TV Snorted My Brain

TV Snorted My Brain Artie Pendragon loves anarchy pee wee soccer games and midget wrestlers He really hates high school but his plan to blow up his school is interrupted when he is declared the king of TV Land After t

  • Title: TV Snorted My Brain
  • Author: Bradley Sands
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Artie Pendragon loves anarchy, pee wee soccer games, and midget wrestlers He really hates high school, but his plan to blow up his school is interrupted when he is declared the king of TV Land After taking the throne, Artie s pro wrestling, non midget uncle steals it from him and enforces a strict policy of censorship throughout the land To defend himself against his unArtie Pendragon loves anarchy, pee wee soccer games, and midget wrestlers He really hates high school, but his plan to blow up his school is interrupted when he is declared the king of TV Land After taking the throne, Artie s pro wrestling, non midget uncle steals it from him and enforces a strict policy of censorship throughout the land To defend himself against his uncle s piledrivers and take back what is rightfully his, Artie must go on a quest for the Holy Grail, which is the only thing that will make his Excalibur 3000 remote control work properly TV Snorted My Brain is a modern day retelling of the King Arthur myth that happens inside your television set Come along with Artie as he journeys through the various channels of TV Land and recruits knights along the way to help him overthrow his uncle and bring anarchy to the land TV Snorted My Brain is Sands best work to date Call me crazy, but I think this generation has found its own Vonnegut Verbicide TV Snorted My Brain is the funniest book I have ever read M.C O Neill, author of The Ancients and the Angels series There oughta be a law against Bradley Sands Once again America s satirical arsonist sets pop culture on fire TV Snorted My Brain ties the King Arthur legend to the tracks and runs it over with a TV powered train Patrick Wensink, author of Broken Piano for President

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    1. This is a perfect example of imperfect readers, not books. When I read this earlier this year I had no idea that the bizarro genre of contemporary literature fiction even existed. Without filters, I was worthless to read this book.Thanks to meeting GR friend Arthur Graham this year and learning under his tutelage, I now have some bizarro under my belt. And having now re-read this book, I owe Mr. Sands an apology. Forgive me, good sir, for I am a work-in-progress reader, trying to get better, one [...]

    2. I remember when I was a 13-14 year old kid. Everything sucked, it sucked because all day people were telling me what to do and I had no choice but to do it. I hate being told what to do, to this day if my boss starts getting a little to bossy I’ll be like “Hey! Don’t tell me what to do!” He normally tells me what to do even louder after that, but the point remains.Anyways, “TV Snorted My Brain” captured that 13-14 year old punk kid that was I with the main character. Although Sands t [...]

    3. OMFG! My ass! Where is it? Did I laugh it off? I think I did!This is a Bizarro young-adult novel, which means a young adult novel with gross sexy parts and comic ultraviolence. Any Bradley Sands book you might have read will prepare you for that part. The story is a point-for-point retelling of the tale of King Arthur, except that Artie is a pre-teen anarchist who wants to blow up his school with a pipe bomb, Excalibur is a television remote, and Camelot is Castle Greyskull.I think this is the b [...]

    4. It's difficult to say much about "TV Snorted My Brain" without ruining the experience or spoiling the story. Author Bradley Sands has once again displayed a gift with bizarro fiction and its forms while also employing older methods in a strange synthesis of compelling literary modes. This is a fun story, short but evenly paced and in the same satirical vein of "Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You."What can be said about the plot is this: our protagonist is high school student Artie. He is a self-pr [...]

    5. This is a book you will either love or hate. I don’t think there can be much gray area. The reason for this is because this book relies on a teenaged narrator, a particularly stupid teenaged narrator whose brain is given to repetition. Lots of repetition. I suspect a real teenager would find this book interminable. But if you can remember yourself when you were annoying as the day was long, yammering about ANARCHY and hating everyone around you because they were norms, you may find Artie Pendr [...]

    6. Like much of Bradley Sands' work, TV Snorted My Brain is itself a sort an exercise in controlled anarchy: anarchy of plot, character, theme, and morality. So it’s appropriate that this insane parodic retelling of the Arthurian legend begins with the line, “Anarchy fucking rules.” This book is a must-read for fans of bizarro and absurdist humor and a great starting point for readers new to Sands' work, as it is more accessible than some of his earlier stuff.

    7. This is exactly the type of story that I've come to expect when I dive into something that Bradley Sands has written. It's weird, yet there is a clear story here. It's super fun to read and keeps you wondering what he's going to do next. The characters aren't normal, but you find yourself really caring about them still.They say that it should be a goal to learn and understand all of the classic story forms and plots if you want to become a writer. This story is a great example of what can be don [...]

    8. Having a soft spot for YA adventure stories, I found this bizarro send-up (based on Arthurian legend) to be a treat. The tone is a flippant one, chocked full of expletives and repetition, like a foul-mouthed teenager trying to write epic poetry. The protagonist, Artie, feels very authentic, at times sympathetic and at others utterly childish. He grows as a character and we feel his victories when they occur. The world itself is a fun, ultra violent wonderland that only modern television could pr [...]

    9. TV Snorted My Brain is the latest literary offering from Bradley Sands. For those not familiar with the scene, Sands is the Randolph Mantooth of Bizarro Lit. And what could be more Randolph Mantoothy than a retelling of the King Arthur legend, set in the world of TV Land? (Actually, a good bizarro tale involving firemen would probably be pretty Mantoothy too.)“My mortal enemies are the rules that govern society.”Our protagonist is Artie Pendragon, a teen wanna-be anarchist--like a slightly m [...]

    10. Artie Pendragon is a Hot Topic anarchist who lives with his mom, sister, drunk uncle and his wrestling buddies until one day, the Excalibur remote control transports him to a magical realm inside the television. His uncle soon follows suit and takes over the magical realm Artie Pendragon was destined to inhabit. His first official duties are to marry Artie's girlfriend Gwen and impose stringent censorship on everyone in tv land, so that every utterance of profanity is covered by a beeping sound [...]

    11. I remember when TV was in my daily routine now I could go without. Before it snorted my brain.Plastic zombies, talking thingabobs like a Marilyn Monroe ass hair, an adventure with a remote control and more smunnies you could shake a carrot at. Its all tied together with Bradley Sands laugh out loud romp.Kinda reminded me of Stay Tuned with Jack Ritter (RIP). Was waiting for his appearance at some points as the story unfolded.A boys farther dies and leaves behind a remote control that controls TV [...]

    12. Deeply in love with the cover art of this one–I wonder if this artist actually does comics? This one did not have the same emotional depth as some of the other bizarro writers I’ve been reading lately. Nonetheless, you will find some imaginative absurdist mayhem within these pages. Check it out if you feel like some lighter/consistently slapstick and scatological bizarro fare.

    13. More like a 3.5. Glad I have some other bizarro under my belt. Sometimes it was genius, random, LOL funny, strange. Everything you would expect. Ultimately, it is is difficult to rate a piece of work like this next to some of my all time favorites It was great, I enjoyed it But will it stick with me? I think in some way it will, but because there just isn't anything like it.

    14. I found this "retelling" of the King Arthur story to be an interesting concept, but I just wasn't really into the writing style. I felt like everything was getting said 3 times and that this book could have been about 10-20 pages shorter and you wouldn't have lost anything.

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