One thought on “Art of Teaching Children”

  1. I picked this up at my mom's house. It was published in the 60s but still has a wealth of info! I thought it was going to be about teaching, you know, like academic-type stuff. I was very surprised to find out it's more about how to apply the principles of the Gospel to have a happy home. There are a plethora of ideas in the back, including family home evening ideas and ideas for getting your children to help around the house. I think my mom used a lot of these strategies 'cause I felt like I wa [...]

  2. It's an old book, so it's a bit outdated, but it includes a lot of information that, in reality, is timeless. It reminds me of those older books that explained the "proper behavior for woman" and lists everything a mother "should be." Our home would be wonderful if I could fit the criteria outlined, but at this point in my life, all those standards are just unachievable for me. It's specific for an LDS family. I especially liked the lessons and other activities in the back of the book. That way [...]

  3. I loved the quotes from older apostles, and prophets included in her book. "A healthy body, plus a healthy mind is the very best nursery for a healthy spirit."- J. Reuben Clark"Mothers sow the seeds in childhood that determine to a great extent life's harvests in adulthood."-David O. McKay I enjoyed reading the supplemental stories used in her family to teach values.

  4. same as the homemaking book (they were both published in the 60's), this is also a little outdated, but interesting

  5. I loved this book. It helped me know what to do to help my children do chores and help me keep a happy home. It was very fun to have them help me so I could do more with them.

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