Tonight and Always

Tonight and Always SHE WAS AN AUTHORITY ON MENKasey was an anthropologist but her knowledge of men in general hadn t prepared her for one man in particular Jordan Taylor She was to help him with the research for his no

  • Title: Tonight and Always
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780671461560
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • SHE WAS AN AUTHORITY ON MENKasey was an anthropologist, but her knowledge of men in general hadn t prepared her for one man in particular Jordan Taylor.She was to help him with the research for his novel, but the study of the human heart soon took up all their time Sensation was their textbook and passion their teacher as they searched for the meaning of love and testSHE WAS AN AUTHORITY ON MENKasey was an anthropologist, but her knowledge of men in general hadn t prepared her for one man in particular Jordan Taylor.She was to help him with the research for his novel, but the study of the human heart soon took up all their time Sensation was their textbook and passion their teacher as they searched for the meaning of love and tested the strength of their desire, day by day and night by night.

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    1. "It's always interesting to watch a strong person lose control. You're a very strong woman, and very soft. It's an arousing combination."She felt no regrets. She loved. She knew only that she had found the man she had waited for her whole life. Tomorrows could be dealt with as they came. Tonight she had everything she wanted.Jordan Taylor is a renowned author who needs help with his latest novel. Hiring anthropologist Kasey to help him on the background of Native American tribes seemed like the [...]

    2. Anthropologist Kasey Wyatt signs on to help bestselling novelist Jordan Taylor do a book about the Plains Indians. Easy-going, spontaneous Kasey finds the highly structured environment of the Taylor household stifling. Jordan appears to have a tight lid on his emotions, his niece and ward is a shy, lonely girl, and Jordan’s mother is a harridan who dislikes Kasey at first sight. Introducing the volatile Kasey into this staid, dysfunctional mix, though, creates reverberations that have a profou [...]

    3. A warm and fuzzy story.I am giving this book 4 stars. The lack of a fifth star was due to the fact that this story was predictable. She fell in love instantly which removed a lot of the suspense.

    4. Jordan Taylor is an author who hires Kasey, an anthropologist, to provide him with the details about Native American life on the western plains for his book. Kasey is impulsive while Jordan and his family are straight-laced. Since Kasey is living in Jordan's huge household, she soon has the household less uptight. The character of Jordan starts out unlikable. He tells Kasey that he intends to make love to her without giving her much choice in the matter. During the last part of the book he becom [...]

    5. 3.5 - Not bad, narration was quite good. Quick read the summary says it all. A harlequin creation definitely. Not a lot of substance. But the characters were very likable.

    6. I'm only a little embarrassed that I enjoyed this too much. Clichéd ending but jeez I liked the main character and her smarts.

    7. Fiquei um pouco aborrecida com a autora quando comecei a ler este livro e notei várias semelhanças ao outro que li dela. Em ambos o protagonista masculino é escritor e é brusco no que toca a lidar com a protagonista, em ambos as casas têm mobílias de épocas específicas, etc. No entanto, há medida que lia mais, ficava mais presa nas diferenças da história. Gostei francamente mais da história deste. Com 15 capítulos e um epílogo, dir-se-ia que não tinha muita história. Mas tem! Te [...]

    8. My first Nora Roberts story and it was a Category Romance! I must say, I didn't know what to expect. The story is pretty basic, girl meets boy, instant attraction, the girl admits she loves him, he doesn't realize he loves her until its too late, then they live happily ever after. Though this was an enjoyable read, I couldn't help but feel this book was too cardboard, with little to no depth into anything but the romance. I guess it's what you get from Category Romances. I found the hero Jordan [...]

    9. Author: Nora RobertsFirst published: 1983 in From the HeartLength: 272 pages (paperback)Setting: Contemporary. Mostly Palm Springs.Sex: Frequent but blurred.Hero: AuthorHeroine: AnthropologistTrigger: Sort of rape. (view spoiler)[He is drunk and angry and forces himself upon her. While she initially fought, she decides to accept the inevitable. She does not hold it against him and they go on to have more, willing, sex that night. However, he believes it was rape and feels immense guilt. (hide sp [...]

    10. Uma Última Noite é um conto de Nora Roberts, romântico com só esta autora sabe escrever. Só tenho pena que seja apenas um conto e não seja tão aprofundado e complexo como um livro completo.Neste temos uma história linda de um escritor com certas feridas que recruta uma antropóloga para ajudar na sua pesquisa do novo livro. Esta traz uma lufada de ar fresco, não só a este como à sua sobrinha criança que muito precisa de afecto e de um sentimento de pertença. Claro que contra ela tem [...]

    11. :(dei 3* só por descargo de consciência porque de facto ficou bem aquém do que estava a espera da diva :P Nora Robertso conto por assim dizer já que a historia é bem pequena, não teve o envolvimento nem o apelo que já encontrei em outros livros da NRuma historia "corriqueira" para não dizer básica, sem grande trama, onde os personagens interagem no tempo pouco perceptível com algumas cenas que nos dias de hoje talvez não fossem "bem" aceites, entenda-se que foi escrito em 1983 (!)diga [...]

    12. Nora does it again.I haven't ever read a Nora Roberts book that I didn't like. I love the storyline and most of the characters. I especially loved the heroine she was feisty, smart and lovable. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. Spoiler.I really wanted to be a fly on the wall when the hero told the old crone off .

    13. Foi a primeira coisa que li desta autora e não fiquei impressionada. Se em algumas partes a história consegue ser relativamente cativante, na maior parte do tempo achei-a aborrecida e previsível.

    14. LovelyA consistently and fun. Battle that trueTurns quickly to list then love. Smart an fun characters. A n easy enjoyable reas

    15. It was an okay story, not up to par for Nora Roberts, but it was a very old book. The characters were not very interesting and one dimensional. All they were interested in was one another. I would have liked to have known more about all the characters, their pasts, their professions, their goals, etc. The characters just weren't well defined and so their stories and backgrounds were just thrown together quickly. There was no romantic anticipation. They were kissing and making love right away. Fo [...]

    16. The story followed the typical tight-laced, wealthy family man vs. the free-spirited young woman set against a backdrop of cocktails and formal dinners that leads to love through understanding. The novel brought back memories (unintentionally) because of the phone (no cells!) and no internet as well as traditional use of snail-mail to communicate. It was a fun, quick read after a long departure from Nora Roberts.

    17. The first book of Nora Roberts I haven't liked. I realized after a few pages of reading, it was one of her older books, re-released. I like "contemporary" and with everyone smoking and difficult communication w/out our modern-day conveniences, it didn't hold my interest. Sorry.I need to remember to check the original publishing date before I purchase contemporary.

    18. This was an average run of the mill romance novel. Interesting premise- reclusive rich boy hires attractive anthropologist to help with a book. They come from two different worlds but fall in love quickly but are fraught with challenges. Easy and pleasant enough but nothing to get overly excited about.

    19. Warm and cozyLoved the characters, especially the grandfather who reminded me of mine. Incredibly relaxing and warm in its content and lovely intelligent conversation between all the characters

    20. As always never disappointed with Nora RobertsI enjoy reading Nora Roberts because her books are so consistently good. The character's are well thought out and the storyline is plausible. Which isn't always easy when you consider many of her books have magic of some kind in them.

    21. Never disappointed with her books. This was a warm funnY and romantiic love storySecond time I read it n it was better this time. Pawebb41@comast xxxxxxxxxxxx. XXxX xx! Xxx XXxX xxxx xXxX xxx

    22. Had to stop reading by page 98! It was just too boring. I love Nora Roberts but this just wasn’t very good.

    23. I was really enjoying this book, all the way up until he raped her, with consent. But, I did enjoy the rest, so, 3 Stars.

    24. Love, love, love Nora Roberts!A book of love, pain, and then love again, with details that have you laughing one minute, then crying the next.

    25. Tonight and AlwaysGreat surprises with lots of love and action. A terrific ending with love winning and characters doing the right thing.

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