Birthday Basis of the Hit Movie Ring Birthday Birthday is Ring master Koji Suzuki s return to the Ring universe a collection of short stories focusing on the female characters with a theme of birth An explo

  • Title: Birthday
  • Author: Kōji Suzuki
  • ISBN: 9781932234824
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Basis of the Hit Movie Ring 0 Birthday Birthday is Ring master Koji Suzuki s return to the Ring universe, a collection of short stories focusing on the female characters with a theme of birth An exploration of extraordinary circumstances from the perspective of memorable women, this expansion of the Ring, Spiral, and Loop world was adapted into a hit movie less than a yeBasis of the Hit Movie Ring 0 Birthday Birthday is Ring master Koji Suzuki s return to the Ring universe, a collection of short stories focusing on the female characters with a theme of birth An exploration of extraordinary circumstances from the perspective of memorable women, this expansion of the Ring, Spiral, and Loop world was adapted into a hit movie less than a year after the book s publication.Thirty years before the tragic events of Ring, Sadako Yamamura was an aspiring stage actress on the verge of her theatrical debut The beautiful and ravishing Sadako was the object of every male s desire involved with the company including n the director There was one thespian she was interested in, but Fast forward past the events of Ring, Ryuji Takayama s distraught lover, Mai Takano is struggling in the wake of the professor s mysterious demise Mai visits Ryuji s parents house to find the missing pages of his soon to be published article There she is drawn to a curious videotape and a fate terrifying than Ryuji or Kazuyuki Asakawa s.Reiko Sugiura questioned the purpose of bringing a child into a world where there was only death She already lost one son, and the father of her unborn child, Kaoru Futami, had disappeared in search of a cure to the deadly disease that threatened all life Despite Kaoru s to meet again in two months, he has not returned Despondent but driven for answers Reiko is led to the Loop project, where she will discover the final truths of the Ring virus.

    One thought on “Birthday”

    1. Well, as I loved all previous Ringu books, I loved this one too. Mostly I was shocked when in 180 page in first sentence was written date June 27, 1991 (one day before I got into this world). I WAS BORN ON JUNE 28, 1991. So I was very surprised by that date. Never found such thing with my birthday in a any book. And it is even more mysterious that this book is named "Birthday". My favorite chapter of course was about Sadako's life in theater. I saw movie by this bookd I think right now I'm gonna [...]

    2. A book to give you nightmares. The science fiction/horror-noir style of this tale reminds me of Murakami. But unlike Murakami, Suzuki leans more toward shock and the grotesque. One of the many premises of the tale is that two "realities" exist simultaneously. There is the real world and "the loop." Technology allows for the inhabitants of the real world to view the inhabitants of the loop, through what seems like virtual reality sets. The dynamic between the two worlds is unclear, but there is i [...]

    3. Ring, Spiral, and Loop are the series that lead up to this book and it isa total and complete let down. Have you ever enjoyed something you read so much only to have it completely ruined for you? Because that's what this book does, if I could take back reading it, I would. It ruins the entire series and makes it meaningless. In my opinion if you loved any of the Ring series of books do yourself a favor and don't read this one. Pretend like it doesn't exist.

    4. 2.5-3 stars.This was definitely the best book out of all the series. Three short stories concentrating on the women of the trilogy.I quite enjoyed the first two, but the third one was not to my taste. Felt like, once again, there wasn't much new to it, and this story could have been forgotten all together.

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    6. Bastante interesante, por eso lo terminé tan rápido, me agradó conocer más detalles sobre lo que le pasó a Mai y a Sadako, ya que en los libros anteriores no te daba muchos detalles porque estaban narrados desde otros puntos de vista.La parte que menos me agradó fue la de Reiko, porque desde Loop no siento ninguna simpatía por ese personaje, me desagrada. Me cuesta comprender como puede ser tan desconsiderada para estarse acostando con Kaoru en la habitación de hospital del hijo mientras [...]

    7. Going into this one, I was a little worried that this would turn out to be a collection of "deleted scenes" from the initial trilogy of novels. Thankfully, I was mostly wrong. All three stories have qualities that make them worthwhile reads. The first story, "Coffin in the Sky," is told from the perspective of Mai Takano while in her last hours alive. This one truly feels like a deleted scene from Spiral, but Mai's thoughts and memories make it more interesting than it normally would have been. [...]

    8. For anyone who has ever heard of The Ring or Ringu, this is a must read. I, myself, am a huge fan of Japanese horror, whether it be books, movies or video games, so when I found this book on thriftbooks, you can imagine how ecstatic I was. My favorite movie in the Ringu/Ring franchise is Ringu 0: Birthday, the movie directly inspired by this book. The story begins with introducing us to a character called Takano Mai. As with all Ringu characters, she doesn't stick around for long. The majority o [...]

    9. Spoilers ahead!***An excellent collection of short stories. For me, "Lemon Heart" was the absolute winner here, a real stunner of a story. It was engrossing, and the look into Sadako's past with the troupe was welcome. the first story, "Coffin in the Sky", seemed a bit flat and pointless to me. We all kind of knew what Mai Takano's last moments must've been like. There was nothing really unexpected there, and as it was the first story in the book, I have to admit I started to worry about how the [...]

    10. The last book in the Ring-series and this is a book that actually consists of three separate stories (though that are still connected to each other) To read this book you must definitely have read all of the previous installements because the information given there is vital.It is fun to learn more about some of the minor characters from the previous books and to see how their experiences with the Ring virus ended (in most cases any encounter with the Ring ends in death but hey, never to late to [...]

    11. German edition - German review:"Birthday - The Ring 0" enthält drei Kurzgeschichten bzw. Novellen, die die Ereignisse in den drei Ring-Romanen ergänzen und kommentieren. Bei der ersten Geschichte namens "Der im Himmel treibende Sarg" handelt es sich quasi um ein Kapitel aus "Ring II", das die Wiedergeburt von Sadako beschreibt. Die längste Geschichte, "Lemonheart" erzählt Sadakos Zeit in der Schauspieltruppe aus der Perspektive eines ihrer Verehrer. Den Band beschließt die titelgebende Stor [...]

    12. Last night I finished Birthday byKoji Suzuki, the latest (last? I doubt it) book in hisRing/ Spiral/ Loop cycle. If the only thing you know about Ring is the American film adaptation--or even the Japanese film or manga--you are doing yourself a disservice. Do you remember how coolMichael Crichton was when you were in middle school? How you read and rereadJurassic Park andSphere? Well, reading Suzuki's books as an adult recalls that feeling.Without giving away all the stuff that happens in the fi [...]

    13. Kitap özelinde serinin son ve en zayıf halkası (ironik oldu) ve insan evladı bütünün kendisine değil bitişlerin yarattığı hislere göre değer biçmeye meyillidir. Evet, sonu olan her şeyin en vurucu tarafı vedası olmalı. Olayı uzatmak için yazılmış gibi bir havası var kitabın (gişe tanrıları sanat tanrılarını bir kez daha alt etmiş sanki), sonuçta silik bir veda olmuş ve doğru bildin en çabuk onlar unutuluyor.Seri geneli için tek cümlelik özetim ise "ilgiyi [...]

    14. With the release of a new Ring movie (2017) I realized that I had never read any of the source material, the books by Koji Suzuki. Wow! I'm so glad that I did. The book cover states that this is a collection of three short stories. Actually, all three stories tie together to tell one complete tale. This is a great book of horror, with just a touch of science fiction. I won't tell you the story, because I don't believe in spoilers. As a tale of horror, this is a truly original and brilliant book. [...]

    15. It was nice getting back into Koji Suzuki's works again. I had such fond memories of reading the rest of the series when I was younger. The magic and excitement of finding Ring at the local library of a small country town, and reading in free periods at school, then getting a copy of Spiral ordered in, then finding a copy of Ring in a discount bin. Finally finding Loop and spending my summer days out in the sun reading it. It was a treat to find an Australian online discount book seller that had [...]

    16. Nu, hvor jeg alligevel var igang, så kunne jeg lige så godt få afsluttet Koji Suzukis bogserie.Birthday er den allersidste bog i Ring serien og er en novellesamling med tre historier fra universet.Af gode grunde kan jeg ikke fortælle, hvad de handler om, men jeg kan da afsløre, at vi følger 3 vidt forskellige kvinders skæbner i hver deres historie.Er bogen så værd at læse? Både ja og nej. Historierne er ikke nødvendig læsning, men de giver et meget godt indblik i nogle ting, der ikk [...]

    17. Birthday is a collection of three short stories that act as a bookend for the Ring series. each short story is from the point of view of a female character from each of the three previous books (Ring, Spiral, and Loop). it was nice to see more of the thoughts and feelings behind the women in the Ring universe, but i found them no different from those of the men. i will go on to say, i enjoyed Sadako's story the most. she was the mystery that started it all, and it's a shame we haven't been able [...]

    18. This is a decent improvement on Loop and Spiral, and an enjoyable expansion of the Ring universe. It's essentially two short stories bookending a longer novella 'Lemon Heart'. Each story further develops aspects of the previous three books. It is probably worth reading Ring and Spiral beforehand; Loop is less essential, since the relevant story in Birthday includes a brief recap. Overall, this is probably one for the fans and - as a big fan of the original - it was my favourite of the various fo [...]

    19. Whether you like the short stories in this book will probably depend on whether you liked the other books in the Ring series. "Floating Coffin" ties in most closely with Spiral, "Lemon Heart" with Ring, and "Happy Birthday" with Loop. I enjoyed the first two short stories, but because I didn't like Loop, I didn't connect with the last one. This really can't be read as a standalone either; you need to have read the other books for the stories to make sense.

    20. Despite what many say, this book is mainly about Sadako's lover and Kaoru. It is also quite possible to stand-alone by itself though certainly it's not a surprise if you've read the previous material. Suzuki's Ring actually has no bearing on the story though certainly Spiral and Loop do. It's not very long and is not as great as the novel themselves though it marks the ending to a great series.

    21. I've started to read it. It has three different stories in it and I have completed one of the three.OK I guess I posted the above four years ago. I have finished the book. From what I remember I liked it. It is three stories from the Ring universe. It was good. One deals with the birth of Sadako, the others deal with things I can't remember. I wouldn't read this without reading the others as this kind of plays off of them.

    22. Obwohl da "The Ring 0" draufsteht, empfiehlt es sich vorher die Triologie gelesen zu haben, denn dann kann man den Kurzgeschichten hier besser folgen. Es ist ohnehin eher eine Ergänzung als ein eigenständiges Buch. Meisterhaft erzählt wie die anderen Bücher von Koji Suzuki und eine gelungene, wenn auch nicht notwendige Ergänzung des Ring-Zyklus.

    23. This was a nice rap up of the last few plot lines from the end of the first novel Loop. It was a interesting look into the lives of three of the women of the Ring series and what happened to them. It was also nice to see something of Sadako before she became the monster that almost destroys two whole worlds

    24. Ce volume relatif à la trilogie Ringu doit se lire après celle-ci. Ring Zéro se compose de 3 nouvelles ayant un rapport direct avec la trilogie. Le livre reprend 3 scènes d’un point de vue différent, vues par des personnages clé. La touche finale qui éclaire un peu plus ce qui je considère comme un chef-d’œuvre du genre.

    25. Unlike the film, Ring 0: Birthday, Birthday is not a prequel. It's a series of shirt stories that fill in gaps of what was happening in other parts of the story independent of Ring and Spiral. Interesting if you're a hardcore fan.

    26. Great book, it fills in an excellent way some of the gaps that were left in the original series. Three short stories of high quality, each better that the previous one. I'm exited to get another book of Suzuki on my hands.

    27. the first and second stories were very good , creepy !!! the last story one didn't get to me the way the others did but over all it was a very good novel !!! I thought it was much better then the other previous novels of his !!

    28. 3 เรื่องสั้นถ่ายทอดช่วงเวลาที่หายไปให้สมบูรณ์และลุ่มลึกมากขึ้น ความรู้สึกนึกคิดของเหล่าหญิงสาวที่ไม่ค่อยมีมิติและบางเบาในเล่มหลัก ตอนเสริมนี้จะทำให้เราเข้าใจหัวอกของพวกเ [...]

    29. It was better than I thought on my initial reading. Although I don't think it's a completely worthy conclusion to the series, it was interesting none the less.

    30. A series of short stories taking place in the Ring-universe. Mostly seems like chapters deleted from the other novels, but worth the read.

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