The Rover Adventures: The Giggler Treatment / Rover Saves Christmas / The Meanwhile Adventures

The Rover Adventures The Giggler Treatment Rover Saves Christmas The Meanwhile Adventures This special edition contains three classic Rover adventures The stories included are The Giggler Treatment Rover Saves Christmas and The Meanwhile Adventures

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  • Title: The Rover Adventures: The Giggler Treatment / Rover Saves Christmas / The Meanwhile Adventures
  • Author: Roddy Doyle
  • ISBN: 9781407106380
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This special edition contains three classic Rover adventures The stories included are The Giggler Treatment , Rover Saves Christmas , and The Meanwhile Adventures.

    One thought on “The Rover Adventures: The Giggler Treatment / Rover Saves Christmas / The Meanwhile Adventures”

    1. This is the funniest book I read in my entire life. I read Rover's Christmas for the first time in french when I was eight and i've re-read st least seven times since then. I can tell you the french translation is excellent.I would recommend this book to children as young as seven years old but teenagers could like it too.I liked all of the stories equally and I laughed at every page. The book was perfect, it was fun, original, absurd and unexpected. :)

    2. I read this out loud to my son (7) and he loved it and laughed continuously, causing me to rethink this as a bedtime story!This is a great book for young boys who are fascinated with dog poo and almost stepping in it. The only reason I did not give this anthology 5 stars was because we didn't like the last story (the meanwhile adventures) quite as much as the others.I would recommend this book to anyone who has a kid who isn't interested in books and who has reached that particular age where bur [...]

    3. I loved these books in primary school they were awesome and the best thing was I had to read them for school. So I got good marks while laughing my pants off

    4. i guess im a bit mean for giving it three stars butwell im the giggler treatment theres too much POO!!but i guess the rest are funny. very, very ridiculous though:p

    5. Three books in one, and a special one because we bought it on holiday in Dublin. The first- The Giggler Treatment, is about little creature called Gigglers who seek revenge on adults who are mean to kids. Let's just say that The Giggler Treatment involves quite a lot of dog poo. Very funny stuff for kids. And enough to kep the adult readers entertained too. The second story Santa calls on Rover to help save Christmas. The basic story is funny, but it's too long overall and it devolves somewhat i [...]

    6. This book has 3 stories. The Giggler Treatment I like a bit. There's Rover Saves Christmas, which I haven't read yet. And The Meanwhile Adventures, which I like a lot. The Meanwhile Adventures is also very funny, especially when they say 'boring'. They say that nearly 20 times in the story! The Giggler Treatment is nice because they give adults the giggler treatment, who have been mean to their children. Rover makes the poo. Robby, Jimmy and Kayla's dad gets the giggler treatment because he sent [...]

    7. This book is about three little men who give the giggler treatment. I'm not going to tell you what the giggler treatment is but if you read this book you will find out. This book is a great book and one of my favorites. I liked this book very much. I think the giggler treatment should happen in real life but it doesn't so to bad for me. I think this book would be a book I liked and you know me i don't like many books but I liked this book. I recommened this book to alot of people nwho don't like [...]

    8. I know I don't fit this novel's target market, so perhaps this is unfair comment, but the actual entertainment value, uniqueness, and fun in these books is completely negated by the authorial intrusions and hopping back to forth between chapters. Indeed, the book is filled with wastes of space. I know JK Rowling called Doyle a 'genius', and perhaps he is when you consider the main plots, but to me his technique is simply annoying and distracting.

    9. I got this book as a gift a few years back, and I started reading it. I was in Grade Two, and it was my first novel I read by myself, and I totally laughed out loud! It was a dream book for me. I agree with J K Rowling: "Roddy Doyle is an absolute genius!" I gave it to my little cousin (who likes poo) for Christmas, and we read it together. We both giggled a lot.

    10. My 6 year old twins adore this book. They laughed so hard that it almost resulted in bodily injuries (i.e. falling off the bed). It has become a family favourite and we wish Roddy Doyle would write more Rover adventures (or at least kids' books). Isn't that interesting?

    11. Absolutely wonderful nonsens.Keep all your disbelief behind and say : I believe in Rover the talking, pooing, computering dog.The adventures are all his three adventures in one cover and that with the joy enhancing illustrations by Brian Ajhar.

    12. It took me awhile to finish reading this book. It was SO Hilarious! The characters, dialogues, story, writing ALL of it were so hilarious! I can't stop my smile and laugh every time! Definitely rating it 5 stars!

    13. Roddy Doyle wrote these three totally weird adventures and coupled with the great illustrations it's one of the most funny Christmas books ever.

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