Snatched Approximately one hundred and fifty thousand children go missing in the U K every year That s one child every three and a half minutes ABDUCTION Every parent s worst nightmare seven year old Natalie B

  • Title: Snatched
  • Author: Stephen Edger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Approximately one hundred and fifty thousand children go missing in the U.K every year That s one child every three and a half minutes ABDUCTION Every parent s worst nightmare seven year old Natalie Barrett is snatched on Friday afternoon walking home from school The police begin a desperate hunt to find her before it is too late They fear the worst when a body isApproximately one hundred and fifty thousand children go missing in the U.K every year That s one child every three and a half minutes ABDUCTION Every parent s worst nightmare seven year old Natalie Barrett is snatched on Friday afternoon walking home from school The police begin a desperate hunt to find her before it is too late They fear the worst when a body is located near a golf course THE FALLOUT Sarah Jenson is Natalie s teacher When one of the detectives on the case is suddenly killed, Sarah believes the events may be linked and begins to search for answers With suspects stacking up, she is in a race against time to discover the true identity of the perpetrator before Natalie winds up as another statistic UNANSWERED QUESTIONS Where were Natalie s parents when they should have been collecting her Why was Natalie so scared of her Uncle Jimmy Could a convicted sexual offender from Sarah s past be involved Children not found within the first seventy two hours, rarely return home alive Sarah knows the clock is ticking SNATCHED Abduction, terror, suspense and sorrow Snatched is a breath taking British crime thriller set in Southampton Reviews Excellent story and the tension builds from page one Very well written about a subject very close to everyone s heart Stephen Edger dishes out the thrills in a spectacular manner once again Dorothy Edwards Thoroughly enjoyed this from start to end The author has written a powerful and emotive story that engages you from the start Annette Watt Keeps you enthralled from the first page Guessing all the time who did it An excellent read from start to finish, thoroughly enjoyed it Jane Black

    One thought on “Snatched”

    1. Despite my low rating I do think there’s the germ of a good story in this book hiding somewhere. But I think that the author needs maybe a creative writing course to help him iron out the flaws or he should invest in a copy of the excellent, The Writer’s ABC Checklist.From the opening, the first word is a child’s thoughts in inverted commas, thoughts should not be in inverted commas (or italics) and in this example they looked like the dialogue used throughout the book. In fact there were [...]

    2. I have to say that Snatched turned out to be nothing like I expected it to be. I thought I was in for your typical crime story but what I got was way much more. Sarah I really liked. I think the fact that a girl going missing, not just from the school she teaches at, but from her very own class, makes the girls disappearance that much more personal. She is determined to give her two pennies worth to the police on who she thinks is behind it and I did feel quite sorry for the detective in charge [...]

    3. This book is written by an author that comes from my hometown & the story is also set in my hometown which I didn't know when I got it for my Kindle! I didn't expect to like Snatched as much as I did. It was well thought out & very believable. I will definitely be reading more from this author!

    4. Well having recently enjoyed a few other Audio books, I was thrilled when Stephen allowed me copy of this to review.I listened to this over one night shift at work. working nights can be long, and quiet, so this really kept me going.And it wasn't just he audio aspect of this book I enjoyed, the story line was really quite good. We start off this story with 7 year old Natalie, not being picked up from school in time, and then goes missing. This has got to be every parents worst nightmare.One of t [...]

    5. I wasn't sure whether I'd like this book as it does have mixed reviews, but OMG what a book! It had me hooked straight away and I could not put it down. Yes OK so the idea that 7 year old Natalie was allowed to leave the school premises on her own and walk home was rather far fetched and would never have been allowed to happen in an actual school. However, I urge you to see past that and give this book a go! I found myself switching between who I thought was the guilty party 3 times during this [...]

    6. Edge of you seat thriller!I really enjoyed this book, despite my suspicions as to the perpetrator and having guessed who was responsible very early on in the story. Like about 10% inlol But that didn't deter me and I still enjoyed it for the thrill ride that it was. I dont want to spoil it for others so I will just say while the topic is of a sad and tragic reality in many cases, the thrill is in the chase. So enjoy the ride.

    7. Good read Found this book really good. Although I found the tape parts quite upsetting . Full of twists and turns .Really good plot . Stephen Edgar is a really good author and I am becoming a fan of his books. Can't put them down .

    8. Snatched was uputdownable I gave 5 stars because i couldn't read fast enough to get to the next page! Gripping from beginning to end! A new favorite author for me for sure, can't wait to read the rest of his books.

    9. Thrilling bookLoved this book although I knew the killer from early on. Excellent storyline and very well written. Look forward to more

    10. A 'not put downable' page turnerLoved this book and read it in one day (ok I was on holiday with nothing but relaxation to do) characters all well described and all believable.

    11. Excellent!Broke my heart, shocked me, held my attention, and made me wanna read so so so much more! Great book!

    12. This book sucked. However, I did read the whole thing, so it was good enough to get 2 stars instead of 1. I found that the characters reactions and emotions in particular were absolutely absurd (surprised by things they shouldn't be surprised by, that sort of thing). The main character in particular was thoroughly unlikable, as she kept doing stupid things.

    13. why did I read this book? It's a tricky question to answer, although part of the answer is that it was free on . Still, I read the intro and wasn't sure I wanted to read this book because of the nature of it. Then again, we all watch the news and read newspapers, which are full of horrific stories regarding war, murder, abuse, poverty and so on, to the extent where you almost become immune to it. As the author points out via Sarah, it's always somewhere else, happening to somebody else until it [...]

    14. This book was offered free on and the description was appealing enough to prompt me to put it on my want to read shelve. The story flowed at pace suiting the mystery of the novel, however, there were many times I felt too much description and background on characters were unnecessary and weighing the novel down. One part in particular was during the attach on Sarah, she passes out, the chapter ends and the next chapter begins with her father and all about how he didn’t want a mobile phone, hi [...]

    15. It was ok. I agree with other reviews - it could have been so much more. Some of the other story threads to me were very weak, a vain attempt to throw the reader off the scent, but just too daft to work. It was full of flaws. The order of a double espresso arriving in a large mug tickled me and whoever heard of an "empty mug of coffee"? Surely an empty coffee mug or just an empty mug? I guessed "whodunnit" from the first introduction of the character, but the background story leading up to his f [...]

    16. Starting out, this book has everything you would like to see in a mystery, crime novel. The prologue was very interesting, and gripping. I found myself curious and anxious to know more of what happened to the little girl Natalie. I was a little disappointed after reading the prologue how the story turned and wasn’t as gripping, but once I continued to read more, it did pick up again. As I read, I found myself thinking like the detectives on the case did. I wanted them to catch the horrible per [...]

    17. Stephen Edger's 'Snatched' is a epic thriller/suspense. 5.0 STARSStephen gives the readers a great briefing of the characters backgrounds though the story starts off slow and quite predictable, but it picks up in the middle and gets more interesting when more suspects surface. From the opening chapter we were compelled to keep reading 'Snatched' and were instantly sucked into the crime. Seven year-old Natalie Barrett is missing, taken from outside of her school and the last person to see she her [...]

    18. Set in Southampton this gruesome thriller about the disappearance of 7 year-old Natalie Barrett leads Detective Inspector Vincent and his team on an investigation that sees one of their own put in danger. Natalie's school teacher Sarah is appalled and devastated by the loss of her star pupil and is convinced someone from her past may be responsible for the disappearance of the little girl. As suspenseful and eerie as this thriller is to read I found the language stilted and a little wooden near [...]

    19. This was a decent read, with a solid and strong plot, and a storyline that flowed together.I did feel like this book was poorly-written. Though it did keep me interested somewhat, the mystery was very predictable and I guessed who the perpetrator was very quickly. The ending was "average". What I seriously disliked was the arrogance and dismissal behavior of the police force. The acted like they were desperate for any tips, leads, suspects, information, etc. that could lead to the arrest. Yet, w [...]

    20. Amazing ReadThis book kept me on the edge of my seat and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love mystery novels!! Thank you for your time to write this book!!!

    21. Dizzying SuspenseWow! I just finished this rollercoaster ride of a novel. Talk about your upside down, inside out range of emotions! A young girl disappears into thin air while waiting for her mother to pick her up from school. Her teacher just happens to be the live in girlfriend of one of the head detectives. No clues, no time. Frankly I was quite impressed with the multiple story lines and how author Stephen Edger was able to bring them all together. An edgy story with a horrific plot that wi [...]

    22. I read the whole book but it was very badly written, and full of cliché. I think the underlying plot had potential, but it needed a really good editor. I hate where the author needs to give you a warning like 'little did she know it would be the worst day of her life blah blah blah'. The violence seemed unnecessarily graphic, and the scene with Sarah seemed a bit unbelievable. I don't know what he was doing to her that would cause profuse bleeding unless he was using a knife. The only reason I [...]

    23. Like many people, I picked this up as a free book for Kindle and wash;t sure if the storyline might be a little too horrific for me personally. Running like a modern day whodunnit this book was a real page turner (although, I may have guessed the culprit fairly early on!) The characters were well considered and, where appropriate likeable and believable. There were a number of parts to the plot that turned my stomach, perhaps not an ideal read for everyone due to the subject matter. Stephen Edge [...]

    24. I chose this book for various reasons, one being how intrigued I was by the synopsis. It had my brain rolling with dozens of questions. Though there are some errors, "Snatched" is in my opinion a suspenseful, pageturner type of book. I literally didn't want to stop reading until I had it completed. I read this in *2 days, but probably would have finished sooner had fatigue not set in. I think I will look into more books authored by Mr Edger.

    25. in the main this was a good read but I did find some of the sentence structure a bit cringey (perhaps I am too cynical but I cannot imagine a teacher saying she loved all her pupils as if they were her own children) and in places the plot was a little odd - would CID really only get involved in a child abduction case on a monday, after the normal police have apparently done nothing all weekend. a few other little flaws that would be spoilers, but I did like it in the main.

    26. Good readIt was a well written book but predictable. The characters are well thought out and likable. There were almost too many characters though, and somewhat muddied up the details. If you like a fast read, have a couple of hours to kill and don't mind the subject matter, I would recommend it. Not a must read but it will fill in a couple of hours.

    27. Ok so I downloaded this book free on the kindle and to be honest I found the beginning quite hard to get in to. Although once I had got a third of the way through the book I found it almost impossible to put down! All in all I enjoyed this book but was slightly disappointed with the ending, I wanted to know the verdict, but all in all a good read that I would recommend to friends.

    28. Initially found storyline quite unbelievable - would a 7 yr old really be allowed to leave school on her own if parents were 45 mins late in collecting here. However, I persevered with it & found it to be a gripping read. Brought me to tears at times, real page turner. Hope others enjoy it as much as I did.

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