The Queen's Curse

The Queen s Curse th Edition revised and edited by M Jackson and C Gough April What if a young female knight is promoted to be the Queen s bodyguard on an important mission Why her And what is the Queen hiding I

  • Title: The Queen's Curse
  • Author: Natasja Hellenthal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 4th Edition, revised and edited by M Jackson and C Gough, April 2015What if a young female knight is promoted to be the Queen s bodyguard on an important mission Why her And what is the Queen hiding In a country with a cursed justice system, two women the mysterious Queen Artride and her loyal bodyguard Tirsa, set out on a secretive perilous quest But time is against4th Edition, revised and edited by M Jackson and C Gough, April 2015What if a young female knight is promoted to be the Queen s bodyguard on an important mission Why her And what is the Queen hiding In a country with a cursed justice system, two women the mysterious Queen Artride and her loyal bodyguard Tirsa, set out on a secretive perilous quest But time is against them as they only have three weeks to save Tirsa s teenage brother s life, sentenced to hanging for a petty crime.They hope to find the one person, who might just be the only person powerful enough to be able to lift the terrible curse from their land and its people But this sorceress is said to live somewhere deep within Dochas the strange uncharted Magical Land from where no one returns.The two women are soon drawn to each other, but can their love ever be Struggles and questions arise as things get increasingly difficult can they trust one another and the magical creatures they meet who seem to have their own problems And so will they ever find the evil sorceress and will she actually be willing to help them, and if so for what price Enter the world that is The Queen s Curse and cling to Artride and Tirsa to experience a mind blowing, heart gripping, psychological fantasy adventure where nothing is certain It s a great fantasy read with a lot depth and strengths than I had expected Very good ChristopherFisherBooks TOP500 Reviewer A lyrical captivating fantasy with some beautiful imagery Rob Ross, author of Juggler s Blade A very traditional, spiritual romantic fantasy with strong lesbian non violence themes Matthew Graybosch, author of Without Bloodshed I think her imagination is wonderful and she created some truly beautiful images She allowed things to grow and didn t rush things that needed space Erin This story is captivating, well written, and the author has put a lot of thought into her characters that of depth, emotions, strength, and vulnerabilities Angela Crandall This book is a very original lesbian fantasy read Katrina A well constructed sword and sorcery novel It s a worthy read for mature audiences, and fantasy buffs will find this book an enjoyable addition to their collection Programmer Cat The world that Natasja Hellenthal has created is very real, and carefully crafted as is Queen Artride and Tirsa s quest I loved the developing relationship between the two It was not rushed and occurred very naturally Shari SakuraiBest for readers above age 15

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    1. There’s a lot to applaud in this epic fantasy. The descriptive writing is quite vivid and excellent for one, making it easy to see this play out as a film in my mind. I also found the pacing of the story quite good. The heroine is a fun character, strong, temperamental, heroic, hot tempered and impatient; in short she will go over well with YA audiences. The fact that she is the first knight and commander to be a woman makes her a historically interesting character. Her dry wit and ability to [...]

    2. I don't often read fantasy and wasn't sure if I would like this or not. I did! It is a great story about a Queen and her bodyguard, searching for a way to lift a terrible curse from their kingdom. The story is fast-moving and kept me enthralled, always eager to see what would happen next. The women encountered many obstacles along the way and had to fight an evil sorceress, but in the end, love of course prevailed.

    3. ‘Curses can be broken’3.5 stars, which I may round up later on. The Queen's Curse is a straightforward fantasy story which revolves around a queen and her knight traveling to a magical land so they can break a curse set upon their country in the form of a "Law Book", which can severely punish any type of action that it considers a crime (on the plus side, the land is almost free of crime!). It's told in the third person omniscient, which in the beginning I found confusing, as I wasn't sure a [...]

    4. My Wife's first book!! Brilliant - loved it from the end of the first chapter. Absolutely captivating! It twists and turns and spits you out! Left me spellbound and wanting more!! Very proud of you honey :) xxx

    5. An epic fantasy story with an unusual twist. Tirsa, hotheaded commander and knight, goes storming into the bedroom of her young queen when her brother is condemned to death over a seemingly minor offense, only to discover that the queen is under a curse. The two women set off in search of a sorceress who can break the curse, and discover a forbidden love for each other on the way.It's great to read an epic fantasy in which all the main characters are women, so the book is worth a read for that r [...]

    6. This was a good first book and I'm definitely looking forward to Hellenthal's future works. It took me a little while to get into the flow of the story. I think the editing could use some touching up, some typos and grammar that felt off distracted me. But after I got into the journey I did really like the heroines and Hellenthal's world became very interesting.I think her imagination is wonderful and she created some truly beautiful images. She allowed things to grow and didn't rush things that [...]

    7. 4 StarA cursed book starts the journey to find someone powerful enough to break the curse. With just one knight, Queen Artride sets out to find a way to break the curse. Tirsa is the knight she has chosen to accompany her. Together they travel along the perilous route to find Sempervirens in hopes that she can break the curse that has been placed on Ceartas's law book. A curse that was set to where no laws could be added or changed, and strict adherence to each law was enforced.The two women jou [...]

    8. There are books that makes you think and books that don t do to much to the mind. This is a fantasy novel written for those people who like to think. It s pretty rare to have that in fantasy novels.

    9. The Queen’s Curse — Natasja Hellenthal (24 chapters) May 3-7, 2017.Not going to lie. I was attracted to this book because it combines two things I adore: lesbians and fantasy worlds.If those two things throw you off, look elsewhere.Note: After I wrote this review I got to thinking about it and checked out the author (which I do not normally do.) The author is from France, so I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and say that I think that many of my confusion (including word choices, t [...]

    10. OH MY GOSH!!!As I read this book I was cuddled up in my bed, a storm beating the windows. I had sweet smelling candles lit and Evanescence's Fallen playing softly in the background. It was the perfect setting to start what looked like a pretty great book!! (I was right)This story is about a Knight and her Queen. They leave the kingdom in search of a powerful sorceress who can break the spell of the Book of Laws that really rules the Queendom and to save the life of the Knight's brother. Sounds p [...]

    11. "‘The Queen's Curse"’ written by Natasja Hellenthal is a fantasy story about the two women that are embarking on the journey fighting to break the curse. Given the ratio of fantasy, adventure and romance elements found within this book, it could be recommended not only for fans of sword-and-sorcery, but also for the large group of general readers that will enjoy its well-written story.The author introduces us to a Ceartas's cursed law book that requires someone strong and powerful to lift the [...]

    12. FiveStarsA truly enchanting book readable on so many levels. It's a fantasy tale, where a beautiful, courageous Knight that has been affected by the horrors of war begins a perilous journey with her gorgeous, brave and magical Princess and all the fantastic creatures and dangers they meet along the way trying to fulfil their quest. On another level it can represent the good and evil in us all, how we tackle emotional problems that trouble our life's journey. What ever the novel means to you the [...]

    13. This ebook is Hellenthal's first novel, and it shows real promise. It tells the story of two strong women: Artride, Queen of Ceartas; and Tirsa, Commander of the Seventh Company. Tirsa begs the Queen to spare the life of her young brother, who faces execution for having innocently violated one of the countless commandments of the Law Book. But in Ceartas, the law is not merely harsh and unyielding; it is cursed. Whether royalty or commoner, all are forced to obey, with no room for mercy or equit [...]

    14. *I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*I really enjoyed reading The Queen’s Curse. You are immediately pulled into the story and this makes it very difficult to put down! The world that Natasja Hellenthal has created is very real, and carefully crafted as is Queen Artride and Tirsa’s quest. They brave many dangers together and through the perils that they face the two who, at first are at odds with each other, become closer. I loved the developing relationship betwee [...]

    15. The people of Ceartas are mostly a law abiding people since they know that any infraction of the law will be punished no matter what. Tirsa is a knight in the Ceartas army loyal and brave but when she finds out that her little brother is sentenced to die for a petty crime she is livid and seeks out the Queen. Aretride is the Queen but really in title only for she has no real power to pardon anyone even if she wanted to. Somehow she must make Tirsa believe this so that she can help her in her que [...]

    16. Nowadays it's no easy to find a good mixed balance between fantasy scenarios, romance and epic adventures. The Queen's Course has everything inside, with a touch of LGBT that will make the fan of the genre even happier. I personally find the story very pleasant, with no so many love scenes (they're present, though, which is OK!) included which in my humble opinion is always a good thing in epic sagas. The balance between romance and adventure is awesome and will please both romance and fantasy l [...]

    17. I'll admit this is not the type of book I normally read. It took a while for me to get into it. Some of the format threw me where it was hard to tell who was speaking or thinking a certain line. But when you get use to the style, the story is engaging and vividly described. You're transported into a world where the scenery jumps off the page. You can taste, smell, feel it. Two strong women on a noble quest to end a curse. They have to learn to trust one another. In doing so, they find they can o [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book and would recommend reading it. I liked meeting the lead characters and their first impressions of each other (especially the queen). The only critique I have is that the tone or pacing felt different as I moved through the book. It started off more intense with a feeling of a medieval knight's tale and then shifted to a slower fantasy with an element of a Wizard of Oz type world. For that I give the story 3.75 stars. Really imaginative storytelling, though. Worth the read.

    19. I really liked this book it had me hooked right from the start. Lots of twist and turns keeping you on the edge of your seat. The magical world she created was very realistic making me want to actually go visit this fantasy world. And anyone that uses evanescence lyrics in there books is ok by me haha. I would have liked a bit more romance but loved the end. I look forward to hopefully reading more about these two women's adventures together.

    20. I've never really been into fantasy literature but this book is amazing. I wanted to try it because i love reading books based off of lgbt relationships. i think I've just been converted to a new genre and also found a new author that i would like to explore more. great writer and great story line. i'm pretty sure i will purchase the authors other works.

    21. Engaging epic journeyIt's the journey of two souls coming together. They learn to be companions, friends, saviors and lovers. Along the way meeting mythical folk, spirits and Gods.

    22. Great bookA absolutely fantastic read. An amazing story of trials, overcoming incredible odd and the strength of love. An incredible journey that will leave you satisfied. A highly recommend you read this book.

    23. I really enjoyed this book!! It was wonderful! It has adventure, love, sorcery, magic, fantasy, loss. It was a great story!! I highly recommend reading it!!!

    24. This book suffered from one of the most destructive flaws concerning story telling: lackluster characters' personalities. Everytime I try to get through the book, I can't help thinking that the author didn't plan the heroines' characters out before writing. Tirsa switches from vulnerable and reckless to full of hope with no transition at all. Sometimes I can't distinguish between Tirsa and her Queen, they are just that stale. To solve puzzles, they have to feel or act out whatever the plot need [...]

    25. Interesting The beginning and middle of the book were the most interesting. Some wordage was a bit awkward to read. However, a very sweet story. Towards the end of the book the seemed a bit rushed. Characters behaviors seemed a bit off but nothing terrible. I am glad I read it

    26. At first It was an ok book. then I started to get really really board and so tired of the dialogue. at the end I skipped many chapters.

    27. 4th Edition, revised and edited by M. Jackson and C.Gouch, April 2015 “A lyrical captivating fantasy with some beautiful imagery.” --Rob Ross, author of Juggler’s Blade “A very traditional, spiritual romantic fantasy with strong lesbian/non violence themes” --Matthew Graybosch, author of Without Bloodshed

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