Welcome To Temptation / Bet Me

Welcome To Temptation Bet Me Welcome To TemptationPopulation And falling Sophie came to Temptation Ohio to help her sister make a movie Now she s making trouble for the town council love with the mayor and lemonade for a

  • Title: Welcome To Temptation / Bet Me
  • Author: Jennifer Crusie
  • ISBN: 9780312366834
  • Page: 401
  • Format: None
  • Welcome To TemptationPopulation 2,158 And falling.Sophie came to Temptation, Ohio to help her sister make a movie Now she s making trouble for the town council, love with the mayor, and lemonade for a murderer.Bet Me Put your money on fate Logical Min thinks love is a fairy tale Rational Cal thinks forever s a myth Implacable Fate thinks they re meant for each other.

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    1. I listened to both Welcome to Temptation and Bet me over the weekend.Welcome to temptation is the best audiobook I have listened to so far this year. The dialogue was smart and funny. The characters were amazing. Sophie Dempsey goes to Temptation, Ohio - a very small town to help her sister shoot a movie. her sister and brother are both raised by Sophie and relied on her their whole life. So her life centered around her little sister up until they reached Temptation. In temptation Sophie meets w [...]

    2. Fun booksThere's two stories in this book. I have both in paper and bought this in e-book because I love both of them. Welcome to Temptation introduces us to the Dempsey family, two sisters and a brother who were raised by a con man and are slightly "bent". Their hearts are in the right place though. This is Sophie and Phin's story. A slightly bent girl and a small town mayor. Bet Me is about Minerva, a voluptuous girl whose mother is obsessed with making her diet, and Cal who has commitment iss [...]

    3. This is two books. Welcome to Temptation and Bet Me, both by Jennifer Cruise. It is not bad. An easy read that follows the traditional "cheap hope" romantic formula. I did find Bet Me to be a little more amusing than Welcome to Temptation

    4. Slow start but worth the readIf you like romance novels this is a fairly good read. The opening didn't ground me to the characters and the theme bar was awkward and I couldn't 'see' it. The author stated it was a rewrite of her first book. It seems the front was chopped and not well. There are extra words, tense issues and references that don't make sense. However if you get to the part where it smooths out the chapters develop muscle, skin and bone. Predictable, quirky in a good way. Pretty goo [...]

    5. Crusie's dialogue in both books was refreshingly witty and fun, and entertaining enough that I'll probably seek out more Crusie novels for quick, silly reads. The overall 4 star rating primarily goes to Welcome to Temptation with Bet Me riding its coattails. Bet Me seemed unpolished and unconvincing. How often would a charming, hot "beast" of a man find attraction in a frumpy, plump woman and why would he repeatedly feed this "sturdy legged", plastic shoe wearing creature doughnuts and chicken m [...]

    6. This is the first time I have ever read anything by Crusie and what a pick! A town called Temptation with a water tower painted like a nipple and shooting a porn film trouble is just about everywhere. Then who can resist a bet? And when your target is such an underdog who would think you might fall for her? I love this story it goes along with one of my favorite authors Jennifer Weiner. Be confident in who you are and stick up for yourself even if no one else will. Great read and will definitely [...]

    7. Was in the mood for a breezy, rom-com read and this pair of books hit the spot. Heard of "Bet Me" via the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast and my library's e-book copy came with Welcome to Temptation as well. Tore through each of them in an afternoon by the pool, and it was a perfect pairing. Snappy, funny dialogue with predictable plots but sometimes that's just what a girl wants. When I read fluff, I like it to be well-written and that can be a hard combination to find.

    8. Not the kind of book I'd normally read, let alone reread, but I can't help myself - it's a good time! Not overly chic-lit-y, nowhere near bodice ripping, just a fun modern romance/mystery story that reads like a movie. Perfect for giving me a quick escape from work, nursing school, and life in general.

    9. Bet Me is the second of Crusie's books that I've read. Both were romantic comedies. While the romance genre has never held my interest, Ms. Crusie develops characters that are quirky and smart. The snappy dialogue is light and fun. This is Chick Lit all the way but an entertaining read that lightens up my mood after a heavy or dark book.

    10. Bailing out of Welcome to Temptation in the middle of chapter 5 because I hate every single character. Suppose I should give Bet Me a try while I've got it.Update: Enjoyed Bet Me, but I'm not a huge fan of how she gives everyone horrible parents. Someone has to have nice parents so the others can share them! Also the epilogue seemed like overkill.

    11. A wonderful Book by Jennifer Crusie. A humorous contemporary romance that takes you across lanes. The wonderful description of scenes and emotions make this book a memorable one. But my favorite book is Bet Me.

    12. I enjoyed it at first but got tired of it really quickly. I get bored after a while of sex scenes, and the plot was just a bit too improbable for me to suspend my disbelief. Especially the murder mystery thrown in at the end - it felt like a vague afterthought.

    13. me encanto!! es perfectamente inprfecto, es encantador y adorable y hace que te vuelvas loca. este libro es como estar enamorada, al principio crees que puedea manejarlo pero con el tiempo pierdes la cabeza de felicidad y puede que al final termines llorando de alegria y felicidad.

    14. Started Welcome to Temptation and only read a few pages before skipping to Bet Me. Bet Me was good. Over the top - not sure who wouldn't excise toxic people like David and Cynthie, but whatever. Not sure about Welcome to Temptation. Might go back to it later. Might not.

    15. Awesome!!This book was awesome. From beginning to end, I couldn't put it down. It is truly on my favorites list forever.

    16. Absolutely fab. Listened to the audiobook while sunning myself in Greece last week and I've got to tell you I loved every minute. Love this author and her quippy delightful banter!

    17. Ended up being much better than I expected! Mindless entertainment, which was just what I needed at the time. Good relaxation read.

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