Footrot Flats 4

Footrot Flats Comic cartoons of rural New Zealand

  • Title: Footrot Flats 4
  • Author: Murray Ball
  • ISBN: 9781852864224
  • Page: 486
  • Format: None
  • Comic cartoons of rural New Zealand.

    One thought on “Footrot Flats 4”

    1. Murray Ball is an amazing cartoonist. Footrot Flats 4 has a wonderful collection of some of the best of Murray Ball's work. While it is several years old, the subject matter is still up to date and interesting. This is a great collection.

    2. This book introduces two ongoing characters who add significantly to the Footrot Flats world - Prince Charles (the pampered corgi) and Pew (the orphaned magpie)

    3. Interesting comics from the other side of the world - lots of ones that wouldn't make it into an American newspaper dealing with animals in heat or giving birth.

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