighted.Courage, Deception, betrayal, faith and loyalty are the words which spring from my mind.The King has been murdered and The Princess Royal, Skylar Mandolyn, has been betrayed. Her Benighted, clad in black leather, is gone. Ms Dunnewin will pull you into her web as she relates the events of The Princess Royal's struggle [...]

    4. The story of The Benighted is told in a unique manner. Instead of a chronological story or even a chronological story with a few flashbacks, the tale of The Benighted is revealed in a sort of dream state. Skylar is imprisoned and she battles with what is the here and now and what are her dreams. I wouldn’t think that this would work well in a novel. I was wrong. As a reader you actually feel the way Skylar’s mind is fighting with reality and trying to piece together all of the puzzle pieces. [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this book, the main characters are given enough time to make a real impression on the reader and are given interesting storylines. The action is described well and the climax in the book is built up excellently, with a great, explosive finish (that sounds dirty, no pun intended).A ‘magical’ element is alluded to through the tangible nature of death – a shadow that you can see lurking around those close to dying. It would be great to see this play a larger role within futur [...]

    6. 4.4/5 Stars(2.5/5 Cover Artwork, 5/5 Plot, 5/5 Character Development, 4.5/5 Reading Experience, 5/5 Ending)The Benighted is a YA fairy tale with a dark side. I am an avid reader who likes thrillers, romances, and paranormal. Over the last couple years I have become quite addicted to books written in the YA genre. This book I can add to my list.This book would have gotten a near perfect score if not for two things: the cover and the font.This book is a must have for any teen or older. Although, I [...]

    7. I'm a sucker for a feisty heroine and her strong silent protector, so I was prepared to like this book. The author made me care for Skylar and her knight protector, Harlin, the "benighted" one. (Personally, I would have liked to have seen a little more romance between the two.) And the plot was a good one. To damn with faint praise, there aren't many such badly written books which I've stuck with to the end just to see how the story resolves. The problem with the book can be summed up in two wor [...]

    8. From the synopsis you get the set up to this fantastical tale. We know that Skylars family is dead, she is imprisoned, and Harlin, her Knight, has escaped. It’s got me HOOKED already, wanting to know how Skylar got to where she is, how her family dies, how Harlin escaped, and what will befall the Royal and her land. While is imprisoned and tortured we are brought back and fourth form her past to her present in the form of memories in her times of distress. Skylar gets stuck in her past and you [...]

    9. " I am the change they will forever regret!"This is a dark and suspenseful tale of secrets, torture and good against evil. The Kingdom of Mandolyn is is in disarray. The male heir to the throne has died a mysterious death, then the King is found slaughtered is his own bed. The princess' personal guard, the benighted, Harlin is accused of the crime and imprisoned. This leaves Princess Royal of Mandolyn, Skylar to rule the kingdom with the devious adviser to the throne, Cross Lutherus, by her side [...]

    10. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/book-touThe Benighted is a dark read filled with mystery, dread and suspense. It’s set in a mythical, epic-fantasy world with princesses, knights, and the ancient battle between good and evil. With a set of characters so real they feel like you could walk up and talk to them, and a plot that doesn’t shy away to explore some of the darker sides of humanity, this is an interesting, enjoyable read.Skylar, the princess of a fallen kingdom, dau [...]

    11. Even from the synopsis, it is obvious that this book will be a dark one, and probably very deep. The description of an innocent princess in prison, whipped and isolated, gives a pretty good feel for what this story holds. It is deep is darkd it is fantastic. Eloquent and well written, The Benighted offers a wonderful story, full of characters facing personal demons, as well as real life evils. It is easy to picture the world A.M. Dunnewin created, and the struggles the young Queen-to-be is faced [...]

    12. I was really excited for this one, I thought it sounded really promising, but it fell way short for me. I hate writing reviews for books that I haven't enjoyed, butI have two main issues with this book: the writing/editing, and the 2D characters. The writing felt very immature to me, and some of the over the top descriptions made me cringe, and some just straight up made no sense. And the charactersey were just so utterly forgettable. I feel like the author tried to make our main character, Skyl [...]

    13. *This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*This is a beautifully written piece of dark fantasy. It is very different from many of the stories out there where a princess is locked away because this is no damsel in distress but nor is she a hardened, battle ready warrior.The characters are well portrayed and the story moves at a really good pace making it a real page turner. At times I found the transitions between the actual time and the dream / back story time a li [...]

    14. A story of good and evil and where the line between the two blurs.The Benighted is dark, fantastical and beautiful, focusing on the heroine, Skylar, and her plight for honesty and what is right in her kingdom.She helped the knight who murdered her father escape, and is now being punished for it, instead of taking her rightful place as the queen of the kindgom. She is tortured, beaten and broken, facing her own nightmares along with the horrors festered upon her daily in prison.As kingdoms go to [...]

    15. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*What a fantastic tale!!A romance between a Knight and a Princess Royal, but one that goes down a very rough path. This isn’t a tale of sweetness and light, but it’s an absolutely fantastic story.What I liked: Believable characters – A Princess who actually displays proper human emotion. A Knight who will train his Princess to fight for survival. An enemy who likes to pull strings. Normally I don’t enjoy stories that leap ba [...]

    16. The Benighted is great enough in idea and concept to be a hit saga but it needs to be revise with a lot of editing.I like the story and am fine with flash back. I don't mind the violent or brutal scene and even understand the dragging narration, to build compassion in readers, the idea is brilliant but overdone. Also, to describe the characters outfits to every details is too much. I know the effect of looks but not everytime Skylar appears and not to every single detailsis is fantasy novel not [...]

    17. FULL ORIGINAL REVIEW @ HERE!The story that A. M. Dunnewin brought to life through “The Benighted” is definitely one of the best I’ve read this year—so far! I admit that it took me quite some time to read and finish it, but that’s just because I’ve been fighting with a really bad reading slump since last year. Anyway, moving on, I now admit that I loved everything about this story. The writing was great, the world-building was spectacular, the characters were unique and very well deve [...]

    18. In a kingdom full of unrest, Skylar the crown princess is grieving the loss of her brother from a hunting accident. Not only does she face loss, but now she must step into his role of being groomed to rule. Her father has sent for a knight to come be her personal guard, but he is not just any knight, but one of the Benighted. With only her guard protecting her, Skylar is a pawn in the machinations of some bad and powerful men.The delivery of the book was slightly confusing when I first started r [...]

    19. 4.5 Emotional gripping Unyielding stars****This story gave me what I love! A strong, determined Woman who is willing to sacrifice all fro not only the man she loves but the people of her country. While some people feel there are better ways to resolve conflict Skylar realizes there are worse things than death. She has lived some of them.The history between Skylar the Princess Royal and her knight is told in a series of flashbacks while Skylar is imprisoned and tortured. She refuses to give in an [...]

    20. So I started reading this book over the weekend and since I happened to start it super late on Friday night, I was practically in tears from being so tired and not wanting to put the book down!It was extremely well written, despite the descriptions of the princess's outfits being a bit much for me. Truly a fantastic read, I've never read one of it's like before. Though for readers who are not into dark stories, I wouldn't recommend this particular one to you. Me personally, I love a tortured cha [...]

    21. For me, this was one of those hot/cold stories, which made it difficult to review and rate. What I liked was the fantasy world this tale took place in, a max of medieval with modern elements. They call it Steampunk. Dunnewin didn’t get into much detail about the world, other than the fact there’s another kingdom with more advance technology. I assume this will be explained in the second book. But, it did leave me wondering why there’s such a disparity of technology. The characters were fle [...]

    22. *NETGALLEY REVIEW*I really wanted to love this book. The idea was absolutely brilliant and reading the blurb I was really excited. A Princess Royal, a deadly warrior, a plot to overthrow royalty…all these elements are great. And the story is great too - it truly is. The author’s imagination is what won this book it’s three star rating. However the writing is not great. In fact, the writing itself is often poor. I hate to speak ill of writers, because I think every single writer is an inval [...]

    23. I received this ARC Copy from NetGalley in exchange for my reviewWriting: Dark. Intriguing. Different. The story is told in a through flashbacks and in a constant dreamlike state. Usually I don’t like these kinds of stories but THIS WORKS. It builds the tension and then instead of ebbing, it redirects it and builds and redirects and builds until both timelines of flashback and present converge and it feels like you are surfacing and taking one big gasp of air of understanding. I’m only knock [...]

    24. I received this book in an exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.First of all, let me begin by saying that this book was nearly a 4 stars for me and perhaps is more deserving of a 3.8 but since I can’t use a “3.8” rating on sites, a 4 will have to do.I gave it a 3.8 because while this book is rather good, the writing is done well and the story is intriguing there is one thing above all else that held me back from really becoming engaged in this story – which is the constant shiftin [...]

    25. This was a book that was fascinating in the form of its story-telling. Each section of story is a flashback while Skylar is in prison. This meant the story was slowly unveiled in sections and occasionally the reader is not sure what order things happened. I liked it, however towards the end of the read I was looking forward to it being in “real time” again. As such, I wouldn’t want to read a sequel in the same format.Skylar is gritty and certainly is no helpless damsel though she is in dis [...]

    26. Skylar is being held in The Prison, for reasons unknown at the start. Her stay, and torture, are told in detail, along with the conditions that she is living in. It is very easy to 'see' what the circumstances are like due to the author's descriptive way of narrating. This story is told in a series flashbacks, memories and dreamscapes, which intermingle with the present time. It is this side of it that makes it a bit confusing, just like real memories and dreams. There is no chronological order [...]

    27. A Benighhted knight/Old Fashioned Romance Isn't dead 'Yo! So, first of all, I love historical romance! Time travel meets steampunk.I loved Skylar almost immediately- she is unabsorbed and selfless, brave and completely without ridiculousness. She is sure in all her thoughts and convictions. As he even kicks a bit of ads!!Harlin BrienSigh! He had her pegged and fantasized in his head before he became her guardianHarlin is unattached but utterly devoted to future heir Skylar Mandolyn.She is unassu [...]

    28. I really liked this book, and I almost didn't even read it. I like to look at reviews first, and a few for this book stated that the editing wasn't up to par. The only reason I took a chance was because many stated how good the story itself was. Those readers didn't lie. The story is phenomenal. The fact that the author took the typical damsel in distress and gave her a heart of courage and an Assassin's Creed-like bodyguard made the book both fresh and entertaining. As to the editing, it wasn't [...]

    29. The Benighted was rich with both fantasy and realism, so much so that the characters pain was almost tangible. The heroin, Skyler, is not your typical princess, and neither is she the typical modern-day tough warrior-princess type. Dunnewin was able to create a female character who was both feminine and strong, without sacrificing either characteristic. This story is also not a typical fantasy/fairytale. The realistic portrayal of human behavior was gritty, sad at times, and even heartbreaking. [...]

    30. Oh goodness-- this was a hard one to determine a fair rating for. The story premise is excellent, but the book is ruined by bad editing. There are awkward transitions from current events to flashbacks, and the spelling is atrocious-- basic words which should have been caught by a professional editor and a good proof-reader (nauseas instead of nauseous, fond/found, chocked/choked, passed/past, use/used, titled/tilted, and more (much more, and this doesn't even address incomplete sentences which m [...]

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