Truismes Le directeur a t tr s gentil avec moi le jour de mon embauche J ai eu la permission de g rer ma parfumerie toute seule a marchait bien Seulement quand les premiers sympt mes sont apparus j ai d quit

  • Title: Truismes
  • Author: Marie Darrieussecq
  • ISBN: 9782867445279
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Le directeur a t tr s gentil avec moi le jour de mon embauche J ai eu la permission de g rer ma parfumerie toute seule a marchait bien Seulement, quand les premiers sympt mes sont apparus, j ai d quitter la parfumerie Ce n tait pas une histoire de d cence ni rien c est juste que tout devenait trop compliqu Heureusement, j ai rencontr Edgar, et Edgar, comme vouLe directeur a t tr s gentil avec moi le jour de mon embauche J ai eu la permission de g rer ma parfumerie toute seule a marchait bien Seulement, quand les premiers sympt mes sont apparus, j ai d quitter la parfumerie Ce n tait pas une histoire de d cence ni rien c est juste que tout devenait trop compliqu Heureusement, j ai rencontr Edgar, et Edgar, comme vous le savez, est devenu pr sident de la R publique C tait moi, l g rie d Edgar Mais personne ne m a reconnue J avais trop chang Est ce que j avais rat la chance de ma vie En tout cas, je ne comprenais toujours pas tr s bien ce qui m arrivait C tait surtout ce bleu sous le sein droit qui m inqui tait

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    1. You have this friend, she’s been out of work for months. Then she gets this gig at a perfume counter, which also involves being a prostitute. She is routinely abused by her “clients” who use her for increasingly perverse sexual practices. She is also, at that time, transforming into a sow. You keep calling to meet for a coffee, but all you get is the answer machine, oinking and grunting her absence. You hear she’s taken up with a politician who sweeps her into the dark sexual underbelly [...]

    2. "No one talked in there, they all screamed, sang, drooled, ate on all fours and that kind of thing. We had fun."This stunning book caught me completely by surprise, it is brilliant, and it's right up my alley. It's full of viciousness and humor, remarkable understatement in the midst of insane circumstances, and bitter, intense irony. It is a madcap romp through a hell in which our culture's most sadistic fantasies are made a concrete reality.Outrage at the commodification of women is quite appa [...]

    3. Few books have touched me as this one has!At the time of reading it, ten or so years ago, I actually got really scared and had a hard time sleeping for a couple of days. It's so bizarre but in a sense so realistic and true too human behaviour that it far exceeded the horror of most I'd seen/read up too that point (and still today). The naive narrator and how she, from her perspective, focuses and draw the readers attention to what she thinks is important and how she hides things from herself or [...]

    4. Scathing deadpan pitch-black satire, first on the more personal horrors of being a women within modern society, then a broader survey of society and politics, building into a truly cataclysmic fervor. In sheer startlingly hilarious vitriol, delivered in a mad rush of increasing insanity (with lack of paragraph breaks to match), even punctuated by surreal moments of calm and odd beauty, this most reminds me of Roland Topor's Joko’s Anniversary, which few other works can approach. Darrieussecq f [...]

    5. Girl meets boy. Girl starts gaining weight. Girl gets work in the oldest profession in the world, is upbeat about it.Girl grows extra breast or two or three or fourAnd a curly tail.Darrieussecq can't be accused of holding back in her first novel. She covers a lot of ground: from the dark side of heterosexual relations in modern Paris, to the end of the world. In the end, however, it's a tad too much, ahem, red meat on the chopping block for a 134 page novel. I love eating and reading the offal t [...]

    6. I might reserve this for an Experimental Read sometime soon.Pig Tales and I go way, way back. When I was a sophomore in college many years ago, I remember my Lit professor introduced me to this novel and it really fucked me up--in a good way. (She was the same professor who introduced Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto, Orhan Pamuk and Kazuo Ishiguro to me.)This story focuses on the objectification of women in society, an issue that has always intrigued me. I'm excited to go back to this and see [...]

    7. an odd one. it saddened me that it became more obviously, extravagantly futuristic in its setting as it progressed, but this is less a fault of the author's than my own sense that a woman turning into a pig is an entirely possible event in a Parisian parfumarie. but i realize that not everyone has such a troubled relationship with skin conditions or the french.

    8. Taas yksi kirja, jota ei olisi tullut luettua, ellei se olisi kuulunut kurssin lukemistoon. Outoja tapahtumia pullollaan oleva kertomus naisesta, joka muuttuu siaksi on, symboleiden ja kuvallisuuden analysoinnin kannalta ihanteellinen ja haastava kirja.

    9. I can't say why the tale of a prostitute who devolves into a pig sounded like a such a great concept. Certainly the idea must have popped up in abraded folktales once or twice. It really turns out to be "high concept", in the sense of some movie pitch which hasn't been fully fleshed out.You see what I did there? If you like porcine punnery, well, welcome to this book. The youngish author almost holds it together, for 70 pages or so, before spinning, spinning, spinning, wildly out of control, eve [...]

    10. I never thought I would be the kind of person who would become a vegetarian, but some of the books I read lately made me reconsider eating meat and I'm afraid this book was the last drop.Pig Tales is about a young, naive, ambitious sex worker who slowly turns into a pig. It is set in some dystopian setting but that doesn't really play a big role (you don't even start to notice until the end of the novel), because everything is focalized from her perspective and she's just not that into politics. [...]

    11. Bardzo, bardzo mocna. Miejscami okropna i ohydna, miejscami magiczna, a momentami piękna - na pewno zasłużenie głośna.Człowieczeństwo, społeczeństwo, my - wszystko przez pryzmat tego gdzie się co kończy, gdzie są granice. Podkreślone przez cykl przemian człowiek-maciora-człowiek.Wielka literatura, choć niespecjalnie "przyjemna" lektura.

    12. Oh que je m'attendais pas à ça quand j'ai commencé à lire ce livre.Truismes est un roman dont j'avais entendu parler sans jamais apprendre de quoi il parlait vraiment. Ça m'arrive souvent. Mais dans ce cas-ci, je crois que j'aurais plus apprécié si j'avais été mieux préparée. (Alors, spoilers pour la suite? J'imagine?)Dans un futur un peu flou où la société (& la France en particulier) est plus capitaliste & répressive & suçeuse de sang que jamais, une jeune femme tro [...]

    13. I don't like when women go overboard with their physical analysis adding feminism and irony. In this story a seductive woman became a pig and her lover became a wolf. And it was boring. Yes, I understand. Women are still seen as meat, men are still predators. I can handle that and I didn’t surround myself with people who think like this and professionally every job is a battle. Tough shit but unfortunately that's life. I hated Good in bed by Jennifer Weiner and although wtf! this is so not the [...]

    14. Lo más notable de este texto es que ondea. Cuando una la está leyendo, no se sabe si sentir lástima, risa, miedo, asco o excitación sexual. La personaje, de entrada, no fue provista de voluntad y, cuando experimenta algún impulso que la lleva a "moverse", este es equiparable al celo de los animales. No se puede establecer una identificación con ella, por lo tanto. Una se limita a hacer gestos conforme pasan las páginas, porque la protagonista ni siquiera es capaz de despertar compasión. [...]

    15. This book is about a girl with an excellent work ethic who gets a job at a perfume shop/brothel and slowly transforms into a pig. Oh, she is just the most honest, hard working girl ever. The author pulls off one of the best tranformation sequences that I have read. Very worthwhile reading, albeit the ending is a little far fetched.

    16. It's a strange novel written by a French woman about a women who gradually turns into a pig. It's also about how men take advantage of her over and over again. The info on the back of the book mentions that Jean-Luc Goddard is making it into a movie. Odd story, but hard to put down.

    17. OsinskipoludzkuJuż sam opis książki Marie Darrieussecq nie pozostawił mi złudzeń co do tego, iż obok niej nie będę potrafił przejść obojętnie. Lubię sięgać po takie pozycje, gdyż z reguły po lekturze jestem zadowolony i mam poczucie, że rozumiem więcej, a to przecież właśnie o to przede wszystkim chodzi w czytaniu, aby poszerzać horyzonty. Książki pozwalają nam ciągle zmieniać perspektywę oraz dowiadywać się czegoś więcej o otaczającym świecie i o ludziach w n [...]

    18. Wonderfully surreal story of a masseur who finds herself slowly morphing into a pig, which has the effect of making her feel randier than before. There is presumably some heavy political or philosophical point being made (at one point we hear mention of a military coup), but you won't care, because the humour and irreverence are what make this story so irresitible.

    19. Le ton factuel et détaché, suivi de remarques décalées, du narrateur-personnage à la première personne, peut rappeler La Salle de Bain de Jean-Philippe Toussaint ou L’étranger d'Albert Camus ; sauf que le personnage principal n'est pas tant apathique qu'ingénu ; elle pérégrine d'une situation loufoque à l'autre sans comprendre les malheurs qui lui arrivent, comme Candide de Voltaire, dont on retrouve aussi l'humour. Dans un genre de Métamorphose à la Kafka, mais avec un cochon ant [...]

    20. (Yet another way back machine review from 2007.)This novel succeeds in becoming both hilarious and sinister, a piece of social commentary disguised as an exercise in WTF. It begins with the story of an unemployed girl who gets hired in an exclusive Parisian perfume store by giving sexual favors to the shop director. She is then subjected to various acts of perversion by the boutique’s customers, all the while earning a pittance to support herself and her abusive boyfriend. Sounds like your typ [...]

    21. Despite the fact that I only read this due to it being on university module reading list, I still found it fairly enjoyable. However, I got the sense that in some scenes the author was almost revelling too much in the grotesque nature of the subject matter (a woman turning into a pig) which made it frequently unpleasant to read and the translation from the French was slightly clunky in places. Overall, I thought it was a good novel but I don't quite understand why it was an international best-se [...]

    22. this is a work of genius. underscores the carnality of our contemporary economy with the protagonist's embodied metaphor, living between-pig-and-human. Darrieussecq charts a radically shifting course through a France the that is crumbling faster than the protagonist can compute, punishing the decadent while the decadent punish those they've placed below themselves. Finally, the novel refigures the classic town-to-country narrative, bringing something far different from peace to its apparently es [...]

    23. Filthy, fun and unromantic. On what it means to 'grow' female and earn one's keep in a man's visual, sensual world. This 'applied feminist' narrative is just so smart, funny and horrible all at once. I didn't finish it, but didn't need to. Can't imagine many would finish it actually.

    24. I can't decide whether I love this book or despise it. A woman starts slowly turning into a pig. I think I need to get my head round this before I write a proper review. Weird, just weird.

    25. This is a novella about a woman who turns into a pig. I loved the quote on the cover from a reviewer, who said: If all men are pigs, then what can a woman do but turn into a sow?In the first pages, we meet a widely-proclaimed 'good-looking' woman, who starts working at a boutique in Paris. Soon enough, we find out she works there as a high-class escort. Then she starts gaining weight, and eventually turns into a pig, which turns her life to shit, basically. We then hear her story.The concept, of [...]

    26. Vérité manifeste inutile d’exprimer ou simple banalité ? La narratrice de Truismes, employée dans un salon un peu spécial où son corps-même est son outil de travail, voit celui-ci se transformer par périodes. Elle oscille entre plaisir, apprivoisement et descente en enfer ; alors que ses proches trouvent cela répugnant et commencent à la condamner, elle remonte à la surface pour toujours mieux couler… ou presque. Son état, le lecteur en a une idée assez précise très rapidement [...]

    27. A novel that starts off a bit coarse and with irony that felt too easy for me, but develops nicely and climaxes in quite sublime literature. A review on the back of mine says it's like the metamorphosis met Candide, but I think Candide is more innocent and was therefore more easily appreciated in his naivety, whereas here it's usually something along the lines of: 'He jammed his knob up my oinky bum five seconds after I'd said hello, but he bought me a nice coat. I like him, he seems friendly.' [...]

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