Love at the Speed of Email

Love at the Speed of Email Lisa looks as if she has it made She has turned her nomadic childhood and forensic psychology training into a successful career as a stress management trainer for humanitarian aid workers She lives in

  • Title: Love at the Speed of Email
  • Author: LisaMcKay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lisa looks as if she has it made She has turned her nomadic childhood and forensic psychology training into a successful career as a stress management trainer for humanitarian aid workers She lives in Los Angeles, travels the world, and her first novel has just been published to some acclaim But as she turns 31, Lisa realizes that she is still single, constantly on airpLisa looks as if she has it made She has turned her nomadic childhood and forensic psychology training into a successful career as a stress management trainer for humanitarian aid workers She lives in Los Angeles, travels the world, and her first novel has just been published to some acclaim But as she turns 31, Lisa realizes that she is still single, constantly on airplanes, and increasingly wondering where home is and what it really means to commit to a person, place, or career When an intriguing stranger living on the other side of the world emails her out of the blue, she must decide whether she will risk trying to answer those questions Her decision will change her life Love at the Speed of Email is part grand romance, part travel memoir and part essay on life s most precious gifts Lisa McKay is a phenomenal writer clever and comedic, poignant and pitch perfect You will love this love story Susan Meissner, award winning author of The Shape of Mercy and A Sound Among the Trees Lisa McKay s engrossing memoir about life and love and home, is a wild ride that spans the globe At turns funny, contemplative, and romantic, Lisa s story resonated on many different levels and kept me eagerly turning pages, hoping for a happily ever after ending to this modern day fairy tale I can t recommend this extraordinary book highly enough Nicole Baart, best selling author of Far From Here and After the Leaves Fall A travel memoir with a deep soul, Love at the Speed of Email takes us around the world but always brings us back to the heart of the matter humanity s longing for place, purpose, faith Lisa McKay s seamless storyteling helps us find ourselves in every corner of her globetrotting and even learn a little about love along the way A true pleasure for the journeyer in all of us Leeana Tankersley, author of Found Art Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places Love at the Speed of Email is a riveting memoir by a talented author and globe trotter I loved journeying with Lisa McKay as she sought the love of her life and a place to call home I can t recommend this beautiful and triumphant story enough Gina Holmes, award winning author of Crossing Oceans and Dry as Rain

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    1. It is a truth universally proclaimed that men don’t want to read love stories. But this book is a good read despite the total absence of car chases and fighter pilot acronyms; because it is not just a love story.What else is it about? • A long dialog about what “home” really means when you grew up in a different culture from your parents. • The real and the fake in Christian faith and living. Lisa McKay writes about real faith in the real messinesses of life.• The real motivation for [...]

    2. A funny, poignant and deeply insightful book about - amongst other things - the rarity of humanitarian moments in humanitarian work, the complex concept of home, the power of presence, faith, hope, joy and - above all else - love. Highly recommended.

    3. i started this book months ago. then abandoned it. then tried again. life is too short and this reads like a self-absorbed diary.

    4. I have to say I really enjoyed this book, but I think part of the reason I enjoyed it so much was that I know one of the people involved. It is not the kind of book that I needed to pick up and read each night, it was not a huge page-turner (but that could be because I know how the love story turns out!) It is super interesting to find out about how long distance relationships can work out, how the dating world has changed with skyping and e-mail. I do find Lisa's conversational tone sometimes h [...]

    5. I read it on Kindle once I found out I could get my hands on it sooner that way. I loved it so much I’ve ordered a physical copy also! Great story told in an entertaining, touching, funny way.Particularly if you know the feeling of being (or raising) a third-culture kid (or fourth-, or fifth-), you will love the way Lisa & Mike's unusual story seems so normal in the context of their lives.

    6. Fantastic memoir! Stayed up late devouring the last third. I enjoyed her globe-trotting tales, pondered her commentary on humanitarian aid work, and of course anxiously awaited the happy endingor beginning, since it is a memoir. Well done.

    7. I adored this book. The story moved me forward and read like a novel. I truly appreciated Lisa's honesty, her quirky and entirely fitting sense of humor (I laughed out loud several times), and the unique and beautiful way she viewed the world. I'll be recommending this one to my friends.

    8. So B O R I N G I couldn't get past 100 pages It's just a lot of rambling Slow paced story and how ironic since "Speed" is in the title. I couldn't finish it and I'm so disappointed.

    9. It was too slow for me and skipped around all the time. Not sure what organization she used. I think I would have liked it better had she told the story from beginning to end chronologically.

    10. I first heard of Lisa McKay and her book Love at the Speed of Email on Novel Rocket, where she wrote about why she chose to self-publish this memoir. In case you missed it, you can read about it here. I was intrigued by the notion that her story had too much God to please secular publishers, not enough to please Christian ones. I wanted to know more, so I read her book. Lisa lives a life many women would envy. Her nomadic childhood has morphed into a nomadic adulthood, which she’s augmented wi [...]

    11. Detailing the life and times of a single gal living in Los Angeles, California who starts emailing this guy living in Papua New Guinea. Yes, this is Lisa and Mike's true story. Lisa's family has lived in several different countries (and her parents now reside in Australia), so it was natural for her when she decided on humanitarian work. "A passion for international humanitarian work was born the year my family moved to Bangladesh and I asked, with the innocence of a sheltered seven-year-old, wh [...]

    12. Lisa McKay has always had a nomadic lifestyle, even as a child, and though she has an apartment in Los Angeles at the time of writing this memoir, she continues to travel extensively to conduct seminars as a stress management trainer in remote, depressed areas. Her extensive travels make it difficult to sustain a relationship due to her long absences; however she hears the biological clock ticking loudly as she approaches 30, and wonders if she'll miss out altogether on the "beauties and struggl [...]

    13. I don't think there's another memoir out there quite like this one. The title is misleading, by the way. Topics covered in this memoir include third-culture kids, faith and loss of faith, the concept of home, humanitarianism and how much it helps in third world countries, the constant struggle between adventure and safety, being single and in your late twenties/early thirties, long distance dating, and more. I have to say, I love that this book was written but I wish it had been edited better. I [...]

    14. So raise your hand if you've tried online datingd then keep it raised if you fell for someone you knew almost entirely through electronic correspondence. A lot of us can put up the hand, but a lot fewer can keep it raised.McKay's relationship wasn't based on online dating; rather, she met a guy through a guy (and through some essays published online), and they let a back-and-forth build into a relationship. They were world travellers, both of them, although at least in McKay's case it sounds as [...]

    15. Full review here: overweightbookshelf/20I was certain that I had written my review for this book months ago, but evidently I haven't and just compose posts in my head that never see the light of the Internet. Ironic since Lisa (and Mike's) story would never have come to fruition without the Internet. It acted as the great equalizer of time and space bringing together two people on opposite ends of the world, beautifully orchestrated by God's purpose and humour.Love at the Speed of Email is [...]

    16. This is Lisa McKay’s second book and I really enjoyed it. Her first book My Hands Came Away Red, was fantastic. In Love at the Speed of Email is a memoir that reads like fiction. You will get caught up in the amazing, fascinating life that Lisa leads and how she came to know her husband and their usual courtship and marriage. I believe marriage through email works because before email I met and married my husband of 30 years though letters. It works and is a great way to find out about your fu [...]

    17. I bought Love at the Speed of Email after reading a positive review of it by another woman who has lived most of her 20s and early 30s as an expat, as I have. Though I’m in academia/writing rather than humanitarian aid work, I found that many of Lisa McKay’s thoughts about finding a “home” and concerns about choosing to live her life on the move resonated with me. I highlighted more than usual, often feeling like McKay’s interior thoughts were taken from my own mind! It’s kind of stu [...]

    18. “Many people seem to view ‘real life’ as the gold standard by which to interpret stories, but I don’t think that does novels justice. For me, at least, the relationship between the real and fictional worlds was reciprocal. These books named emotions, pointed to virtue and vice, and led me into a deeper understanding of things I had already witnessed and experienced myself.”I don’t remember how I was led to this memoir. I am sure that I didn’t pay for it, just found it for free and [...]

    19. This charming book took me by surprise with how captivating it is. In addition to her story of her adventures in seeking “the right guy” online, I learned about how some humanitarian aid workers live in very rough conditions that can lead to burn out or depression, in addition to sickness. Yet they often keep on, living in third world countries and helping people help themselves. One man she met online, Mike, via some essays he posted, lived in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, and his h [...]

    20. I identified with pieces of Lisa's story and was entertained by the rest. She is a fellow INFJ who looks for (and finds) the meaning in everything. She is a master storyteller, and I felt like I was a close friend on this journey with her. I loved this book. I only hope I can write my story half this well one day. I laughed and cried and sometimes did both simultaneously. I loved that this book isn't linear. Our journeys often are, but understanding them sometimes comes much later. I liked the p [...]

    21. This is the true story of Lisa who has always lived a nomadic live, since early childhood, and then devoted her time to training people engaged in humanitarian aid on stress management, traveling a great deal of her time. Turning 31 was a disconcerting point in her life, as she starts questioning if it wouldn't be better for her to lead a "normal" life, settling down and having a family. But wouldn't she miss doing what she enjoys so much? The main question she has to answer to herself is what h [...]

    22. A memoir that leads you through the internal, intimate world of a life, a love, a journey, an adventure. It felt like I was being taken on a privileged journey with Lisa as she questions her life, her home, her purpose. I found myself with tears, with laughter and with joy. Lisa's ability to share her internal experiences whilst also painting the external scene is a unique gift and I truly loved following her journey towards finding her soul mate.I cannot recommend this book highly enough, for a [...]

    23. If you are still looking for a book to read for the summer this book could be a very good choice. It is both a memoir and a travel book, with interesting insights into the life of humanitarian work. Besides the delicate love story that serves as a framework for the narrative, the book is as well an interrogation about what does it mean home and how you can create your own through meaningful friendships with people sharing the same values. For a writer, the words are the easier way to translate t [...]

    24. Having followed Lisa's blog for 1,5 years, I already knew I would love her poignant, honest and funny writing. I wish I could write like that.This book had fewer funny parts than expected. The serious parts were important and immensly well-written, but harder to follow, as English is, after all, a foreign language for me.What I didn't expect was that the book would me happy and thankful for my deeply rooted and stable life and home. It also made me want to:- meet Lisa and Mike in person - know m [...]

    25. I didn't actually finish this book because I couldn't. I knew it was time to put it down when the author and story lead and Mike kissed for the first time. This should have been a major culminated moment but the book was so confusing and back and forth in its narrative that I didn't care enough about their relationship for it to evoke any feelings of emotion. I respect that the author has written such a personal piece, but this to me belongs more as a long journal entry for those who know the si [...]

    26. I think this is actually the first time I've ever read a memoir, and I'm pleased to say that I was thoroughly entertained throughout. I honestly think I still would have enjoyed it even if I didn't already know the author and love her sense of humor. A lot of the story is told through the use of flashbacks and tangents, which was only confusing when I wasn't able to read straight through the chapter without distraction (through no one's fault but my own - or my toddler's), and it helped move the [...]

    27. This is an interesting love story about two people who get to know each other first through emails. But it is also about the concept of home, and what that means to someone who has grown up in many different countries (and cultures). The author is living in L.A. but travels overseas frequently, and Mike is living in Papua New Guinea with spotty internet connection. It seems a bit crazy to try to make a relationship work in these circumstances, but I found myself hoping it would all work out for [...]

    28. I lack the facility of words to express how this book resonated in my very being. Not so much the long distance dating.ough I delighted in reading about it, but more from the aspects of passion, purpose, and the finding out what "home" means. I've often recommended Lisa's first novel to others, and so too, will this book be. My husband and I have long been involved with people.stated, hurting peopleis book spoke to me. Why do we keep doing what we do? What keeps us going? Thank you, for your ope [...]

    29. This book goes far beyond the story of how Lisa met and fell in love with Mike, which was a delightful, wonderful tale of how God brought two very cool people together. Lisa also shares her incredibly smart perspective into the psychology of mankind at large and more specifically the workings of humanitarian aid. I loved reading about Lisa's journey with her gorgeous gift of words, and some of her insights will long stay with me. A true treat and a true blessing to read this book.

    30. When I picked up this book I had never heard of it or the author. It didn't come recommended and I had no idea where it would go. I only knew that my husband and I met online when I was on the field somewhere I didn't expect to find husband-material and thought it might be fun to hear a similar story. That story was told with so much wit, depth, vulnerability and humor that I couldn't put it down and cannot wait to get my hands on Lisa's novel and anything else she publishes in future

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