Track of the Coyote

Track of the Coyote The life history and behavioural characteristics of this animal

  • Title: Track of the Coyote
  • Author: Todd Wilkinson
  • ISBN: 9781559714716
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • The life history and behavioural characteristics of this animal.

    One thought on “Track of the Coyote”

    1. Book 75 of Sher's 2012 Reading Challenge. I made my challenge of 75 books yipee! As some of your know coyotes are becoming more and more successful in suburban and urban areas of North America. Like wolves, pigeons, starlings and rats these animals have been maligned and persecuted. They are the survivors though and can't be eradicated unless the very last animal is shot or poisoned. This book is all about the life history of coyotes ; it follows an alpha pair in Yellowstone Park, and traces the [...]

    2. I loved the insight into natural coyote behavior. This book should extract anyone's biases toward coyotes. However, I found the speciesist language jarring and unfortunate coming from someone who so clearly respects these clever animals. As one example, the author sometimes calls them he and she, but frequently calls them "it." But they have gender, and they are not things. There is almost always a way to avoid calling animals "it," even if gender is not known, and this author frequently used "i [...]

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