One thought on “The Joys of Homemaking”

  1. Clear, practical, timeless advice. I saw my mom in so much of this book. I need to get my own copy somehow and a copy for my daughters. (-: Great stuff.Some notes from the book:*Dedication of time and energy far beyond the mere providing of children's physical needs.*Parents and children must be willing to put family first in order to achieve family exaltation.*Homemaking should be neither beneath nor beyond me.*Unless an object is charming, put it out of sight.An orderly home:1. always leave th [...]

  2. This book is much like The Art of Homemaking, but with a little more elaboration in certain areas. So if you've read my review of the other book, it's pretty much the same for this book.

  3. This is another old-school book on traditional homemaking. There is some repetition from her previous book, "The Art of Homemaking," but she builds upon it here with more general advice on order, time management, parenting, and more. Her ideas are simple, some of her examples are a little out-dated, but at the core there is solid substance. I especially appreciated her advice to 1- Leave the house clean before going to bed, and 2- Lay a foundation in the morning (basic routine daily tasks) befor [...]

  4. I loved this book. It came at the perfect time in my life when I was looking for someone to say, "I'm a great homemaker. I had tons of kids, but I did it - and you can too." Hoole is a lady I would have loved to talk to about figuring this whole mothering and housekeeping thing out. She had a bunch of great ideas about homemaking and raising children that I can't wait to implement. I need to read this again and take notes!

  5. Okay, I picked this book up at a thrift store for a dollar thinking that if I could find a little more joy in homemaking, it would be a dollar well spent. Well, it was actually a pretty good book. Considering it was written in the seventies and so it is a little outdated, it still had a lot of great ideas and truths about being an LDS homemaker. It helped me catch a tiny vision of what I'd like to become more of as a mom and wife. So, dollar well spent. :)

  6. This lady is my hero. (Her philosophies actually remind me of my own dear mother.) This book was written before computers or apps and in a time when people had larger families & not as many women were employed outside their homes. And yet some ideas and techniques never become old-fashioned. I am now highly motivated to organize my files and family history stuff! Yea.

  7. Great book. The author does a really good job of saying what should be done in the home in a fun way. I also found it interesting that she not only talked about taking care of the home, but how to spend time with your children as well. A little out of date, but probably not too much has changed since it was written.

  8. This book is definitely dated but it motivated me to be more tidy and organized in my homemaking. Personally I think the number of little poems she includes is a little overkill but overall it was an interesting read.

  9. I found this at our Stake Goods Exchange. It has some good ideas that I've already implemented into my homemaking. Kinda interesting, maybe some of it is out of date, but I'm looking for any tips I can get to improve my home managing skills.

  10. Read in 1998. I think I found it on my bookshelf. I can't remember if this was one of those way outdated, silly books or not

  11. I learned a lot of basic skills you need to know as a homemaker. I would recommend this book to anyone who is just learning to set up an organized and happy home.

  12. This is one I like to read from time to time again. Because each time I read it I gain some thing new from it.

  13. I loved the organization techniques from toys, to laundry to filing papers. This book was a definite motivator, one I need on my bookshelf. I have not had moldy stinky laundry for weeks!

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