Amy, My Daughter

Amy My Daughter Candid compelling and heartbreaking a father s story of a talent taken too soon and a legacy that will live on for generationsOn July Amy Winehouse s family friends and fans around the w

  • Title: Amy, My Daughter
  • Author: Mitch Winehouse
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Candid, compelling, and heartbreaking a father s story of a talent taken too soon and a legacy that will live on for generationsOn July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse s family, friends, and fans around the world mourned the tragedy that this remarkable, talented, and extraordinarily generous young woman was now gone A legion of dedicated fans had lost their idol a devastated fCandid, compelling, and heartbreaking a father s story of a talent taken too soon and a legacy that will live on for generationsOn July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse s family, friends, and fans around the world mourned the tragedy that this remarkable, talented, and extraordinarily generous young woman was now gone A legion of dedicated fans had lost their idol a devastated family had lost their Amy With this difficult news came an outpouring of love and grief from her fans, along with troubling questions about Amy s very public struggles with drugs and alcohol, as people tried to understand how such a soulful singer had been silenced so young.Now, in this intimate and tender account, her father and confidant, Mitch, offers an inside view of Amy s life as she lived it, putting to rest once and for all the controversies that have long surrounded her Sifting fact from fiction, he pre sents a portrait of Amy unlike any other, detailing the events and the people that shaped her youth from her mischievous childhood to her grandmother s Jazz Age stories, to her father singing Frank Sinatra around the house Shedding light on Amy s musical coming of age, Mitch explores how she honed her distinctive sound, created her unforgettable look, and channeled her own life into hits such as You Know I m No Good, Rehab, and Back to Black some of the most memorable and personal pop music in years.While her beehive hair, larger than life voice, and outrageous personality made her famous, her life offstage made her infamous Here Mitch holds nothing back about Amy s addiction to drugs and alcohol, mixing the painful with the poignant as he describes the realities of her dependencies and the toll they took on the family and friends who refused to give up on her Revealing the truth about Amy s substance abuse and dispelling many of the tabloid fueled rumors about her tumultuous marriage to Blake Fielder Civil, Mitch exposes the years of behind the scenes drama that consumed his life and explains how, for those who knew Amy in her last months, the greatest tragedy of all was that she finally appeared to be conquering her demons.Filled with insights into Amy Winehouse s music, photographs from her life, and stories of the real woman behind the headlines, Amy, My Daughter is an emotional journey into music, addiction, and the unbreakable bond between a daughter and her father.

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    1. Ok, so where do I start? I recently watched Amy, the Oscar-winning documentary about Amy Winehouse, which comes from the same team behind the critically acclaimed documentary about Ayrton Senna. It certainly made me feel nostalgic. Whether you're a fan or not, you can't deny that Amy was a one of a kind talent. She had the best voice I'd ever heard. Let's face it, music sucks nowadays. I often say I was born too late. I grew up in the era of Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Chris [...]

    2. I had a lot of preconceptions before buying this book; none of them were true. I thought Mitch Winehouse must have been a neglectful parent, ignorant of his daughter's addiction. I thought Amy Winehouse went on a downward spiral with little if any progress toward recovery. After reading the length to which Mitch Winehouse went, and the dedication he had time and time again to rehabilitate his struggling daughter, I must admit I was very wrong. The media painted a picture of someone that many lik [...]

    3. Mitch doesn't really explain why Amy couldn't let go of Blake, drugs, or booze. It got kinda exhausting and repetitive reading about every coked-out or drunk episode. It must be a sketch of how exhausting it was to deal with an addict you love in real life.The way Mitch went on and on about his daughter's looks/sex life (i.e. her boob job; how great her figure looked at the bar; gushing over her "island look" of a bra and short-shorts; who she was sleeping with) also felt very creepy. I understa [...]

    4. I read this in a matter of hours because it is written in a very readable style and, being a huge fan of Amy, I was more than familiar with the narrative. I'm glad I read it because it did clear up some inaccuracies that had been reported in the press but Mitch does seem to contradict himself several times and the very fact that he's her father makes him an unreliable narrator.I'd always felt that the people around Amy should have done more to help her and this book has convinced me that a lot w [...]

    5. The small detail that sticks with me the most is that in the last few months of Amy's life, her CDs were alphabetized perfectly. I'd written off those days as a greyed-out drug abyss, but reality was much more complicated. Mitch admits in the opening lines that this is not exactly an ideal book to be writing, and fair enough, mate. I always dread dragged-out childhood sections in biographies so I was pleased to find the Frank sessions beginning by page 36, but of course in this case it means we' [...]

    6. From my blog: bookgirl1987thoughts.wordpresWell, this one is tough to review. I had high hopes for this memoir by Mitch Winehouse, and I was looking forward to writing a more positive review. I appreciate the heartfelt message that Winehouse was trying to convey in writing this book. It’s very clear that he loved his daughter and would stop at nothing to help her get sober (off alcohol) and stay clean (off drugs). However, the book was so exhaustingly written that I wanted it to end at the hal [...]

    7. I rarely tend to seek out biographies, however in the past years I've become borderline obsessed with this voice -- this voice that was/is capable of breaking any emotionally stable person down within seconds. Never do I follow those in the entertainment industry, but I became so mesmerized with, not only the voice of this angel, but ,also, the punch-in-your-face of raw, beautiful--yet, sometimes ugly--emotions she revealed and shared with the world through her amazing gift of a voice. Was she c [...]

    8. Though I would like to think of myself as an Amy Winehouse fan I borderline hated this book. It's not so much an Amy biography as it is her father, Mitch Winehouse's, memoir about her life. I have to give him some leeway because obviously, he isn't a professional author or biographer but his descriptions are vague and repetitive and half-way through the book I began questioning his veracity. He contradicts himself numerous times throughout the text and at other times seems totally oblivious or j [...]

    9. It was not well written, but this probably made it more authentic as the book was written by her father who is a cab driver. I had hoped that there would be more about her talent as an artist, but most of the book was about Amy's drinking and bad behavior. It became tedious about half way through the book and I couldn't wait for it to end. "Amy is drunk/she's sober/she's checked in to the London clinic/she's late/she's drunk/she's sober" etc. It's clear that she was close to her father.

    10. Well, I will start this review out by saying that I am an avowed Amy fan. Since the moment I laid eyes and ears on her she's been a part of my life. Her music speaks to me as does her style and her love of mixing retro with current music/fashion--I've been a fan all the way through her life. I was extremely eager to read this book, knowing it would have the most truth having come from her beloved father and friend. I received the book as a gift the night before last. I knew I would have to wait [...]

    11. In Amy, My Daughter, Mitch Winehouse tells a heartbreaking story of family, fame, talent and tragedy. The book really allows you to get to know the girl behind the high beehive and the thick eyeliner.The book details the memorable moments from Amy's childhood, her constant changes of schools, her rise to stardom with Frank, her introduction to future-husband Blake Fielder-Civil and, subsequently, her introduction to Class-A drugs. And this is where the majority of the book lies Less of a music b [...]

    12. To me, Amy Winehouse was just a singer. I loved her music, but all I really knew was that she had a ton of tattoos, was a drug addict, an alcoholic, and a British Jew. When I was wandering through the shelves of Barnes & Noble, I caught a glimpse of the cover. It was a beautiful photograph of her. She seemed soher. I bought it, and started it immediately. My mother and father told me it wasn't age appropriate, so I decided to continue reading it discreetly. It was so intriguing. The best par [...]

    13. Ayer vi Amy y me acordé de cuánto amo y extraño a Amy Winehouse y de lo necesaria que es una artista como ella en ésta época musical. Todavía no termino de leer este libro en particular- llegué hasta donde empieza a hablar de Blake y paré. Mucho me hace acordar a la desesperación de Deborah Spungen con su hija Nancy en And I don't want to live this life. (Que tu hijo/a se meta en una relación destructiva tiene que ser una de las peores pesadillas de un padre/madre)Por ahora, prefiero d [...]

    14. SO SAD!!Reading about Amy's life is a both sad and highly frustrating.First, this book is written by Amy's dad, and as such, I looked at it in two ways: 1. He was the closest person to Amy, and therefor, very reliable source of information about anything regarding Amy.2. Mitch Winehouse was such a loving and devoted dad, that I don't know how true his perspective is.Amy had a, mostly, happy childhood. She was clever, friendly, lovable, and highly talented.Her family was close, like a lot of Jewi [...]

    15. You question why someone would even write such a book, but as a grieving parent (with many fingers pointed at him over time,) I suppose he wanted to set the record straight on what he did or did not do, based on his own perceptions. I still say, given the severity of this woman's addictions he could have gone to court, declared her incompetent and locked her down. If you read her history, as you will in this book, I didn't get the sense the parents ever put checks on her behavior, even as a smal [...]

    16. This book was pretty terrible. I hardly ever give a book 1 star but Oy vey what a bunch of crap.A weird dichotomy of TMI re-sexy underwear purchasing and period details from a father about his daughter (creepy) and repetitive non information like "Amy was acting tipsy" or whatever.Can you say co-dependent?

    17. Yeah, I could not do it. It's good for the pictures and some of the stories of her childhood are cute but this book is like a run on sentence. There are no connections between one paragraph to another. It seems like he just typed the thoughts that came into his head and no one arranged it to make it flow better. The editor or ghost writer failed.

    18. Love Amy Winehouse's music; didn't love this biography/memoir. Boring and poorly written. I only finished it because my students are reading memoirs/biographies/autobiographies, and I needed a similar sample to model with for them.

    19. This book adds little to understanding the woman who changed contemporary music with her voice and phrasing. I think the only true insight I got out of the book was that she could only write music when she was unhappy. Repetitive and one note throughout.

    20. Very tragic story. But too repetitive and exhausting The drunkalog could have been summed up in far fewer pages. My heart breaks for Amy's dad and family, but this book is far too one-sided. Mostly disturbing to hear that so many "friends" were around her that were so incredibly toxic.

    21. Dear god, I wouldn't have been able to get through this book if I weren't so obsessed with Amy Winehouse right now. Her dad is an atrocious writer, he's very unperceptive, and I have a feeling he's a bit of a fame-whore. Not a good book, but the only one that's out right now, unfortunately.

    22. This was a DNF for me. It just felt all over the place, like his it was just a jumble of memories and nothing focused or driven that would give me any insight to Amy's life.

    23. I couldn't finish this book. It was badly written and I was very disappointed in it! I was disappointed that I could not get into it!

    24. I have been intrigued with Amy Winehouse ever since her father talked about her generosity after she passed away last year. He was giving away Amy's belongings to fans that had thronged outside her London home after her death. He said that "Amy would want it that way." This is a heartbreaking read about Amy's life and her battle with drugs and alcohol. Told from her father's perspective, you watch him go from through hell and back trying to help her through different bouts of rehab, detoxing, ho [...]

    25. This is a father's description of how his daughter's addictions spun her out of control. No amount of love or caring could stop it. The story behind the narrative is that addiction saps the life of the addict and everyone else around. There is no normal in this - only the near futile attempts to stop the addict.While the public knows of her exceptional talent, they might not have known of her generosity. Amy committed to an operation for a stranger in St. Lucia and unlimited horse to rides for k [...]

    26. After reading this book, I have developed a whole new sense of respect for artists. What I had to keep reminding myself throughout the book, was that her father wrote the book. Incredibly inspiring. Especially as a parent who witnesses first-hand substance abuse, the incredible strength Mitch must have had to endure all this under the public eye. I'm not a very good reviewer so I'll go straight to the point, it may seem that some chapters go in circles. You'll know what I mean around the time sh [...]

    27. So Mitch Winehouse set the write a book about his late daughter Amy Winehouse and made a few dollars of it. I read this two or three years ago and wouldn’t even remember the whole read if it wasn’t for Donald Trump’s very odd remarks about dating someone like his own daughter a while ago, just like Mr. Winehouse’s and his own remarks about his daughter. Creep Alert! "No, No, No!"

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