Mother of Rain

Mother of Rain Using the idiom of the time and place a small close knit East Tennessee community as the Depression yields to World War II the story follows the struggles of Maizee Hurd as she suffers through a ser

  • Title: Mother of Rain
  • Author: Karen Spears Zacharias
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Using the idiom of the time and place a small, close knit, East Tennessee community as the Depression yields to World War II the story follows the struggles of Maizee Hurd as she suffers through a series of setbacks from childhood on the gruesome early death of her mother her father s rejection the birth, illness, and resulting deafness of her infant son, Rain and thUsing the idiom of the time and place a small, close knit, East Tennessee community as the Depression yields to World War II the story follows the struggles of Maizee Hurd as she suffers through a series of setbacks from childhood on the gruesome early death of her mother her father s rejection the birth, illness, and resulting deafness of her infant son, Rain and the disappearance of her husband during the war Though family and community support helps, her hold on sanity remains tenuous.

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    1. Amazing characters and story. Burdy is one of the best characters I've ever read. Strongly suggest everyone read this book!!

    2. Zacharias is a seasoned writer but this was her debut novel. And yet it reads much more like a seasoned writer. Lee Smith writes in the reviews supporting Zacharias that this is a beautiful gem of a novel and so it is. She also says that Karen is a wonderful writer and so she is. In fact, this book reminds me very much of Lee Smith novels steeped in southern culture even so far as to mimic the local vernacular. Her characters are well developed and easy to get to know and to become protective of [...]

    3. Compelling story of Maizee, an Appalachian woman in Tennessee during the 1940's. Written in Appalachian mountain dialect, "Mother of Rain" is narrated by Maizee, her aunt, husband, and neighbor, Burdy who is Melungeon. The dialogue rarely misses a beat in representing the dialect spoken, without it detracting from the story, and the story carries the reader along from the first sentence. I read this in two nights, couldn't put it down until finished.

    4. I really enjoyed this book!It was tragic and sad yet~ times were hard in the 40's and as in life now. The love of friends and family is strong in this book yet it still cannot control how life gives us heartache of all kinds. I love the characters each of whom she truly portrayed the mind and emotions of flawlessly l drastically different personalities. The Appalachian setting was described in perfection along with the dialect which was 100% authentic. My whole family is from this region and it [...]

    5. If you haven't read anything by Karen Spears Zacharias before, her first novel is a good enough place to start as any. It stands in contrast to her nonfiction yet is no less confident in its voice, sense of style, and command of language (complete with a glossary of terms used in Appalachia for Yankees like myself). The characters in this story feel more like real people with real history, and there is plenty of history in Mother of Rain, alongside meditations on grief, guilt and mental illness. [...]

    6. I loved this book! Set in 1940s Tennessee Appalachia the voice of Maizee captures you heart and soul right from the start, you want to rip her out the book and into your arms like she's your own child. It is one of those reads where you are left to form your own theory as to the truth of who Maizee is and why she feels the way she does. You will fall in love also with Rain. I hope that Karen Spears Zacharias is planning to keep us under her spell with a sequelI want to continue to help "mother" [...]

    7. Karen Spears Zacharias' tale of Maizee Hurd captures life in rural Appalachia while also addressing the demons of mental illness. Told through various narrators, Zacharias gets to the heart and soul of each character while maintaining the flow and integrity of her first novel. Even after finishing the novel, you are left thinking about the book, its characters, and reflecting on how much the care of those with mental illness hasn't changed today. "Mother of Rain" is a gem of a novel and I look f [...]

    8. This is my book club book this month and everyone kept telling me how good it is and it was. Mental illness, the 1940s, the war, Appalachia are all elements of what makes a good story. The author came to book club and it added so much to the liking of this book. This is her first novel and there is going to be a sequel. Yeah!

    9. My daughter got this book at a book signing in Asheville recently. I had not heard of it or the author previously, but I'm so glad I borrowed it. The story is gripping and memorable, the writing is genuine, I learned some things about my adopted state of Tennessee and its eastern mountain citizens, and I found it hard to put down once I started. I highly recommend it.

    10. A well spun tale like a mountain road with so many twists and turns. Beautifully written and a haunting story that has stayed with me long after finishing the book.

    11. Such a moving story of Maizee and her family. So many things she had to fight against. All of the characters who were her family and friends are so detailed that you can imagine them. Thank you Mary Beth for sharing with me!

    12. In compliance with FTC guidelines, I received this book for free through First Reads.Maizee lost her mother at a young age and her father handed her into the care of her Aunt and Uncle before her mother was even buried. Maizee refused to show any weakness and goes without tears, bottling up her emotions. Maizee isn’t even into the arms of her Aunt and Uncle before she starts to hear voices. She is able to work past the voices through her childhood and eventually marries Zeb after conceiving a [...]

    13. Like I have said before I am not a literally student and I read for enjoyment only. I don't read too much into books. With that being said, i was hooked on this book at the very beginning. It was a very quick read under 250 pages. I loves the story but I certainly just did not get it. I would have given it 4 stars if the author would have explained the purpose of the story. I am not that smart to read into why Maizee killed herself and why she heard voices. So for that I'm giving it 3 stars. If [...]

    14. Having grown up where the Blue Ridge Mountains begins, I have known places like Christian Bend and characters like those in "Mother of Rain". This novel is intimate with its characters and setting in a way where it becomes a part of you. You will cry and you will laugh and at the heart of it all is community, family, and loyalty. Zacharias writes in the vein of Michael Morris or Charles Martin; however, her writing reaches a level of authenticity which transcends anything I have read since "To K [...]

    15. Although a very readable book and interesting,I did not get what was the point of the novel. The location is within two hours of me and I have been in the area many times. It is true to place and time. At times I felt the use of local dialect inside a standard English sentence artificial. The plot is just plain sad and perhaps ends too abruptly. We are also left with the question: is Zeb really dead.

    16. Mother of Rain is a rare gem of a novel that carefully balances Appalachian detail and authentic characters that bring life to the manuscript, making me forget that it is a work of fiction at all. Maizee Hurd's struggles and triumphs in the hardscrabble East Tennessee hills will capture your heart and imagination, as will her husband Zeb and their hearing-impaired son, Rain. Do yourself a favor and place this novel at the top of your reading list!

    17. All in all, a well-spun story, allowing the reader to peek into an unfamiliar culture. The author's ability to weave in elements of mental illness and disability as a fact of life went a long way with me. I will be forever curious about Zeb. I kept thinking that he might turn up at the end of the story and felt sorry he didn't.

    18. Recommend Mother of Rain. Excellent first novel by Karen Spears Zacharias. The Appalachian dialect takes a bit more time to read but adds to the story and to the knowledge of how much time Mrs. Zacharias put into writing this book. Mental illness is a story line and works towards helping readers understand how it may affect people. A great story.

    19. I won this book in a first reads giveaway. I would rate it 4.5 stars because I found the fact that it was written in local dialect a bit distracting. Otherwise it was an excellent book that details the struggles of a woman who hears voices-it makes me very glad to live after psychiatric meds were invented!!

    20. This novel of East Tennessee is written with a unique voice. Zacharias wrote characters who felt so very real. The plot was achingly beautiful, in a way that has you feeling raw one moment and smiling another for the Southern sense of humor. Told in the tradition of Appalachian storytelling, this is one for the reader who appreciates novels on the more literary side.

    21. Nothing special. Just life deep in the hollows of Appalachia in the '30's and 40's. A place holder until the new Grisham in published as well as a few other good books awaiting release dates. I'm looking forward to reading Tony Hillerman's daughter's first novel. She is continuing the Leaphorn/Chee stories.

    22. Sad; very, very sad. "It didn't seem right that the sun should rise and set in the same fashion If ever there was a time when the earth, moon, and sun ought to cease their ritual dance, shouldn't it be when daughters die? Had the sun no respect for Maizee?

    23. I bought this book at the Decatur Boom Festival. I liked that it was by a southern author, about characters in eastern Tennessee and printed by Mercer University. Maizee and Rain's story drew me in, but the other characters were just a distraction.

    24. I read this book in one night and couldn't get enough of it. the Sequel "Burdy" is my next book. The characters were so real and relatable and the descriptions of the mountains where they live come to life on these pages. Ms. Zacharias is an excellent writer, please check out all her books.

    25. Main character, Maizee, broke my heart from the first page to the last as she struggled to hang on to those she loved while they fought to save her from herself. I also enjoyed the historical aspects of the book, the fact that it was set around the beginning of WWII.

    26. skilled writing. when you hear the characters speaking the author has done well. some troubling uncomfortable stories included. but the whole story makes the reason for the inclusions make sense. dark. a bit sad.

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