The Cursed Towers

The Cursed Towers Book Three of Kate Forsyth s spellbinding Witches of Eileanan seriesLachlan the Winged now holds the Lodestar and is Righ of Eileanan But his battle to gain the throne is only the first of many that h

  • Title: The Cursed Towers
  • Author: Kate Forsyth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book Three of Kate Forsyth s spellbinding Witches of Eileanan seriesLachlan the Winged now holds the Lodestar and is Righ of Eileanan But his battle to gain the throne is only the first of many that he and Eileanan must face The sea dwelling Fairge are taking over and of the coasts The half breed Maya, who wrought such terrible persecution upon Eileanan s witcBook Three of Kate Forsyth s spellbinding Witches of Eileanan seriesLachlan the Winged now holds the Lodestar and is Righ of Eileanan But his battle to gain the throne is only the first of many that he and Eileanan must face The sea dwelling Fairge are taking over and of the coasts The half breed Maya, who wrought such terrible persecution upon Eileanan s witches and fairy creatures, has disappeared though this has not deterred groups of soldiers maintaining their loyalty to her and her baby and threatening Lachlan s rule Despite having played a crucial role in his victory, Isabeau feels increasingly uneasy at Lachlan s court She has taken responsibility for Maya s baby, Bronwen, and fears her brother in law s jealousy of the child Once again she must take to the road, though the road she travels this time is unlike any other Under the watchful eyes of the dragons, Isabeau and Bronwen make their home at the crumbling Towers of Roses and Thorns deep in the mountains It is there that Isabeau will discovers her true heritage and the true nature of the dragons As Lachlan seeks support throughout Eileanan, from distant lords and from the faery creatures, his armies continue to fight the invading Tirsoilleirean soldiers Meanwhile, Maya has kept herself well hidden and makes plans to regain her baby and her power However in the aloof Margrit of Arran she finds a dangerous ally, and in the end aid comes to her from a most unexpected direction

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    1. I enjoyed this book, but I'm starting to see there are a large number of parallels between this series and the Wheel of Time. The chapters were a little long for my taste, but some of the longer chapters were broken up with scene and character changes, which helped. The story kept building, and the plot twists kept coming, some of them guessable, others not. The climax and resolution didn't really exist, but since this is the third book, this is probably okay.

    2. I am really enjoying this series overall but this was not the best book so far. I am not keen on too much description of warfare and there was an awful lot of that in this book. However I am already invested in Isabeau's story and really enjoyed the chapters about her. I am looking forward to the next book.

    3. The third book, and I'm still enthralled. This is a lush and vivid epic fantasy series, with all the things an epic fantasy series ought to have: a struggle for a kingdom, fearless active heroes (male and female), calculating villains, and a wide-ranging landscape populated by both humans and nonhumans. I loved the page time given to the faery characters in this one. Lilanthe comes into her own as a heroine, while Iseult and Isabeau, our main human heroines, continue strong. Also pleasing: the r [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book, probably more than the previous two. I already know from reading Rhiannon's Ride that Maya isn't all bad, and it's nice to see more of her past, something I never learnt reading RR. She's certainly not as evil as Margrit - that is one power hungry lady. We get to learn much more about the Khan'cohbans way of life and it's very interesting.I really don't understand what Iseult sees in Lachlan, he's so moody all the time and it drives me crazy.I did have to fight back t [...]

    5. same with the other reviews, I liked the first 2 books but this one continued to drag on & on & on with unnecessary stuff. Even the way the war was described was sooo boring. Fantasy wars never bored or bothered me before but I pretty much skimmed half of the book

    6. This is a VERY busy book. The focus splits often between characters, there are some very tragic events and more then a few surprises. The main focus is on the war and even that is not a straightforward focus since there are four forces to contend with. Lachlan must decide how to defeat the Bright Soldiers, punish Margrit of Arran for her betrayals, and locate the Grand-Seeker who is gathering an army to restore Maya's child to the throne. Attacks from the Fairgean are a factor too but as you wil [...]

    7. Is it just me or is Lachlan an idiot who shouldn't be ruling the throne? I'm almost swaying forward the baby cause he's just too annoying, pigheaded, and proud. The beginning was really, really slow. But once you get past that AND if you skip over ALL the battle/political bits, this isn't too bad of a book. However, just as felt Isabeau lost her spark in the 2nd book, I feel Iseult lost hers in this one. I loved, LOVED Isabeau time at the Spine of the World (probably what saved this book for me) [...]

    8. This installment was interesting. It felt a little like a filler novel for the big action sequence in a future novel, but I liked it. I really enjoyed Lilanthe getting a more prominent role in the narrative, and that Iseult and Isabeau were both pretty equally talked about. I'm a little concerned that Iseult is getting too domesticated. Like yes, she's in love with Lachlan and they're having kids, but that doesn't mean her fire and spirit is gone. So I hope that changes in the next novel. Maya's [...]

    9. Lachlan the Winged has won the crown, but with the land is still divided, his campaign is far from over. While he adjusts the responsibilities of a kingdom and prepares for war, he becomes increasingly short tempered with Isabeau and Bronwen. Isabeau, unhappy in Iseult's shadow and fearing for Browen's safety, flees with the toddler to seek out the Khan'cohban, and inadvertantly, finds her destiny.At the end of 'Pool of Two Moons', the story seemed at a close. However, 'The Cursed Towers' shows [...]

    10. After breezing through The Pool of Two Moons, it took me forever to get through The Cursed Towers. That being said, it doesn't reflect the book's contribution to the series.I have some issues regarding the constant recap of events and beliefs that to be honest we should know by this point. I feel like we were somewhat cheated by the lack of insight into Isulet's troubles dealing with the war alone but other than that u was satisfied with the direction of the story.The ending? There's still anoth [...]

    11. A fascinatingly post-colonial concoction of myth, legend, fairytale, fantasy, and history. This series is populated with strong and lovable characters, dark narrative twists and fabulously eccentric creatures. These books convey wonderfully bright sense of joy in the imagination, revellng in the far off places it can take you. Forsyth draws together a number of incngruos ethical and narrative elements in a surprisingly coherent way. Although, as the series progresses the narrative is increasingl [...]

    12. Didnt enjoy it as much as the first 2 bc I kept forgetting who was who with all the long winded names. The battle/war scenes seemed to take up a large part of the tale. I did enjoy the unravelling of the twins and their parents saga.I was saddened by the deaths of the good guys which meant I had identified with the characters and I enjoyed the differences in the scenery eg the snowlands to the marshes. looking forward to book 4.

    13. A slow start. The time spans covered in this book are bigger than in the first two. There are less details, everything is painted with a broader brush. It feels a bit as if she's trying get the story going faster, to lead up to a later point somewhere. But eventually the story picks up again. I especially liked to read about Isabeau's time with the Khan'coban. The end almost reads a little like the final part of a trilogy - a nice wrap-up of the main story lines.

    14. I really enjoyed the first two books but there is just too much going on in this one. I'd have liked it more split into 2 books focusing on the more detailed separate adventures of the twins Isabeau and Iseult. Because their complex stories both have to fit a lot of things are summarised rather than shown and some stuff happens without reasonable explanation - like the sudden appearance of Beau's familiar owl. Sped read it to finish so I could move on.

    15. This one was good, on par with the last and not as good as the first. Overall, it was entertaining and well-paced. The long and the short of it is I'm getting bored with the same types of situations without any real sense of danger. The only storyline I really liked was Lilanthe's. The others were same old thing. I'll read the next, but I'm starting to loose interest.

    16. Like all fantasy trilogies, for some annoying reason, book three got way too caught up in troop movements and epic battles and lost the personalities, interpersonal drama, and riveting quests of the first two books. Also, as the climax of the series, eveything has o go really bad (which I hate!), and then tie up neatly and happily in the last 50 pages. Ah well, fun nonetheless.

    17. The cursed towers starts to really put everything together in this series. In some parts I got frustrated becuase it slowed down in parts that I really wanted to get to. But if the other parts were skipped I would become lost and I knew that. Nevertheless, it is still a gripping story with a lovely flow and outstanding characters.

    18. Another good read in Book 3: The Witches of Eileannan series. Lachlan the winged has overturned the decree on the witches and magic, but he still has to go to war to win his throne. Isbeau and the babe and the horse have fled into the cursed valley seeking safety. There are curses to overcome and battles to be fought and adventure and evil to win through.

    19. I'm not sure if I liked this book less than the others, or if it was because I tend to get really tired of series. I get tired of the same characters all the time, even if the series is well written or a favorite of mine. So this book was hard to get through. Still better than a lot of other works out there, series or otherwise.

    20. So far this was not the best in the series, although there was still a lot to like. My main criticism being a sort of emotional detachment in the beginning as the story was not closely linked to any particular character. From close to half way through the story of Isabeau become the most prominent and I enjoyed her battle to do the right thing when the easy way might have been so much easier.

    21. This was a long book compared to the others but spans several years. I am still enjoying the series and am now going to read book 4. This book does at times get a little long winded, but overall everything seems to have a purpose so if you keep reading it does all fall in to place.

    22. My biggest problem with this series is its soooo hard to keep track of the timelines. How much time has passed? Who's doing what at which time? It's gets a little confusing, as does all the place names, some of which are very similarStill I am enjoying it again!

    23. I think this series would be 5* if I wasn't so uninterested in Iseult's side of things. Isabeau is just far more interesting in terms of the twins and other POVs seem to have fallen off so with that kind of 50/50 split I just lose interest and skim Iseult's chapters.

    24. A good continuation of a compelling series. Forsyth's writing, particularly in regards to her characters, grows stronger in each sequel. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

    25. I liked this book better than the second one. I thought the second book got off to a slow start, but the plot in this one moved quickly right from the start

    26. Suppose to be last in series. Somehow I think there is still another. Still looking, but recommend them hightly.

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