Star Trek: The Original Series: Shadow of the Machine

Star Trek The Original Series Shadow of the Machine An all new original e novella set in the Original Series universe taking place immediately after the events of the film Star Trek The Motion Picture After its recent encounter with V ger the U S

  • Title: Star Trek: The Original Series: Shadow of the Machine
  • Author: Scott Harrison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An all new original e novella set in the Original Series universe taking place immediately after the events of the 1979 film Star Trek The Motion Picture After its recent encounter with V ger, the U.S.S Enterprise has returned to dry dock to finish its refit before commencing its second five year mission The crew has been granted a two week period of shore leave beforeAn all new original e novella set in the Original Series universe taking place immediately after the events of the 1979 film Star Trek The Motion Picture After its recent encounter with V ger, the U.S.S Enterprise has returned to dry dock to finish its refit before commencing its second five year mission The crew has been granted a two week period of shore leave before preparations for their next voyage begins Shaken by their encounter with V ger, Kirk, Spock, and Sulu travel to their respective homes and must reflect upon their lives now forever changed.

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    1. This e-novella takes place after V'Ger (1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture) and before the next five year mission.The crew is on a two-week shore leave before the preparations for the next voyager starts and Sulu travelers home to his pregnant wife, Kirk goes home to Iowa to visit his family and Spock travelers to Vulcan to inform about his decision to not continue with the kolinahr ritual.This short e-novella is perfect for TOS fans that don't mind reading stories taking place between or a [...]

    2. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This story takes place immediately after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979). Interesting insight into how each of the main characters react and recover from the events in the movie. Not a bad read, but it felt kind of forced to me, and I kept waiting for something to happen. This was more of a character study, and I would recommend it for serious Star Trek fans.

    3. Free, ARC from NetGalley, thank you!The story fits in well after the original Star Trek motion picture, the characters stay true to the original series. I liked the various plotlines, but this was too short to explore any of the themes in depth.Spock and the Vulcans in general seem to be a bit emotional to me. And Sulu came along as pretty bland in my opinion. But I never really liked Sulu, so I might be biased. Generally nice character studies, with a little bit of action towards the end to liv [...]

    4. I'm a long time Star Trek fan and at one time regularly bought and read the books based on and inspired by the series. Then I drifted away and stopped reading. But in the past few months I've been wandering back. I didn't love the first ST movie, heck it was disappointing, but I was intrigued by the idea of what a writer might do with the aftermath of the movie's events.Not much as it turns out. There are three separate stories, with a slight overlap; Sulu, Kirk, and Spock each get their own sto [...]

    5. This novella reminded me of the TNG episode "family". The three main stories cover Sulu, Spock and Kirk as each one goes home after the events during the V'ger encounter. I felt the Sulu story was the weakest it just didn't feel right. The Kirk story had some good character moments in it, and the Spock story had a scene in it that reminded me of the end of The Voyage Home with the scene between Sarek and Spock. It's a quick enjoyable read. If you like novels set after the events of the motion pi [...]

    6. Set just after the events of ST: The Motion Picture, this examines the crew of the Enterprise coming home to decompress as the ship gets its final refit and prep for Kirk and Co's second five year mission. This is basically a rework of the TNG episode, "Family". It tries, but ultimately fails to pull off the pain, regret, and pathos of the episode. An interesting idea, but ultimately the entire thing feels very forced.

    7. Absolutely loved this book! Great story, character-play, new insights into this time period's gaps, terrific lessons on courage and fear, loyalty, destiny, family and friends (whomever they may be) Scott Harrison nailed it! Well done!

    8. a nice lil quiet and introspective novella. Spock goes through a kibd of epiphanie that directly mirrors the voyage home. everyones in flux.

    9. Originally published at Reading RealityThis short novella is not exactly a story. Instead, it reads like three character profiles of people we know well. We see Kirk, Spock and Sulu at a pivotal point in their lives – the immediate aftermath of the V’ger incident portrayed in the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture.It is also, for each of them a meditation on the place that is called home, and a glimpse into their relationships with people that we know of but are not necessarily familiar wit [...]

    10. With the recent death of Leonard Nimoy on my mind, I thought it was a good time to preview this Star Trek Novella. I attended college in Buffalo at UB (a SUNY school) and had signed up to be a reporter for the school's newspaper - The Spectrum. This afforded me the opportunity to be a part of the interview team for a Q and A session with Leonard Nimoy who was promoting his book of poetry. It was a day of firsts, first meeting of a cast member of Star Trek and first time getting drunk at a bar (a [...]

    11. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 3.25 of 5Star Trek fiction is my comfort blanket. This is what I read when I'm looking to read something that I don't have to think too hard about but will typically satisfy. I think most people have something they like to turn to for comfort reading, whether it is religious or romance or scientific journals. I've thought about why I like ST fiction and I think it's because the characters are not only already very familiar to me, [...]

    12. After their encounter with V’Ger, the Enterprise crew is going onshore leave during the ship refit. While Kirk goes back to Iowa tohelp his nephew Peter, who still suffers from his parents’ death,Spock heads back to Vulcan to deal with his abandoned Kolinarh, and Sulu is confronted with the consequences of being a father sooner than expected. My knowledge of the Original Series era is pretty rusty and somewhat incomplete, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this novella. The three main cha [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.My favorite Star Trek series is honestly still the Original one. I love DS9, and watched TNG gives me some warm nostalgia, but the characters I have the greatest affection for are Kirk, Spock, and Bones. There were TOS novels out long before TNG was even a twinkle in anybody's eye, and I loved those books too for how they gave me a chance to revisit my fictional friends. "Doctor's Orders", "My Enemy, My Ally", "Spock' [...]

    14. At its heart, Star Trek was all about humanity and the relationship between its main characters. On a personal basis I was an avid reader of the Trek novels that kept us going once we no longer had a TV series and before the success of Star Wars generated a revival of Star Trek at the cinema. After a couple of hundred books, I kind of lost my way and only occasionally dabble now, but here was a novella that seemed to be about crew members that almost feel like family to us.This is set after the [...]

    15. 'Star Trek: The Original Series: Shadow of the Machine' by Scott Harrison is a short Trek novel. It's more about character reflection than anything else. If you like your stories more dramatic and action packed, this may not work for you.The story takes place in between the first Star Trek movies. In the aftermath of their encounter with V'ger, the crew finds themselves back on Earth to get the Enterprise repaired and refitted. This story follows three of the crew. Kirk is on his Aunt and Uncle' [...]

    16. just a note: i got this free in exchange for an honest review from Net Galleyis is a well written novella that takes place just days after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. depending on if you were a fan of this movie or have seen it will vary your enjoyment of this story in my opinion. i love these characters, enjoyed the original series and for that matter like the ideas behind this movie even though the movie itself wasn't the greatest. that being said you don't necessarily need to [...]

    17. great writing, but not an action bookThe author did an excellent job of writing this book, getting the characters right (although there were a few off moments), this is rare praise from me. However, this is not an action book, nor a book with interaction among the characters. It is a novel about introspection of certain characters. There is not any action (except a short side one at the end). No phasers, no space battles, no aliens. It focuses on Spock, Kirk and Sulu. Personally, I would have li [...]

    18. Shadow of the Machine (Star Trek: The Original Series)by Scott HarrisonThe book follows three of the original Star Trek characters Kirk, Spock, Sulu after the events in the first movie of the series. All three have to deal with their encounter with V’ger and the loss of two crew members. Kirk needs to understand his role, how he sees himself and helps his nephew decide what to do with his life. Spock needs to face his past failures, and declare his intentions compared to Vulcan society. Sulu i [...]

    19. Book 9 of 40 of the 2015 book challengeSo I needed to not fall behind in my pace so I grabbed this ebook. At times I pick up the Star Trek and Star Wars books when I just want a quick read that does not require a lot of me.This story at 150 pages is quick and is a good read and fills in the gaps of what happened after the events of the first Star Trek movie. There are three storylines that are tracked Kirk, Spock, and Sulu. All three stories are interesting and completes some of the characters c [...]

    20. Spock, Kirk and Sulu take breaths after the activity of the Motion Picture adventure with V'Ger by going home to their respective planets, cities, homes. What ensues is practically not sci-fi, and practically plotless. It's very much a collector's piece (or for those planning pub quizzes about Uhura's first name) and will mean so little to the passing visitor it will barely register. Yes the original series had emotion, and there is a place for a discussion about the meaning of family, inheritan [...]

    21. In Shadow of the Machine, Scott Harrison seems to have set out to write the TNG episode "Family" for the TOS crew, and it works quite well for the most part. The character notes are nearly perfect, and the insight into the lives of Kirk, Spock, and Sulu are handled very nicely. Kirk's visit with his family in Iowa was very interesting, especially since insights into his extended family are few and far between. I have always wondered what became of his nephew, Peter, following the harrowing event [...]

    22. This is a short novella story which takes place immediately after the events of the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I don't want to add any spoilers about what happens in the film but the crew have now been granted a two-week period of shore leave and it shows how the main characters, Kirk, Spock, and Sulu have travelled to their respective homes to reflect upon their lives following dramatic recent events. The story is detailled and each section for the characters is good and it is wel [...]

    23. Not much plot, to be honest, but this is an interesting look at the main characters of the original ST as they recover from the events of "Star Trek - the Motion Picture." Kirk has to deal with family problems and with feelings of guilt at the deaths of some of his crew-mates; Sulu must cope with the birth of his daughter (Demora); Spock decides not to pursue "kolinahr" and to move towards greater acceptance of his human half. Good for people who really love the original series and its character [...]

    24. I'm not a Star Trek person but I enjoyed this book. I had to remember what happened in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. When the focus of the book changes to the three characters that's when it becomes very good. The conflicts of the characters is more personal than anything I've seen in Star Trek. The ending being open ended reminds you that Star Trek is a continuing journey. I think that works for the story and the larger universe of Star Trek.I read book through NetGalley. I thank them and the [...]

    25. There are some things to like here, but not that many. I expected this to be like the episode “Family” from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and in a lot of ways it is, as all three threads--Kirk, Spock, Sulu--dealt with family. I wish I could say what made me not like this as much as I thought I would, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it; perhaps I am comparing it too much to the STTNG episode. The most intriguing parts were Kirk’s family in Iowa.

    26. A Star Trek novel, of any length, is about characters as much as story. For as long as I've been a Trek fan, the Enterprise has been every bit as much a character as Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew.I get why this novella was written, and I did enjoy the storybut without the Enterprisewellt completely a Star Trek story.

    27. An attempt to do "Family" with the TOS cast, but it falls far short. The basic premise requires us to disregard the end of The Motion Picture, since it appears when Kirk said, "Out there. Thataway," he actually meant, "Bring the ship back to spacedock," and when Spock said he had no more business on Vulcan, he meant he needed to go back there and tie up some loose ends.

    28. I don't usually read the Star Trek tie-in novels but I was intrigued by the cover notes. I went for it and was not disappointed. It deals with three different canon-based plot threads from both the original series and the movies. It worked very well.

    29. okDefinitely not my favorite Star Trek book but it passed the time. I guess I wish there was more depth to the whole V'ger affair

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