Princess, More Tears to Cry

Princess More Tears to Cry Bestselling author Jean Sasson has been revealing the stories of Middle Eastern life for than twenty years Told through the eyes of Princess Sultana the Princess series has brought readers from aroun

  • Title: Princess, More Tears to Cry
  • Author: Jean Sasson
  • ISBN: 9780857522429
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback - UK
  • Bestselling author Jean Sasson has been revealing the stories of Middle Eastern life for than twenty years Told through the eyes of Princess Sultana, the Princess series has brought readers from around the world behind the veil of Saudi Arabian life and exposed the terrible gender restrictions and discrimination women continue to face today In her new book PrincessBestselling author Jean Sasson has been revealing the stories of Middle Eastern life for than twenty years Told through the eyes of Princess Sultana, the Princess series has brought readers from around the world behind the veil of Saudi Arabian life and exposed the terrible gender restrictions and discrimination women continue to face today In her new book Princess Sultana vividly describes life inside one of the richest, most conservative kingdoms in the world This is a world where male guardians rule every aspect of a woman s world from whom she marries, to where she works The Princess leads a privileged life with multiple villas and servants, but even she must work in secret to record these stories of women who have been beaten, scorned and even hanged But this book is also a very human, endearing look into the life of a loving Saudi family and their friends It is filled with emotional outbursts at family celebrations, a reckless car chase through the streets of Riyadh, tender moments with a beloved grandchild, two adult daughters who cannot stop disagreeing about their different views of veiling, a happy romance and always a search for justice.

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    1. I read this non-fiction book, one which I would not typically pick up and read, because it was recommended to me by my girlfriend, a woman who has lived in Saudi as an outsider and seen the way in which women are treated there. Thus, this was a book which spoke to her and so at her request I decided that I would read and discover what I could learn about the Saudi culture and women's rights.This is a non-fiction work, from the perspective of a female member of the royalty - Princess Sultana - an [...]

    2. A few disclaimers: I haven't read the previous titles in this "series" by Jean SassonI received a free preview copy of this title from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. I liked this book. I think the information it contains about the current state of women in Saudia Arabia, the history of efforts in Saudia Arabia to increase women's independence, the limitations of what can be accomplished politically, and the cultural atmosphere of the country is important.I enjoye [...]

    3. "Princess, More Tears to Cry" is the fourth and newest book in the "Princess" series by the New York Times best-selling author and Middle East expert, Jean Sasson.This is the true story of the world-famous Saudi Princess, Sultana.As a longtime reader and student of the author's works I was so excited to get "Princess, More Tears to Cry" as soon as it came out. I feverishly read it because everything Jean Sasson writes is always so fascinating and educational and I was really looking forward to t [...]

    4. Once again I find myself drawn to Princess Sultana Al'Sauds story just as I was in Princess: A Life Behind the Veil In Saudi Arabia.   We learn that  even in 2014 every Saudi female is born into a rigidly male society where a male  will be her guardian. No woman in Saudi can escape their guardians mantle.This is a powerful book dealing with oppression but this book and its author are not without hope because it shows us that there are woman that are trying to make a difference that are fighti [...]

    5. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's novels reviewed on the blog will generally have some images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a novel is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate a nove [...]

    6. Following on from her three previous books about the life of Princess Sultana of the Saudi royal family, Jean Sasson revisits the woman who has opened her heart and life to her to expose what life is like for Saudi women today. The Princess, although leading a privileged existence in this incredibly rich country, is still bound by the laws and traditions that prevail there. However, she is keenly aware of the inequities that are enshrined by law in a deeply conservative country where men rule ov [...]

    7. First of all, I haven't read the previous books in this series, about the Princess Sultana's life, but I never once felt lost as I read this, the fourth installment. It's artfully done in a manner in which you get bits from the previous books and yet not so much that you feel you missed something crucial. You can easily step into the Princess Sultana's lifed her life, the people she meets and helps, her family--we can learn a lot from what she sees and who she interacts with.What I learned from [...]

    8. Jean Sasson caught my eye one time when I was stuck at an airport for two hours and nothing much to do. So I decided to check out a nearby book shop and spend my time. the cover of her latest book on princess Sultana had just released and I was delighted that the book shop owner did not mid me sitting there and reading. Once I started reading the book I could not put it back and ended up buying it. and hence it began. I have read all the other books of the author of this princess who is striving [...]

    9. Another addition to the trilogy (now a Quartet), I was really excited for this one since its been more than a decade since PRINCESS SULTANA'S CIRCLE. This one, out of all three, was much more insightful, you got to see a lot more of the princess's life, her family, close friends. You see a much more wiser sultana and a just-as-wise grand daughter. There is a lot of character development (they are of course real people, so instead of developing they mature ) and a lot of new characters to go with [...]

    10. Although I have heard and read about the struggles of women in the Middle East, this is the 1st book that I picked up which tells the experiences of other women as told by the princess. I live in a majority Muslim country but what happens in the book does not even come close to what my society has been practicing. Therefore, I feel grateful to be able to have been born and raised here. By reading this book, I learn to sympathize more with the struggles that the women over there are facing.

    11. very interesting book looking at through several case story described by princess sultana al'saud which details how females in Saudi Arabia are classed as second rate citizens through abuse lack of resources in education and a male dominated society

    12. And my heart is broke, once again Princess Sultana has reminded me of the blessings in life and the horrible truths of the horrors that are still happening to women worldwide. "Ana Amal"

    13. Манипулативна, измислена, сензационно гадно булевардна и лъжлива - точно по американски! Четвъртата книга за принцеса Султана е просто кошмар!Прочетох първите 130 страници, след което просто се отказах да си пълня главата с тея небивалици и измислици, представени от Джийн С [...]

    14. This book was recommended to me by my aunt, who also gave me her copy to read. There have been a few controversies surrounding this series- accusations of plagiarism and the actual existence of Princess Sultana. I do not know how much of this is to be taken at face value. Anyway, the book talks about troubles faced by women in Saudi Arabia and the efforts of Princess Sultana to help women in need. We also get small snippets of the princess’ family as well. Although the content is interesting, [...]

    15. I did not actually read the book, I managed to read about 1/3 of it and I don't think I ever finish it, it is that bad. The writing is soooo poord I got through 3 parts of '50shades of Grey', so I know bad writting when I see one. It looks like this book was written by a 10year old with no imagination and very limited vocabulary. This alone makes it very hard to read over 400 pages. The author repeats herself constantly, she writes about the same qualities, of the same people, over and over agai [...]

    16. Um olhar bastante interessante e credível, descrito pela princesa Sultana Al Saud, sobre as condições de vida das mulheres na Arábia Saudita. Autora infelizmente sempre oportuna, Jean Sasson relata nesta obra os abusos de que estas são vítimas, sendo tratadas como seres de segunda categoria, sem recurso a educação e numa sociedade dominada por homens.Interessante sentir que (ainda) há gente mais afortunada que se dispõe a ajudar mulheres a saírem de condições de vida, tanto físicas [...]

    17. Princess: More tears to cry by Jean Sasson. Out of all the books I've read, from fantasy to romance, these amazing real life stories about Sultana and the life she lived is truly the best books I have ever read. I am learning a lot about what women go through in other countries, specifically Saudi Arabia. A lot of what I have learnt is absolutely horrific. It's so sad, I find myself crying at times for all these women mentioned in the book. No human being should ever have to go through such abus [...]

    18. Once again Jean Sasson and Princess Sultana have made me feel anger, sick to my stomach and happiness. It's hard to talk about how amazingly, shocking this book is without giving away too much info. I really hope Jean Sasson continues these insightful novels about Princess Sultana and the mistreatment of women in Saudi Arabia. Every woman should read this series, no matter where in the world she lives.

    19. po przeczytaniu książki po raz kolejny pojawia się myśl: dlaczego wszystkie tak wojowniczo nastawione feministki nie walczą ze zniewoleniem kobiet np. w Arabii Saudyjskiej? ze strachu, z lęku, z ignorancji???

    20. Neatly placed emotions and real life incidents. As one progress, while reading, you would realise the pain and agony of each women. Gradually feeling to be part of the book. That's the beauty of Jean's book and Princess herself.Quiet captivating and hence a must read :-)

    21. Jean Sasson poznałam dzięki książce „Wybór Jasminy. Prawdziwa opowieść o niewolnicy, która wywalczyła sobie życie”. Po tej lekturze wiedziałam, że przeczytam też pozostałe jej książki. „Łzy Księżniczki” są teoretycznie pierwszym tomem serii „Księżniczka Sułtana”, ale sama autorka mówi, że jest to tak naprawdę czwarty tom o życiu Księżniczki Sułtany i o tym, jakie jest życie kobiet w Arabii Saudyjskiej. Już Wam to nie raz powtarzałam, ale klimaty arabs [...]

    22. Continuing its legacy, the book brings in the present day scenario of the middle eastern society. But more than a story which the last book was, its more of informative facts built in a story, which is commendable. It is worth a read!!

    23. Questo libro 'va benissimo' per chi non ha letto i tre precedenti, di cui comunque era solo il primo a brillare. Diciamo che lo si legge volentieri perché ci si è affezionati a Sultana e alla sua famiglia (beh, si fa per dire visto che questa gente tanto amabile non è).Per il resto, è una ripetizione continua dello stesso concetto: i sauditi sono 'cattivi', maltrattano e discriminano le donne in una maniera abominevole e sono indietro anni luce rispetto a qualsiasi musulmano o semplicemente [...]

    24. If you have one book by this woman who specialises in plagiarism you've read them allis book goes on a self gratifying and glorifying mission on how perfect this saudi woman is and how her thoughts just go out to the poor women while getting her feet massaged by slaves and drinking martinis.what a headache this trash book is

    25. This book is the fourth in a series of books about the 'Princess Sultana' - a Saudi Princess who is unnamed in the books for her own safety, who has been telling her personal story to author Jean Sasson for decades. Many reviewers query whether the book is fact or fiction, as it would seem impossible to keep a Princess unnamed in the internet era. However, it is explained in earlier books that the Princess is one of thousands of Saudi Arabian princesses. It is also noted that her 'cover' was bro [...]

    26. I should make it clear from the start that I haven't read the previous books in this series (I found it out it was a series when I started reading). So, I'm pretty much reacting to the book as a first time reader.Princess: More Tears to Cry is a look into the life of women in Saudi Arabia. It doesn't just focus on the sultana (or 'Princess' of this novel), but expands to include the various women that she's met/helped over the years and their stories. There was much less family drama than I expe [...]

    27. I would probably have given this book a higher rating if I had not read the other books, simply because there is a lot of interesting information that I already received in the previous volumes. I had several issues with this one.There is not a real unifying narrative here. It seems to have been written more as a series of blog posts, which I think would have been a better medium. Sometimes it becomes repetitive, and I skipped entire paragraphs or pages to be spared another reflection on women's [...]

    28. I didn't know if I was going to finish this one. I almost gave it 1 star - it was a waste of my time, having read the three previous books, because it just repeated a lot of what was in them. If I hadn't read the other books, I might have liked it a little more, so that's why I gave it 2 stars. That's all it gets though. I can overlook bad writing sometimes, if the content/story is interesting enough, but by book four I just couldn't take it anymore. The dialogue! Ugh! And Sultana is SO melodram [...]

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