One thought on “A House of Order”

  1. My favorite homemaking book to date. A short, old-fashioned read, this book illuminates why we ought to take care of our homes, and how it will add to our happiness and of those we love. Her cornerstone-foundation- analogy of taking care of ourselves, as well as the basic needs in a home is worth reading the book alone. Her last chapter, "Be of Good Cheer" is an anti-depressant in itself.Full of practical suggestions, inspirational quotes, spiritual perspective and wisdom after raising 8 childre [...]

  2. Before I read this book, my house was SO unorganized and chaotic! This brought a wonderful gospel perspective to keeping my house in order.

  3. This book was definitely written back when you didn't have to worry about offending people : )Daryl Hoole gives some straight forward, practical, and useful suggestions, methods, and ways to conquer clutter, confusion, and disorganization in a home that is used daily by a big family. I loved it and felt it very motivating. She actually had a BIG family, so that is one reason her advice is worth listening to.

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