Confederates Don't Wear Couture

Confederates Don t Wear Couture Publishers Weekly praised the Pilgrims Don t Wear Pink author Stephanie Kate Strohm for turning a strong heroine and a few surprises into a clever tightly written book that will keep readers wonderin

  • Title: Confederates Don't Wear Couture
  • Author: Stephanie Kate Strohm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Publishers Weekly praised the Pilgrims Don t Wear Pink author Stephanie Kate Strohm for turning a strong heroine and a few surprises into a clever, tightly written book that will keep readers wondering who will become Libby s Mr Darcy This romantic sequel follows suit in high style High style hoopskirts, that is When history nerd Libby s fashion designer best frPublishers Weekly praised the Pilgrims Don t Wear Pink author Stephanie Kate Strohm for turning a strong heroine and a few surprises into a clever, tightly written book that will keep readers wondering who will become Libby s Mr Darcy This romantic sequel follows suit in high style High style hoopskirts, that is When history nerd Libby s fashion designer best friend asks for help selling his gowns to the wives of Civil War reenactors, she jumps at the chance to frolick on a nineteenth century playground But Alabama s no sweet home sweltering heat, no Starbucks, a vengeful ghost And the boys Miss Libby s got the North and the South fighting for her heart.

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    1. I had a lot of fun with this book. The kind of fun that makes you laugh out loud on the bus and get looked at like you're a crazy person. But I couldn't help it-- Strohm writes fun and wittastic dialogue for Libby, a main character who quickly grew dear to my heart. Apparently, Libby's adventures started in her first book; this is book 2. Not knowing Libby from the first book was no problem- I felt like she was my long-lost little sister by the end of Chapter 1. This girl loves history and histo [...]

    2. My Summary: Libby loves spending her summers in costume, but this year is going to be a little different - her best friend Dev has designed a bunch of fabulous Civil War gowns and has a plan to sell them to the re-enactors. And being the great friend she is, Libby ditches her plans to visit her boyfriend in order to help Dev get his operation going. But will she and Dev be able to survive the South long enough to make it big, or will the constant string of problems - including a ghost - ruin any [...]

    3. Review Posted on Reading Lark 5/23/13: readinglark/2013/I really enjoyed Libby's romp through colonial history in Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink, but I LOVED her road trip through the South as she and Dev followed Civil War reenactors on their living history adventure. Dev and Libby plan to sell their fashion wares to all the women along the way who want to look their best for their soldiers.I've always been interested in studying the antebellum and Civil War eras so perhaps my fondness stems from the [...]

    4. 4.5/5Source: Received an ARC for review through Vine in exchange for an honest review.Last year, I had the great delight of reading Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink, about the summer adventures of a young girl named Libby who reminded me a lot of myself. She loves history, fashion, reading, Jane Austen, among other interests and I immediately clicked with her. Although that story was standalone, I was pleased and intrigued to find out there would be a sequel.This one follows the summer after graduation [...]

    5. SNAPSHOT:Libby’s light summer adventure takes her once more into matters of the heart, ghostly mysteries, and historical hijinx. The hardcore Civil War reenactors bring an interesting subculture and historically relevant settings to the series—now if only Libby and Dev could stop lampshading how dorky they feel everything is and let the reader enjoy it for five seconds!This second installment is sure to appeal to those familiar with Libby’s world: a light and fluffy read with fast dialogue [...]

    6. No spoilers for Confederates Don't Wear Couture, but proceed with caution if you have not read Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink."Ah, Mr. Yankee," I read. "If you want to know what an excited girl can do, just call and let me show you the use of a small seven-shooter and a large carving knife which vibrate between my belt and my pocket, always ready for emergencies."Libby is looking forward to a summer with her boyfriend, Garrett, but when her best friend, Dev, offers her a chance to spend the summer tra [...]

    7. When I first received this book to read and review I was beyond excited as I did quite enjoy its predecessor, "Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink". I found "Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink" to be exactly what I needed at the time, a fun, flirty, and lighthearted read. However, I must admit that I didn't like this book near as much as I did the previous. My largest complaint about this book was lack of communication on the characters parts. Because the characters (Libby and Garrett, especially) lacked in communic [...]

    8. Ya'll let me tell you I am actually conflicted about this book. It's important to note that I did not read the first book is this series, but rather picked the second book off the shelf of the library where I work when I noted its god-awful title. At first glance it clearly has the shittiest title/cover art combination I've ever seen in my life. I mean seriously, Confederates Don' t Wear Couture? It's like the teen version of a Magic Treehouse book title. I wanted to be be like, hey Steph Strohm [...]

    9. An enjoyable and pretty funny sequel!This was obviously fluff and full of miscommunication, but I liked it a lot. The only thing was, there was always an uncomfortable tugging feeling somewhere inside at the occasional glorification of the TOTALLY wrong side of the Civil War. How can I feel for anyone pretending to be a Confederate when they were supporters of something despicable?But the author did mention that issue a few times, which I appreciated.Other than that, I really enjoyed the histori [...]

    10. While this sequel was still enjoyable, I liked the first book much better. Dev's stereotypical gayness didn't bother me as much as it did in the first book, but my opinion of him actually dropped here. He doesn't seem like a good friend to Libby. There are great characters here, though. And this time the ghost story actually fits better in the story. The author does use the tired "I think my significant other is cheating, but I'm not going to say anything so we can have a big misunderstanding th [...]

    11. I haven't read PILGRIMS DON'T WEAR PINK, but read CONFEDERATES DON'T WEAR COUTURE anyway because it looked quick and cute. I was right. Libby is blonde, bubbly, and loves fashion and history. It doesn't take her friend Dev much work to convince her to travel with a Confederate reenactment army to help him sell his dress designs to the women who travel with the armyNFEDERATES DON'T WEAR COUTURE combines a love triangle with a ghost story and stirs in a hilarious best friend for a delightful summe [...]

    12. Part 2 in Libby's Saga picks up the summer after Pilgrims Don't Wear Pink and is an equally fast and funny read. Libby and Dev are going to spend the summer tagging along with a Confederate reenactment troop, selling Dev's fabulous historically accurate couture. Of course, there's a hot and chivalrous young man who has his eye on Libby, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend, who manages to show up halfway through the summer. Another ghostly mystery, this one a little more sinister, takes up a goo [...]

    13. I almost put the book down beause of the bad dialouge. But I gave it the hundred page test and it passed! In a nutshell Libby Kelting and her GBF(Dev) leave Minnesota to hook up with a civil war reenactor group from Alabama. They spend all summer with the Fifteenth Alabama Volunteer Infantry. Dev is going to take his historical fashion designs to the south. They will be selling his authentic gowns to the wives and girlfriends of the reenactors.Of course things don't go smoothly for very long. Th [...]

    14. Hoo-boy, this is a hard one to rate. And where half stars would really, really come in handy. Because this is more a 2.5 for me, sadly. Characters I loved in the previous book (GarrettcoughGarrett) changed for the worst for the majority of this book and I was nooooooot down. He redeemed himself pretty well in the end which is what bumped it up from 2 to 2.5, but stille amount of trust issues and jealousy and plain rude behavior he displayed towards someone he supposedly lovedis is a fairly light [...]

    15. This book is a lot like the first one in the series. I think that Stephanie Kate Strohm should make more. I really like Devs personality. And I wish that they described the day a little more. All in all, I give this book a 4.5.

    16. Last summer, Libby worked as a Revolutionary War reenactor at a living history museum. This summer, her last before heading to college, her best friend Dev has gotten himself a gig designing, sewing, and selling period clothes to Confederate Civil War reenactors, and he’s asked Libby to come along as his model. Libby is disappointed not to spend the summer with her boyfriend, Garrett, who has a journalism internship in Boston, but she can’t pass up the opportunity to combine her love of fash [...]

    17. Recommended[return][return]This book is the sequel to Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink. It’s the following summer and Libby has been planning on spending it with her boyfriend Garrett, working at a historical site in Boston. Libby’s best friend, Dev, changes plans for her and convinces her to go south with him to sell Civil War costumes to reenactors. Dev gets them in to the Fifteenth Alabama Volunteer Regiment and they are assigned to the sutlers row. Libby is the only female traveling with the g [...]

    18. Posted to Almost Grown-up:When I finished reading Confederates Don’t Wear Couture, I thought that my review would read very similarly to the one I wrote for Stephanie Kate Strohm’s Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink. Let’s see if I was right. It’s a year later and Libby’s been talked into spending yet another summer in period costume– only this time she’s following Confederate troop reenactors around with her best friend Dev. I still liked Libby for the most part– her passion for history [...]

    19. Totally passed by this at B&N, and decided to get it because of the title. I'm a sucker for Civil War YA novels, even if this isn't strictly Civil War, but Civil War reenactment. When I flipped through it at the store, one of the characters references Dr. Thomas Lowry's book The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell, and that was the moment I tucked it under my arm and headed to the register!This is a bubble gum book. It's not heavy at all. It's a sweet YA novel about boyfriends and gay friends, [...]

    20. Another fantastic adventure for the Scooby Squad Libby and Dev. This time at a Civil War reenactment circuit. Dev gets the crazy idea to start a business in historical clothing, and picks the Confederate ladies since they have the best dresses. So he packs Libby up and they go to Alabama where we meet a kindred spirit in Beau, since he like history too; but he is being haunted by a ghost. Garrett later shows up in connection with reporting on the haunting. I really, really like the combination o [...]

    21. This is a breezy, light teen novel with a bit of history lesson, a bit of romance, and a bit of mystery mixed into an appealing package. Libby Kelting, our heroine, is a self-professed history nerd, and is excited when she gets the chance to spend a summer following around her best friend, Dev, a "fabulous" fashion designer--and stereotypically gay to boot. Dev's going to be selling his gorgeous custom period clothing to Civil War re-enactors, and Libby is recruited as his model. Libby already h [...]

    22. I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.As an adult, I enjoyed this YA book. I found the author a little sneaky - she got in some history lessons and facts along with telling the story. :) It's what you would get if you put together elements of The O.C./Nancy Drew/Sweet Valley High/Tony Horwitz "Confederates in the Attic". Which is a great combination for YA. The characters are high schoolers, but quite adult, which I assume is the norm now. The heroine is str [...]

    23. Libby Kelting is just graduating from high school in Minnesota and her best friend Dev has a great idea of how to make money the summer before the both head off to their respective colleges. Exaggerating the amount of supervision a bit, he signs them up to set up a storefront and sell custom ordered, historically accurate clothing to the reenactors of Confederate battles all over the South. Following the Fifteenth Alabama Volunteer Infantry, Dev and Libby cross paths with another ghost story, he [...]

    24. Totally fun, totally one of the best books I have read and enjoyed in quite awhile! I loved the cover let me just say! I loved the title second. So I was hooked before it even arrived in my mailbox!I love Libby! I think one of my favorite scenes was when Dev was going to give her a peanut butter cup and then holy cow they see a ghost! I laughed, "She came out of TV like in The Ring and into our battlefield." Now tell me a book like this doesn't interest you! All I know is this series MUST contin [...]

    25. Libby and Dev just got out of high school, and before college, there's a money making opportunity for Dev that he hooks Libby into. How they and the other characters all interact is a really fun read with some serious issues like loyalty and trust in a relationship, historical preservation and being selfish no matter who it hurts (that relates to the ghost - no more or it's a spoiler). Fast and very funny read. I received this book for free through First Reads. Thanks for allowing me the opport [...]

    26. When I received CONFEDERATES DON'T WEAR COUTURE as a First Reads book, I did not realize it was a YA novel. However, that's never stopped me before. I have not read the first book in the series but after reading this one, I might pick it up. I love Libby & Dev's dynamics and all the trouble they get into together. It's a cute little love story that although may be predictable, is enjoyable.

    27. This book was adorable. I will have to go back and read "Pilgrims don't wear pink!" Libby's best friend Dev is a wonder at fashion and making clothing. He has a scheme to make Haute couture clothing for the people who do re-enactments of the Civil war. He wants Libby to go to Alabama with him this summer to travel with one of those groups. Little did they know that a ghost would be involved, not to mention a love triangle as well. This is a quick read and fun from start to finish.

    28. This is a wonderful YA book!! I loved and I read it in one day. I couldn't put it down!! It is a very entertaining and funny mystery!!! Libby is kind of a history nerd. She can't imagine a better summer than last summer. Until her best friend Dev a great fashion designer comes up with a plan to salr authentic gowns to wives and girlfriends of civil war reenators. Libby loves living history! Soon Libby in a nineteenthy century play ground!!

    29. Cute and fun read. I received this book as part of the first read giveaway from the author. She brings together the Civil War and fashion. Libby is a history buff and her best friend Dev is a fashionista. Dev convinces Libby to spend the summer following a Civil War reenactment troop to sell couture period clothing but they also end up ghost hunting! Highly recommend for adults and teens alike!!

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