Charlie, Presumed Dead

Charlie Presumed Dead In Paris family and friends gather to mourn the tragic passing of Charlie Price young handsome charming a world traveler who is presumed dead after an explosion Authorities find only a bloodied ja

  • Title: Charlie, Presumed Dead
  • Author: Anne Heltzel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Paris, family and friends gather to mourn the tragic passing of Charlie Price young, handsome, charming, a world traveler who is presumed dead after an explosion Authorities find only a bloodied jacket, ID d as Charlie s At the funeral, two teens who are perfect strangers, Lena Whitney and Aubrey Boroughs, make another shocking discovery they have both been dating ChIn Paris, family and friends gather to mourn the tragic passing of Charlie Price young, handsome, charming, a world traveler who is presumed dead after an explosion Authorities find only a bloodied jacket, ID d as Charlie s At the funeral, two teens who are perfect strangers, Lena Whitney and Aubrey Boroughs, make another shocking discovery they have both been dating Charlie, both think Charlie loved them and them alone, and there is a lot they didn t know about their boyfriend Over the next week, a mind bending trip unfolds first in London then in Mumbai, Kerala, and Bangkok, the girls go in search of Charlie Is he still alive What did their love for him even mean The truth is out there, but soon it becomes clear that the girls are harboring secrets of their own No one knows whom to trust in this thrilling tale of suspense and deception.

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    1. This book is so dull and uneventful. I am not feeling inclined to muster any motivation that will help me get past page 114. Absolutely not.It’s the story of two girls – Lena and Aubrey – whom both dated a guy named Charlie. But they didn’t know this liar was cheating on them before going to his funeral and stumbling upon each other. Now the girls are perplexed and can smell something fishy in the air. After all, no body was found. Could it be that he is still alive? There’s this sligh [...]

    2. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book Group, and NetGalley.)“Charlie was lying to us,” Aubrey explains. “About more than the fact that there is an us.”This was an interesting mystery story, and I really liked the ending (even if it was a massive cliff-hanger).Aubrey and Lena were quite different characters, but both had loved Charlie, and both had secrets. I was pretty shocked when I found o [...]

    3. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/3.5 Stars“I’m starting to get the terrible feeling that none of this has been coincidental.”Lena and Aubrey never met until Charlie’s funeral. It was there the two figured out they were both dating the recently deceased. In an attempt to piece the puzzle of Charlie’s relationships together, Lena and Aubrey find themselves questioning whether this happened . . . or if he simply . . . You know how to hook a big ol’ fish like me? Good title and g [...]

    4. Where to begin with this book. Those of you who have been watching my status updates have probably concluded that I didn't like this book.I didn't like this book.Prepare yourself, it's going to get ugly here. If you have any interest in this book at all, stop reading. First, I will mock it. Then I will spoil it. Then I will trample on whatever might be left of it.Let me begin by saying that this is the last book by this author I will read. I had previously read another book, under a different pe [...]

    5. Sooo I finished this. It wasn't really for me, but if you were a big fan of Dangerous Girls you might want to try it. It has the same sort of "unlikeable characters behaving badly with a big twist at the end" kind of vibe.I didn't like either of the two girls in love with Charlie. One was blond and one was brunette and I couldn't keep their names straight or remember which was which. But the part of the book that really irked me was this: (view spoiler)[ so Charlie was dating two girls at once [...]

    6. I went in to Charlie, Presumed Dead expecting to be wowed and amazed. In this post Gone Girl era of mystery books it feels like each plot is getting more and more fantastical. Charlie, Presumed Dead fits perfectly in to this genre of psychological mystery with a heavy dose of crazy.Charlie, Presumed Dead begins at Charlie’s funeral where Aubrey and Lena realize that they weren’t the only girl in Charlie’s life. The two set off on an improbable around the world journey to discover who Charl [...]

    7. I received an ARC from NetGalley in return for an honest reviewOverview (Non-Spoliery Section)This book made me confused. It had a lot of potential that I wouldn’t have seen if I went with my gut and decided not to finish it. I will say, sticking with this novel was a push. I found myself desperately skimming for redeemable qualities. You may be saying, “Jaime, if you didn’t want to finish it, then why did you give it a 2.5 star review?” Well, there will be more info on that in the Spoli [...]

    8. That was such a heart pounding, intriguing and mysterious thriller. The suspense was masterfully developed and once I reached the last 30% twist were coming that made my head spin and my heart race!!! I give it 5* but only if there is a sequel! There MUST be a sequel!

    9. Charlie Presumed DeadIt’s a shame to think that I only really saw this book when I was browsing through arcs on Netgalley because this book should be getting a lot more hype. Perhaps hype isn’t the right word- recognition, appreciation would be better options. It’s kind of a masterpiece, a wildcard if you may. Charlie,Presumed Dead surprised me. I didn’t think it was going to be this dark and twisted. I thought it would be more coming of age, perhaps I should have paid more attention to [...]

    10. Umm please tell me this book is going to have a sequel, because it had the craziest cliffhanger ever. UGGGHHH. I hate when this happens! But anyway, this is an entertaining book. Not the most well-written thing ever, but it's exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat. Full review coming eventually!

    11. ARC was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for honest review.Before I write my thoughts let me ask you a question: What will you do if a stranger invites you to come to his/her apartment or gives you drink or asks you to having fun with him/her?When I read the blurb it screams mystery-thriller kind of story. That’s my sole reason why I requested this book in the first place. And after first few chapters, I was hoping I’ll get a psychological thriller, maybe not as thr [...]

    12. There are some books you just don't click with, some that annoy you, and then others that make you wish brain bleach was a real thing. For me, this book was the latter. This went beyond regretting the time I spent reading it, to really wishing I never let these characters/thoughts/images into my head. The writing was good, and the story takes off at breakneck speed from the very beginning. It's easy to get caught up in the drama and intrigue. However, the further the plot progresses the more we' [...]

    13. I don't even know what I just read. First off, I LOVED the idea of this book. The premise sounded so amazing and I was quite eager for some mystery and twisty mindfuckery. Sadly, none of that happened. Lena and Aubrey are decent enough characters, but they seemed really similar to me. I didn't get the feeling that they were as opposite as implied. To me, the secrets that each had didn't fit with the story and came across as added like an afterthought to tie up loose ends. In fact, none of the pu [...]

    14. DNF @ 40%There is not one likable character in this book. I almost started to like Aubrey and then she ruined it.Both Aubrey and Lena were dating Charlie, which they find out at his funeral. But Lena doesn't think he's actually dead so they team up to try to find him. Charlie is awful. I could not understand why either girl liked him. Lena admits that she always thought he was cheating on her. Even beyond the cheating, Charlie is just weird. He's constantly reinventing himself. For example, the [...]

    15. I had such high hopes for this! What happened? It was boring, uneventful, and the characters were annoying and whiny. I wish this had been better!See my full review at herestohappyendings.wordpress

    16. I received this free from the publishers via NetGalleyActual Rating: 4.5Two girls, Aubrey and Lena, are attending Charlie's funeral after his supposed plane accident which left behind a bloodied jacket and is now presumed dead. Little do these ladies know is that they were both Charlie's girlfriends, but both dated different versions of Charlie. The girls travel around the world together to discover the truth and form an unlikely friendship.I don't know what I expected from Charlie, Presumed Dea [...]

    17. In all honesty, this was a DNF after about 100-120 pages. I wanted to love this novel--two girls going on a truth-seeking trip around the world together when it turns out they share a boyfriend and have secrets they need to make sure died with him? THAT SOUNDS AMAZING--but the ideas are far stronger than their execution.In some mysteries, authors will conceal a secret or plot twist by having a character think about what they're hiding in terms of something like "I'm scared of everyone finding ou [...]

    18. 1.5/5 StarsDisorientated. That's how I feel after reading this book and I'm pretty sure that's how Heltzel wanted me to feel. The start of this book was so interesting. I was hooked into the plot in the first couple of pages. I mean, two girls who find out that their boyfriend was cheating on them with each other after he's presumed dead? And now they are piecing together their memories of their relationship to figure out who Charlie really was? That's already interesting. I didn't need anything [...]

    19. My View:What an intriguing read! The premise is fantastic and the narrative is full of surprises, nothing is as it seems and just when you reach the final chapters and think that all will be neatly concluded you find that you have assumed the wrong thing again. Nothing at all is how it appears. Everyone has secrets they are holding close to their chest; secrets that will impact on the fate of others. This narrative asks the question – how well do you really know anybody?Immersed in this book, [...]

    20. 2.5/5 This was a little "meh" for me. It needed to have a bit more of a tighter to plot to be more engaging. Review to come.

    21. American student Aubrey is in Paris to attend the funeral of her boyfriend Charlie Price, believed dead after a horrible accident. Before the service, Aubrey notices another woman, the same age as her, watching. When the woman gets up to speak, Aubrey is stunned to discover that this woman, Lena, is Charlie’s girlfriend and has been for three years. Aubrey has been with Charlie a year and although she didn’t suspect him of this, suddenly several weird things begin to make sense.Charlie was l [...]

    22. Charlie Price was one mysterious man. He seemed to have it all. Girlfriends, included. On the day of his funeral, we met two ladies, Lena and Aubrey, both claiming to be his girlfriend. The first one was known to his family, the other was the questionable invisible other woman. The two girls got together, discovered the truth about their roles in Charlie's life, one vowed to do her best to dig for more information, the other was trusting and decided to go wherever their feet took them. From Lond [...]

    23. I have mixed thoughts about this book. On one hand I did finish this book as there was something intriguing about it but on the other hand now that I have finished this book I realize that the characters Aubrey and Lena were neither that great and the story line was something that I have read before. It was like it wanted to be sinister but could not quite get all the way there. Plus the more I got to know about Charlie, the more I hated him and wondered why either girl liked him or wanted to fi [...]

    24. HOLY HECK WOW. Can you say CLIFFHANGER?!?? So I was provided with this wonderful ebook from Netgalley, so thank you Netgalley people!! This book has EVERYTHING. Well developed characters, suspense, creative plot, PLOT TWIST, travel/adventure, just. DANG. There are very few YA mystery books out there, nonetheless QUALITY YA mystery, but THIS. This was YA mystery at its finest. This book entails murder, culture, psychosis, and a kick-ass female duo. The female duo is Lena and Aubrey who find out t [...]

    25. (I received a copy from Edelweiss, In exchange for an honest review.)Lena and Aubrey were completely different to each other, but I felt sorry for them both. The way Charlie betrayed them both, and made them find out the way they did was awful. Charlie was a horrible character, and whenever I thought he couldn't get any worse, he did!The pacing in this one was a little bit too slow at times, but it was still an interesting read. I really wanted to know how the Charlie situation was going to play [...]

    26. Charlie, presumed dead is the kind of book you throw across the room once you reach the final chapter.In Paris, family and friends gather to mourn the tragic passing of Charlie Price, who is presumed dead after an explosion. The police find a single jacket covered in blood, which is assumed to be Charlie's. At Charlie's funeral, two girls, Lena Whitney and Aubrey Boroughs, make an astounding discovery: they have both been dating Charlie. Both of the girls believe that he loved them, and they dis [...]

    27. (updated review below my initial emotional spill)What. Even.I legit just finished the book and am so filled with aggravation that the urge to bash it on the internet is overwhelming.This book was a 98% waste of time due to a complete lack of actual plot (apparently masterminding global coincidences from afar makes up for no story), stupid present-tense first-person voices that sound the same (broken up by an even worse present-tense SECOND-person voice, ugh), protagonists who make absolutely non [...]

    28. When Charlie Price's airplane exploded in midair, that wasn't the only thing that went up in flames.All of his secrets crashed down to earth and now both of his girlfriends know about each other.But what if there's more? What if the cheating was just the tip of the iceberg in Charlie's ocean of lies?His girlfriend Lena seems to think there is, and she's persuaded girlfriend number two to accompany her on a scavenger hunt across the world chasing the breadcrumbs Charlie's left behind.Suspenseful. [...]

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