Hard Candy

Hard Candy Presents nine stories from the noted American playwright

  • Title: Hard Candy
  • Author: Tennessee Williams
  • ISBN: 9780811202213
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Presents nine stories from the noted American playwright.

    One thought on “Hard Candy”

    1. So, I had one Tennessee Williams story to mop up from my short-fiction non-genre list, the titular piece here "Hard Candy". I knew that it had some connection to another powerful Williams piece ("The Mysteries of the Joy Rio") I liked, so, since that piece is also here, let me recapitulate my review of that story from another collection:"The Mysteries of the Joy Rio" has always stuck in my head since I first read it years ago - it's the tale of an elderly gay man and the decrepit pleasure palace [...]

    2. Una raccolta di racconti in cui il disagio, le difficoltà e la miseria dei protagonisti sono il filo conduttore. Storie drammatiche di persone che si trovano ai margini della società e per le quali non c'è possibilità di rivalsa.Ci viene raccontata con una delicatezza disarmante l'America dei vinti, di un'umanità tormentata.La lettura, lenta e malinconica, mi ha trascinato per giorni in questo mondo di oppressi senza però trasmettermi angoscia o pena, mi sono invece sentita paradossalmente [...]

    3. This was a random pick-up from the Portsmouth Public Library. What attracted me to this old tome was the blue striped hardcover (no book jacket). I would have weeded this book years ago. I haven't read short stories in a long time and have forgotten how enjoyable they can be. It's like a rich chocolate, and a little piece is all you need.These were not all winners, but 7 out of 9 is good odds. I especially liked the sense of place in "The Mattress by the Tomato Patch." It's set in Santa Monica, [...]

    4. I picked up this short story collection after finishing Williams' "One Arm." I felt this collection didn't match the intensity of "One Arm" and finished the book underwhelmed. The pacing of "The Resemblance Between a Violin Case and a Coffin" and a few others was very slow and outlandishly dull.However, the title story, "Two on a Party" and "The Mattress by the Tomato Patch" had the satisfying and jarring impact that Williams delivers. What took away from the book was that some stories tended to [...]

    5. "Perhaps all adversaries are larger than Olga, for she is almost as large as the afternoon she lies under.""The days behind her were like an unclear, fuzzy negative of a film that faded when exposed to the present. They were like a dull piece of thread she would like to cut and be done with. Yes, to be done with forever, like a thread from a raveled hem that catches on things when you walk. But where had she put the scissors?""Oh, yes, for a while she would seem to be thinking of something. But [...]

    6. My, I don't even think I managed to finish all the stories in this little volume. It was all just so depressing (like most Tennessee Williams) and all the stories I read all revolved around sex and/or death (like most Tennessee Williams). I usually don't mind this, in fact I think usually prefer it. However, I guess most books I read are Melancholy and end with a sort of thoughtful sadness. I did like 'The Resemblance between a Coffin and a Violin Case' and 'The Mattress by the Tomato Patch' mai [...]

    7. Increasingly disappointing collection of stories that starts out strong enough, but slowly becomes redundant and weak. The characters are reasonably solid throughout, but the arcs of the stories become very weak early enough, and by the end we're stuck with a final story that's nearly a literal retelling of one we've already read. Having known Williams from his plays, I had high hopes. Was consequently very disappointed by this.

    8. Train-wreck characters. Interesting places. Strange interactions. Imperfectly perfect writing that is simultaneously not enough and just enough. Concise and to the point, with just enough room for odd details. Favorite stories: Three Players Of A Summer Game, Two On A Party, Rubio Y Morena, The Mattress By The Tomato Patch, The Mysteries of the Joy Rio.

    9. My favorite story in this was "The Vine". I can't exactly say why I loved it so much, but I guess I just enjoyed how human it felt. I know that sounds strange, but really that's the only way I can find to describe it. The other stories were good and well written, but "The Vine" is definitely my favorite!

    10. I found this hard to get into - something to do with the stilted language. Not unexpected in a playwright, who necessarily relies on dialogue, but surprising in such a great playwright. The title story is excellent though.

    11. Williams' clean,crisp writing style lures the reader to trusting him;even as he spins stories filled with singular characters in interesting situations. He uses language to create amazing, detailed images of a certain time in American culture.

    12. I've been really into Williams' plays recently, but as a short story writer he doesn't work for me. The themes are all the same, even some of the characters and lines are the same, but this collection mostly felt stale and dull.

    13. Favorites: Three Players of a Summer Game, Two on a Party, Rubio y Morena, The Mysteries of the Joy Rio, Hard Candy

    14. Given that this book was first published in 1954, I wonder how many early readers experienced a bit of southern discomfort with these shorts.

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