The Beginning of Us

The Beginning of Us Eliza where are you I m listening watching waiting for you I need you How dare you run away Where s the courage the fearlessness I fell in love with I don t know what else to do but write It s dar

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  • Title: The Beginning of Us
  • Author: Sarah Brooks Sarah Hahn Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781626491052
  • Page: 263
  • Format: ebook
  • Eliza, where are you I m listening, watching, waiting for you I need you How dare you run away Where s the courage, the fearlessness I fell in love with I don t know what else to do but write It s dark in my dorm room, and the wind rattles the panes of my window, and I m supposed to be driving to my parents right now for winter break, but I can t feel my arms or my lEliza, where are you I m listening, watching, waiting for you I need you How dare you run away Where s the courage, the fearlessness I fell in love with I don t know what else to do but write It s dark in my dorm room, and the wind rattles the panes of my window, and I m supposed to be driving to my parents right now for winter break, but I can t feel my arms or my legs, and my chest aches because I don t know where you ve gone Or why.I know I shouldn t have fallen in love with my professor But you inspired me when you stood in front of the class, telling us to find our authentic selves And I did with you How could I know that you would be so afraid of this, of us That you d be so terrified of yourself Wherever you are, Eliza, hear me and come back to me.Love yes, I ll write that word, Professor , Your Tara

    One thought on “The Beginning of Us”

    1. The Beginning of Us by Sarah BrooksA, spark, no kink, f/f, contemp, 115 pagesWhen I ran across this book, I got excited for three reasons.  A-it's f/f, a genre I wanted to read more of, B-it's teacher/student, and C-it seemed that part of it would be written in letter format.  I absolutely love a story written in the form of letters or journal entries or anything similar.  I am so glad I picked this one up.Tara is a senior in college who falls and falls hard for her professor, Eliza.  When E [...]

    2. *Spoilers*Tara (21) falls in love with Eliza (29), her teacher, and starts writing incessantly when Eliza disappears from her life. The end. Seriously, this story is just superficial and silly. Tara behaves like a 12-year-old girl experiencing her first crush. When Eliza leaves town, she spends her days pouting, sulking and writing about the beginning of their relationship. I lost my patience right here:I refuse to call you. If you don’t want to talk to me on email or in texts, I’m not going [...]

    3. This story is sweet. I adored it from the start. My first female crush (right after I came out) was on a professor, so I immediately bonded with everything this story stood for. I felt at home. What kept me from falling head over heals with their romance was the writing. It felt amateur-ish. I had to remind myself more than once these women were in their twenties. The emotions were understandable, but the reactions were so incredibly immature. I wanted more depth to fully pull me in. I need more [...]

    4. I've been meaning to read this book for a while now but I've never read an ebook and I had to figure it all out. It was easier than I expected and The Beginning of Us was well worth the effort."Here's the story of the American dream again," Tara, the protagonist writes, and this line exemplifies the very novella itself from important debut author, Sarah Brooks. The Beginning of Us is also an epistolary countdown love story that contains multitudes of other important stories: it is the classic co [...]

    5. I'm in awe of The Beginning Of Us, which I just finished and was immensely relieved had a lovely ending true to the spirit of the book.There are so many magnificent things about the novella, especially the writing and mood.But something else that I loved about it is how Tara and Eliza slowly (very slowly) fall in love and how it's all about the day trips they share and their common interests in nature and literature. When they stay overnight during one of their first weekend trips, they sleep in [...]

    6. ‘The Beginning Of Us’ is a lesbian romance story. A 21-year old college student falls in love with one of her professors’, you could say it was love at first sight for Tara.The book begins with Tara sitting alone in her room writing a ‘letter’ to Eliza who has disappeared. It is Christmas break but Tara hasn’t gone home, she wants, needs to know what has happened to Eliza; she didn’t turn up for the final exam and hasn’t contacted Tara to let her know why.I love the way Sarah Bro [...]

    7. Tara, a senior in a Midwestern college, forces herself into voluntary exile to her dorm after her English professor-slash-first love disappears from the campus. Tara pines over the loss via a personal letter she writes telling the story of the beginning of the relationship. Where are you Eliza, why haven't you called? she asks herself and incessantly checks her email. However, after a few days with no response Tara decides to turn off her devices and practically gives up. What really happened an [...]

    8. It's rare when a book comes along that takes you over body and soul. This is such a book. Tara is a student and Eliza is her English professor. Aged 21 and 29 respectively each have very different upbringing with one being grown on a farm and another in wealth. Both are about to discover that they're lesbians. This novel is told mostly in Tara's writings about the events that happened before Eliza took off. As she writes she realizes more about herself, her town and even Eliza. A touching story [...]

    9. Coming of age is always difficult. Becoming aware of one's sexuality is always a battle of endorphins, thoughts and social structures. Becoming aware that one's sexuality does not confine to those “normal” social structures makes it more complicated. Becoming aware of one's homosexuality while falling in love with your professorwell that drives the experience to over 9 magnitude earthquake on Richter scale.Such turmoil is written as full-immersion diary after the events happened, making the [...]

    10. Amazing book.The story is awesome, the writing style is beautiful.I recommend to anyone who wants to have a lot of emotions.

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