Death of an Avid Reader

Death of an Avid Reader A lady with a secretKate Shackleton s sterling reputation for courageous sleuthing attracts the attention of the venerable Lady Coulton Hidden in her past is a daughter born out of wedlock and given

  • Title: Death of an Avid Reader
  • Author: Frances Brody
  • ISBN: 9780349400570
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • A lady with a secretKate Shackleton s sterling reputation for courageous sleuthing attracts the attention of the venerable Lady Coulton Hidden in her past is a daughter, born out of wedlock and given up to a different family Now, Lady Coulton is determined to find her and puts Kate on the case.A mysterious killing in the library s basementBut as Kate delves deeper into LA lady with a secretKate Shackleton s sterling reputation for courageous sleuthing attracts the attention of the venerable Lady Coulton Hidden in her past is a daughter, born out of wedlock and given up to a different family Now, Lady Coulton is determined to find her and puts Kate on the case.A mysterious killing in the library s basementBut as Kate delves deeper into Lady Coulton s past, she soon finds herself thrust into a scandal much closer to home When the body of the respected Horatio Potter is found in the Leeds Library basement, the quiet literary community is suddenly turned upside down with suspicions, accusations and much to Kate s surprise the appearance of a particularly intelligent Capuchin monkey The most puzzling case in Kate s sleuthing history yetConvinced an innocent man has been blamed , Kate sets out to discover the truth Who would want Dr Potter dead Does Lady Coulton s missing daughter hold a vital clue As the stories start to emerge in the seemingly quiet Leeds Library, Kate is learning fast that in this case, she can t judge a book by its cover.

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    1. It took me a while to read this because school was keeping me so busy. This is a solid historical mystery with an intrepid female detective in the 1920s. There is some very dark aspects to this story that are surprising for a genteel historical mystery. Well-plotted and populated with interesting characters.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine. affairedecoeur.

    2. I've enjoyed the previous books in this series so I was a bit disappointed to walk into Waterstones in Huddersfield a few weeks ago and find a big sign telling me that Frances Brody was coming to sign books I was disappointed because the time on the sign ended about an hour before I had arrived. Happily as my brain was still processing this a little lady popped up beside me who turned out to be Frances Brody - still there and happy to sign a book for me. Thanks!I liked this too - it's set mostly [...]

    3. Looking through my bookshelves for something to read, I picked this book out because it has such a great cover and it's set in a library - forgetting that it was not the first in the series and I was saving it until I'd read the others!But I was immediately so absorbed in the book I decided to carry on regardless and catch up with the rest of the series later.I love the detail that the author puts into the story about the period she is writing about. I know some reviewers think this slows the pa [...]

    4. Kate Shackleton’s success at finding missing persons has made its way to London to the ears of Lady Coulter. Lady Coulter wants Kate to find the daughter she gave up for adoption many years ago. Kate and Jim think finding Sophia will be easy at first, but they run into some roadblocks. While researching at the Leeds Library, Kate runs into another proprietor, Dr. Potter, an eccentric mathematician and the library’s most avid reader. He spins her a tale of a library ghost (which he doesn’t [...]

    5. Thank you to Piatkus for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest reviewSo first of all my confession out of the way, this is my first Kate Shackleton Mystery novel, how I have missed the others I do not know but I will blame my children, they are my go to excuse and terrible at getting in the way of my reading (bless their dirty socks).Anyhoo I love a good mystery from my all time classic favourite Agatha Christie's Miss Marple to my hi-tech fave Eve Dallas in J.D. Robb's In [...]

    6. Kate Shackleton is asked to try and trace Lady Coulton's illegitimate daughter who was adopted at birth. Kate is unusually reluctant to take on the case but isn't sure why. At first everything she tries leads to a dead end and then she becomes inadvertently involved in a murder which was committed at the Leeds Library of which she is a share holder.Dr Potter - scholar and enthusiast is found dead under a fallen bookcase un the basement of the library. Libraries have a connection with Kate's sear [...]

    7. Back on form indeed, a 4 just from sheer relief (for the genre, of course), the 6th book of the series is an improvement from #5.Kate, as usual, ends up with several puzzles to sort through: finding a lost daughter who may have disappeared from view again, and the murder of a library patron. Besides, of course, book stealing, ghosts, a very sick man and a monkey. Mrs. Sugden gets a bit more back story and a gun, while Sykes keeps an eye on Kate and, as always, has a knack for turning up with inf [...]

    8. The mystery was solid, the characters fine, I was just not thrilled with the writing style which I found competent, but bland.

    9. Enjoyed this mystery set in a library. Kate is detective and former nurse. Reminds me of the Maisie Dobbs books.

    10. I usually enjoy the Kate Shackleton series and with 'Death of an Avid Reader' seemingly having a bookish background, I was ready for a most enjoyable read. However, I was slightly disappointed for the story seems to wander around and the various strands need putting together to bring out the tale. I am afraid that I was sometimes unable to do that; now that does not mean that Frances Brody has written a poor book, it probably means that I am not up to putting together difficult-ish plots!Our her [...]

    11. She made me google Leeds and I have this impulse to wander around Leeds. I love how Miss Brody described the library and the books inside. It was an excellent touch on the Capuchin monkey and I bloody love it. The death of Horatio Potter started Kate's involvement with the library's mystery. The rest was solved by a team of Kate, Mrs Sugden and Mr Sykes. As always

    12. Death of an avid reader (Kate Shackleton Mystery #6) by Frances BrodyTitolo: Death of an avid readerAutore: Frances BrodySerie: Kate Shackleton MysteryEdito da: PiatkusPrezzo: 8.99 £Genere: Cozy MysteryPagine: 360 pg.Plot: A lady with a secretKate Shackleton's sterling reputation for courageous sleuthing attracts the attention of the venerable Lady Coulton. Hidden in her past is a daughter, born out of wedlock and given up to a different family. Now, Lady Coulton is determined to find her and p [...]

    13. I was pleasantly surprised by this charming book, which, at first glance, appeared to be something in the vein of M.C. Beaton or Rhys Bowen; fortunately it is quite a step above those series of books.In fact, the first half of the book is sparkling and delightful; later it loses some of its shine and becomes more plodding and tiresome, as it works its way through red herring after red herring. Although there is only one actual killer, there are many villains before this tale is finished. A coupl [...]

    14. This book, the sixth in Frances Brody's series about 1920s private investigator Kate Shackleton, was more engaging than the fifth book in the series, but I was still bothered by many of the same things that have come to annoy me about Brody's books. So much unnecessary detail. So many peripheral characters. Incorrect usage of the modal phrase "had better" (all of Brody's characters, regardless of age, employment, education, class, or dialect eliminate the word "had", as in saying "you better go" [...]

    15. This fast-paced, well-written and intricately-plotted story revolves around Kate, a young widow who's now a private detective. It's the '20s, so her profession is a novelty to many, and her personality and charm overcome any suspicions most people have about her.As a member of the local library, she's part of the advisory council that's determining whether the library should move from its long-held location. As with all local entities, there are lots of personal politics involved, and things get [...]

    16. Without a doubt, the best book in the series thus far. Ms. Brody hits all the right notes from beginning to end. After a perplexing last effort, Ms. Brody had Kate back to her old self in this book. I also liked that the case had an adoption angle and the connection linked to Kate's own circumstances. We also had more insights into Kate's thoughts and life than in the previous book. I was a little surprised at the abrupt way the second mystery was inserted into the book, but Ms. Brody did a nice [...]

    17. I swear I say this every time I finish one of the Kate Shackleton series but this was my favourite! I'm so glad that my grandma recommended and lent me all the books she had. Frances Brody writes a really good detective story with intrigue, the possibility of romance and the ability to make you think that is fresh every single time. I love that she combines locations in the north mainly but also the south. This book spooked me from the very beginning and had a lot of good twists and turns that k [...]

    18. Death of An Avid Reader might appeal to fans of the Masie Dobbs mystery series. Kate Shakleton is a female detective in Leeds in the 1920s who is intelligent, part of the gentry, and a woman working within the constraints of her society. As she takes on a missing persons case, a body is found in the local library (a slick nod to Agatha Christie) Mrs. Shakleton leads the charge in unearthing the filthy laundry of the town while trying to meet a deadline on the missing person. What makes the story [...]

    19. I read the first book in this series a few months ago, and it was one of the most meandering, skim-worthy, and plotless messes I had ever read. However, I was willing to give this sixth book a try because the premise interested me and a glance in the book showed that it was far better written. This mystery novel has tension, stakes, interesting and subtle period details, legitimate reasons for the sleuth to be involved, and complex story strands woven together satisfactorily. It was such a treat [...]

    20. I enjoyed this one. The reviewer who mentioned Maisie Dobbs was right on target. The writing style is gentle and polished and the plot is much the same mood, Like Maisie, Our Heroine Kate Shackleton, has a motor, an older male sidekick for her "investigations" as well as (in this case) a husband lost in the Great War.This is #6 in the series (#1 awaits me at the Central Library) and Kate is seeking the longlost love child of a Lady. The child was given to relatives of a nanny. In the search, Kat [...]

    21. Kate us hired to find a noblewoman's long-lost illegitimate daughter, but is distracted when Dr. Popper, an eminent mathematician and an ardent library user, is found dead in the subscription library they both support. She suspects that a recently fired library clerk may be the missing woman, and gets involved in all kinds of derring-do involving the library, to the disgust of the local police. But maybe even they are not as bad as Kate has assumed. I know that a lot of people really love this s [...]

    22. Because I love libraries this volume in the KS series is the best yet! Well, I think it really is because there are two mysteries for her to solve requiring intricate plotting. The characters are even better drawn and there is comedy with the monkey. (that should intrigue you!) Though this series is a cosy series, more like Father Brown and Midsommer Murders, Brody does raise some issues with humanity and manners. She is inquisitive and determined without being nosy and stubborn. More faceted th [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this tale of a female investigator in the 1920s searching for a long lost daughter. Much of the tale centres in Leeds Public Library, one of the first subscription libraries in the country. I was lucky enough to go round this library on a Heritage Open Day and couldn't wait to eat a story set in it. I loved the atmosphere of Leeds on foggy autumn evenings and reading about places I've been to. Highly recommended for some genteel entertainment. This series would make a fantastic [...]

    24. This book was very slow starting -, in fact, I almost gave up - but I stayed with it and, eventually, it got going and became an excellent read. The characters were well-written and the plot moved at a steady pace - it just took ages to get there. However, I am glad that I didn't give up as I enjoyed the 2nd half of the book more than the 1 part. So, if you don't mind a novel with a slow start, this might be for you. Stick with it, it's worth the wait.

    25. Enjoyed the 6th book in the series as several things were going on simultaneously. Along with the obvious murder that has to be solved, we learned more about Mrs. Sugden and her past. We also got a glimpse of Inspector Wallis' attempt at protecting Kate from a distance. And is Frances Brody giving hints of a possible friendship between the two and maybe a more trusting relationship?! Mr. Sykes also exerts some independence in this book as well.

    26. A new series for me and I began with the latest, so I have a lot to look forward to, from the beginning of the series. I really like Mrs. Shackleton, as she calls herself. Good mystery, good detection, a monkey and a Lady with a secret. Glad the long nights of winter are upon me so I can catch up with Frances Brody's books.

    27. A ghost in the library? What could be more enticing to Kate Shackleton? And it is she is a member of this library!!I do like this series, set in Yorkshire, Leeds, to be specific. It feels historically correct. Except one little nit-picky thing. I always thought the British called a flashlight a “torch?” Well, in this book it is called a flash light.Book cover is good, too.

    28. Another excellent adventure with Kate involving ghosts, libraries, organ grinders, and Ladies. When Kate accepts a case to find a Lady's illegitimate offspring, she has no idea what her search is going to uncover, or where it will lead. In the end she has almost formed a favorable opinion of a former foe.

    29. Interesting time-period, characters. I think I've read the first oneis was on the new books shelf so I checked it out. I'm guessing reading in order is best, but there was just enough fill in for me to be able to read this, no problem.

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