The Swaddling Clothes

The Swaddling Clothes Through the ages many stories have been told about Mary Joseph and the birth of the Messiah Stories of shepherds and sheep kings angels and stables But there is one story that has never been told

  • Title: The Swaddling Clothes
  • Author: Amber Schamel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Through the ages, many stories have been told about Mary, Joseph and the birth of the Messiah Stories of shepherds and sheep, kings, angels, and stables But there is one story that has never been told One story that has remained hidden in the fabric of time The story of The Swaddling Clothes.Mentioned not once, but several times in the Scriptural text, what is the signThrough the ages, many stories have been told about Mary, Joseph and the birth of the Messiah Stories of shepherds and sheep, kings, angels, and stables But there is one story that has never been told One story that has remained hidden in the fabric of time The story of The Swaddling Clothes.Mentioned not once, but several times in the Scriptural text, what is the significance of these special cloths And how did they make their way into a stable in Bethlehem From the author that brought you the Days of Messiah series comes a whole new adventure critics are calling intriguingought provoking a fresh twist on an age old story I get tired of Bible stories sometimes, but The Swaddling Clothes brings the story to life Heartwarminguly inspired A story you will want to read again and again Rich details and a suspenseful plot will keep you reading while giving you a glimpse of God s wonderful power and His amazing love.

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    1. What an astonishing precious little book. It is only about 130 pages, but the story between will leave you in Ahh. Amber takes us on a journey you will never forget. The history of the time and era is backed with scriptures from the bible as we travel along its path. Starting with King David and upward to the birth of baby Jesus. Assembled is a clothe of many colors with thread from all over the world joining into one by a master weaver. And so it is combined that all shall become one, and adorn [...]

    2. Age Appropriate For: All AgesBest for Ages: All Ages I had been wanting to try one of Amber Schamel’s stories and a Christmas story for only 99 cents seemed like a good way to try her stories. It was worth even more then what I paid for it, and it will not be the last book by Amber I will read.I really loved how Amber wove biblical stories and fiction together to create the history of Jesus’ swaddling clothes. She did it so seamlessly that it is obvious that she spent a lot of time in her Bi [...]

    3. I read this book during the holidays. When reading the words 'swaddling clothes' I will always remember this book. A different kind of Christmas book or anytime of the year but I especially enjoyed it in December.

    4. The Swaddling Clothes is a surprisingly sweet treasure that deftly weaves fiction and Scripture to create a compelling tale of love, hope, and promise. This story follows the tumultuous years from King David to the birth of Jesus Christ. We get a firsthand look at the heartbreak and despair that Israel finds itself in throughout this time. It’s not a history fill of ease and peace, but it is a time full of hope and humility. God uses this time to bring Israel back to Him. He chastises His peop [...]

    5. "The Swaddling Clothes" by Amber Schamel gets 5 stars from me. This story is short, only 101 pages but gives a new meaning to the Christmas Story!I have read Amber's Schamel's first book, Days of Messiah - Volume 1 - The Healer's Touch and loved it, so when I was asked if I wanted to be part of Amber's team to promote this book, I immediately said yes. I also liked the fact that it was a Christmas story.This is a Christmas story so I was surprised when I first started reading it, because it star [...]

    6. This novella is yet another Christmas story you might enjoy. I know, I know. It's not the Holiday Season--but as far as I'm concerned, Christmas never goes out of style. What do you think?The story of the swaddling clothes begins as King David wants to demonstrate to the world that this baby of his beloved wife, Bathsheba, will one day rule Israel. He calls in fabric merchants from all over to show what they can do in the way of swaddling clothes for his new son, Solomon. David declares that the [...]

    7. Amber takes you back to Solomon and the swaddling clothes that king David wanted for Solomon to name him as his successor. She then pushes forward to the birth of Christ and how the swaddling clothes that were for Solomon were passed down to Christ.Amber does her research, there are scripture references throughout.Highly recommended and the perfect book for the Christmas season.

    8. Sorry this took so long to read: life just got in the way. However, if I had my own way, I would never have put it down until I read the whole thing! Absolutely riveting and very, very well written! Thank you, Amber!

    9. I truly enjoyed the story. This was a story of the birth of Christ, written in a way I would have never thought to do. She told the story from the point of view of His ancestry through His birth. Great book.

    10. An incredibly imaginative look at a possible history of the swaddling clothes used to wrap baby Jesus in the manger.From King David and Bathsheba to the captive children of Israel in Babylon, this story weaves an exciting journey into Biblical times and Jewish tradition.

    11. What a brilliant idea for a story: the swaddling clothes of Baby Jesus. I really enjoyed reading this, especially the way fiction and Bible facts were merged to present the reader with a tale I just could not put down until I read the last page (although I knew what was happening).The protagonists are well known, of course, but presented in a new way, and with historical facts well researched and narrated so I as a reader could see everyone in my imagination, and could follow the events unfoldin [...]

    12. I read this awhile back but I need to sing it's praise to the highest of mountains. I adored this book. I could not put it down and read it in one sitting which isn't -super- hard considering it is a novella but is a pretty big deal for me who doesn't like reading ebooks on a laptop. I need to cave and get an ereader. That is a sidenote however. This book gripped me and I have a fervent love of embellished biblical narrative. Other huge favourite of mine is The Robe and The Greatest Story Ever T [...]

    13. I liked this story a lot. I thought that the author was very creative in coming up with this fictional story about the swaddling clothes that Mary and Joseph used to wrap baby Jesus in -- where the clothes came from and how they received them. It is very obvious that the author took a lot of time in writing this book. There are several scripture references that point out places where she got some her ideas from the Bible. I think that a lot of Christian families would enjoy reading this book.

    14. This was a really fun book tying in the swaddling cloths for Jesus to an Old Testament story. I espechilly enjoyed the Israelite's leaving captivity. The only thing I didn't like was the multiple cliches in espechilly Mary and Joseph's story.I would definitely recommend this story to people looking for a nice, story. It'd be a great read aloud to kids.

    15. I learned so much about biblical history from the reign of King David to the birth of Jesus all based around the swaddling clothes. Through Amber's vivid imagination, I was able to step into history and participate in the special births of Solomon and Jesus. Take a journey; it's worth your time this Christmas season.

    16. The author tells a story that will touch your heart and give you hope. Wonderful telling of a truly magnificent birth. This is a great story to give as a gift, too.

    17. I've been looking forward to trying one of Amber Schamel's books, and I'm so glad I got the chance to read The Swaddling Clothes this year at Christmastime. (Of course, it's a great story to read at anytime throughout the year, but it was fun for me to read in December.)This is, in fact, a fictional account of how the cloth that baby Jesus was wrapped in came to be, through hundreds of years of being passed down through the house of David. As the centuries pass, we learn more and more of the jou [...]

    18. This was a well thought out tale of the Christmas story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It really made the characters come to life. I liked that the author included the references to the scriptures that the stories came out of so that the reader can look it up for themselves. I don't usually read a lot of biblical fiction, but this book makes me want to read more. I look forward to discovering more from this author.

    19. I enjoyed this story so much! The author did such a good job of crafting this tale. It was so interesting to see the origin of these swaddling clothes as told in the story, and watch as they were passed down through the ages. The weaving of actual events from the Bible with historical fiction as added by the author was nicely done. The Swaddling Clothes was a joy to read.

    20. The clothI was a little up set when she wrote of the Arc. Any one that has read the Bible no one touches and lives. I know this is fiction. I guess I was enjoying a bit to much. Then saw this and it didn't set well. Loved how she did move the Swaddling cloth thru the story. Be sure and go to the Bible and read about David and his reign and those that followed .

    21. A glorious storyWhile the first part of this story was interesting, the second part became the highlight of this Christmas season. It was such a timely find for me. I can't thank the author enough for this tale. It's a fast, easy, and blessed read. Do yourself a favor

    22. The Swaddling Clothes is an interesting fictional account of David having special swaddling clothes made for Solomon and tied in with the birth of Jesus. Amber Schamel includes many scripture quotations in the story.

    23. Very well done. Each segment in the lineage of the artifact ended with me wanting more of the story of that period. It was hard to remember the story was about the swaddling clothes and it's journey from creation to manger.

    24. The book skipped large sections of years making some understanding difficult. A basic knowledge of the Bible is necessary.

    25. Interesting perspective of birth of Jesus as result of God's continued provision of His people throughout history.

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