Sämtliche Gedichte

S mtliche Gedichte Ingeborg Bachmanns Ruhm als eine der gr ten Dichterinnen der europ ischen Moderne S mtliche vollendeten Gedichte von der fr hen Lyrik bis zur Anrufung des Gro en B ren bilden den Kern ihres facette

  • Title: Sämtliche Gedichte
  • Author: Ingeborg Bachmann
  • ISBN: 9783492239851
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Taschenbuch
  • Ingeborg Bachmanns Ruhm als eine der gr ten Dichterinnen der europ ischen Moderne S mtliche vollendeten Gedichte, von der fr hen Lyrik bis zur Anrufung des Gro en B ren , bilden den Kern ihres facettenreichen Werkes und geh ren zu den gro en dichterischen Leistungen des 20 Jahrhunderts.

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    1. War is no longer declared,but rather continued. The courageoushas become the everday. The herois absent from the battle. The weakare moved into the firing zone.The uniform of the day is patience,the order of merit is the wretched starof hope over the heart.It is awardedwhen nothing more happens,when the bombardment is silenced,when the enemy has become invisbleand the shadow of eternal armamentcovers the sky.It is awardedfor deserting the flag,for bravery before a friend,for the betrayal of sham [...]

    2. When are you done with a book of poetry? When you read every poem in the book? When you tire of the poems or the poet?I can only say I'm "finished" with this book because I had to give it back to my dear friend who loaned it to me. But I'm not at all finished with this book. Not even close.---------------------------My first encounter with Bachmann was from my former beloved. I can't remember if she read me something or not. I'm sure she did, but it's a blur with manifold other poems and poets s [...]

    3. I'm pretty sure one is not supposed to read all (most) of the poems by one of the greatest half dozen German writers of the second half of the 20th century (so says Susan Sontag) in about two hours. But I did have to get the book back to the library, and I wasn't allowed anymore renewals, and I kept putting off reading this till I was in the proper mood to really enjoy them. That time didn't seem to come, so sitting on a crowded subway, on a bus and then in the lounge at school while some of the [...]

    4. Me quedé sin palabras.Mejor que hablen los demás, que se les da mejor que a mí:elcultural/blogs/tengoteroideazul283.

    5. "Bugüne kadar neden okumadım" denebilecek kitaplardan birisi. İmgeler çok güçlü, uçsuz bucaksız bir düşler dünyasından süzülüyor adeta.

    6. “Ancak Şiir yazmadan yaşanamayacak hale gelinmesi durumunda şiir yazmak gerekiyor ”demiş şairimiz. Felsefesi olan şairlerden ama felsefesi fazlaca şiirine bulaşmış gibi Şiir başlı başına, çözülmek ve sindirilmek zorunda olan edebi bir delilik olduğu için, felsefeyle daha ağır bir göktaşı haline gelebiliyor.Kitap çok başlıklı fakat benim için iki bölümden oluşuyor. Kendimce ayırdığım ilk kısımda, “Kendi dilinin üzerine çıkmış, başka dillere ve ö [...]

    7. the sprained two-step of Emily Dickinson, but with more of a condemning slight. Not so much a dreamer as an imaginer of dreams past, full of dread, lost hopes and wonder. Like from "Salt and bread":You, in fever-white vestments,Gather the exiled and tear,From the flesh of cactus, a thorn--symbol of impotenceTo which we meakly bow.In order to enact this history, she steps out of her person, becomes. She plays a character to invite the engagement of a pervading atmosphere:In the papers I read abou [...]

    8. Disarming.If you know German, you can hear her read "To the Sun" here:youtube/watch?v=J8e0XjThe poem begins in praise and then ends in lament, a deep, passionate lamentation which at the same time feels to me understated. And my enchanted eyesWiden again and blink and burn themselves sore.Beautiful sun, which even from dust deserves the highest praise,Causing me to raise a cry, not to the moon,The stars, the night's garish comets that name me a fool,But rather to you, and ultimately to you alone [...]

    9. Inge bir mektubunda, peşinden umutsuzca sürüklendiği Paul Celan'a, "senin en güzel şiirin Corona" diyordu. Ve Inge'nin en güzel şiiri de yitirilen aşka yazılmış şu ağıttır:Birlikte kullanılmış: Mevsimler, kitaplar ve bir müzik. Anahtarlar, çay fincanları, ekmek sepeti, çarşaflar ve bir yatak.Sözcüklerden, jestlerden oluşma bir çeyiz, beraber getirilmiş, kullanılmış, eskitilmiş.Uyulmuş bir ev düzeni. Söylenmiş. Yapılmış. Ve hep el verilmiş. Kışa, bir Viy [...]

    10. O eyes, scorched by the reservoir of sun on earth,weighted with the rain of all eyes,and now absorbed, interwovenby the tragic spiders of the presentIn the hollow of my mutenesslay a wordand raise tall forests on both sides,such that my mouthlies wholly in shade

    11. A great collection of Bachmann's poems in English translation. For someone who doesn't read German, having the German and English provided side-by-side is very useful for serious study of Bachmann's work and is also the approach to any edition of poetry in translation that I would most desire, even when I do read the source language (as is in the case of French). As for the poetry itself, Bachmann's work is harrowing, engaging, and while often dark very very powerful and has an uncanny ability t [...]

    12. "Ich. Sklaverei ertrag ich nicht Ich bin immer ich Will mich irgend etwas beugen Lieber breche ich. Kommt des Schicksals Härte oder Menschenmacht Hier, so bin ich und so bleib ich Und so bleib ich bis zur letzten Kraft. Darum bin ich stets nur eines Ich bin immer ich Steige ich, so steig ich hoch Falle ich, so fall ich ganz."(Ingeborg Bachmann)

    13. The standard line among those who care is the right line, I think : hit-or-miss translations (but the best we have) face to face with the immaculate originals.

    14. Dark, imaginative collisions of words and images. "Klaffend ein tiefer GrundZwischen gewolltem SeinUnd seines schalen ErfüllensEngendem Rund."

    15. I was most consistently impressed by the poems in Anrufung des Grossen Bären, though their deliberate/precise structure and musicality were difficult to preserve in translation. Attempts to maintain rhyme and meter seemed to be at the expense of literal meaning, so I was pleased to have the bilingual edition so I could at least sound out the original German.

    16. First off, you should know that I'm not a poetry enthusiast. I appreciate poetry on a fairly superficial level. If I had a more sophisticated taste for poetry, I might be able to review more authoritatively on this collection.That said, I enjoyed these poems for the most part. I can't claim to have truly understood some of them, but I enjoyed reading them just the same. Bachmann seems to write a lot about death, war, struggle, sorrow, and love lost. She also uses natural imagery a lot, which I f [...]

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