The Case of the Stolen Sixpence

The Case of the Stolen Sixpence When George the butcher s boy is fired for stealing coins from the till Maisie knows in her heart he is innocent With her little dog Eddie as the Watson to her Sherlock Holmes Maisie uses her budd

  • Title: The Case of the Stolen Sixpence
  • Author: Holly Webb Marion Lindsay
  • ISBN: 9780544339286
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When George, the butcher s boy, is fired for stealing coins from the till, Maisie knows in her heart he is innocent With her little dog Eddie as the Watson to her Sherlock Holmes, Maisie uses her budding detective skills to solve the mystery of the stolen sixpence, vindicate her old friend, and even help a new friend in need The first book in a series

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    1. 2 STARS!This was incredibly boring and the narrator made me want to fall asleep lol I even tried to speed up the narrator's voice because she talked so damn slow but even at 2x she was still slow. Also the mystery was predictable as hell and the characters weren't as memorable or fun. I guess it just wasn't for me. :/

    2. This is a cute, fun, quick book. I loved Maisie. She is full of spunk and has a good adventurous spirit. Also, I cannot forget about Eddie. He was the best companion/sidekick that a detective could have. He did help solve his own mystery involving who attempted to drown him. Then there was the bigger mystery about who stole the money at the butcher's shop. I liked all the different ways that Maisie got into character to solve the mystery. The illustrations were great as well. They just added to [...]

    3. Having read this as a bedtime book for my daughter I was really impressed. Although short it is well written with good charcters whilst being fun and enjoyable. My daughter (3) loved it so much that we had to go and get the second one ready for when we finished. Hopefully Maisie Hitchins will have many more adventures:)

    4. Cerita anak-anak berlatar abad-kereta-kuda di Inggris XD //keterangangakbertanggungjawabTipe bacaan untuk anak usia 6 - 11 tahun |ʘ‿ʘ)╯ yang juga sangat kuminati XD Hurufnya besar-besar~ (^O^)ノCeritanya tentang Maisie (9 th) yang mengagumi detektif terkenal dan kepingin jadi detektif juga ^^Dimulai dari kasus-kasus sederhana, seperti siapa yang membuang anak anjing itu. Dan siapa pencuri uang receh di toko tukang daging.Karena receh kalo tiap hari ditilep, jatuhnya jadi kertas. Jadi perl [...]

    5. I loved this! Such a cute and fun little mystery, Maisie is delightful. I loved the setting and I especially loved all of the illustrations.I would have liked to see something in the end that confirmed her idea [or not] about the one who was supposedly mean to the dog, was she just jumping to a conclusion too fast or not?

    6. This book is a children’s mystery. What a cute book! It is the first one in the series. In 2015 the second book is to be available.In the book the reader meets the main characters. Maisie (12 year old girl detective), Gran (Maisie grandmother who she lives with and helps out at the boarding house); and Eddie (the rescued puppy). There are many other interesting/fun characters introduced such as Professor Tobin who lives on the main floor of the boarding house. The book is set in Victorian Lond [...]

    7. So fond of Holly Webb. This one would be a great introduction to mysteries, deduction, investigations (keeping secrets from your grandmother), wearing a disguise and all of the other wonderful things that come with good sleuthing. Maisie finds a lost puppy (she keeps it as an assistant), solves a puzzle that had a young butcher's assistant losing his job and sorts it all out with just enough tension. She is bright and determined and learns from her mistakes so the story has enough excitement to [...]

    8. A cozy mystery for young readers! This is a very cute book for early mystery readers. While short enough to not be intimidating, Webb also does a great job of making her characters interesting. (There are even a couple mysteries solved in this first installment of the series!) Maisie Hitchins aspires to be a detective like the great Gilbert Carrington and his assistant Major Edward Lamb (read "Sherlock Holmes and Watson"). Her gran won't let her get out of her household chores to pursue such sil [...]

    9. A girl finds a dog in a canal and meanwhile someone is stealing money from the butchers. Maisie must find out both mysteries. And she does!

    10. Maisie Hitchens lives in her grandmother's boarding house and dreams of being a detective like the famous, Gilbert Carrington, who lives right down the street. She runs into her first mystery when she discovers a puppy in a burlap sack, obviously the victim of an intended drowning. She names him Eddie and brings him back to the boarding house, determined to hide him from her grandma. But things don't work out too well and Eddie charges the butcher boy's bike and steals his sausages. That leads, [...]

    11. Being a huge Nancy Drew fan I enjoyed this very much. I would have loved thinking I could be this young girl solving mysteries with very interesting people around me to help out. I also enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes references! Simple and satisfying. Don't over think it just enjoy the read.

    12. As I expected, Maisie is even better in the original. Enjoyed every bit of it, and now considering ways to turn it into home reading for my students. :)

    13. Originally posted on serendipityreviewsWhat a gorgeous book this was! This is the first book I’ve read by the author and I really wish I had bought more of her books for my girls when they were younger. Maisie Hitchins is a strong willed young lady for that time period and I love her for it. She really is a gutsy little girl full of curiosity and strong morals. She isn’t frightened to stand up for what she believes in during a time period where children were seen and not heard. She desperate [...]

    14. The Case of the Stolen Sixpence (The Mysteries of Maisie Hitchins) by Holly Webb and Marion Lindsay is a children’s chapter book in the tradition of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Maisie Hitchins is twelve years old, and is fascinated with detecting. She takes the time to notice things, which leads her to believe that she would be a great detective if she only had the chance. However, she spends most of her time helping her grandmother run a boarding house and running related errands. When Mai [...]

    15. I've been meaning to read a book in which I could simply lose myself in, and The Case of the Stolen Sixpence came at just the right time. Who would've thought that this observant girl who sweep floors in her Granny's apartment and hates shopping (unless it's an excuse for sleuthing) would whisked me straight to Victorian London?The huge grin on my face didn't vanish at all from the moment I started reading until I turned the last page. It's like I've tapped into a whimsical story I could see mys [...]

    16. Maisie Hitchins lives in her grandmother's boarding house in Victorian London, where she is expected to behave like a proper young lady. Instead, Maisie develops a nose for crime, as she investigates two cases. The first involves her newly found dog, Eddie, who was nearly drowned before Maisie rescued him, and the second involves the local butcher's boy, George, who is accused of stealing from the till in the butcher shop even though Maisie knows he would never do such a thing.This book suffers [...]

    17. Summary: Maisie Hitchins plans on being a great detective one day. Where does every great detective need to start? With their first case! Maisie solves the case of Eddie the Dog then is thrown into another; the case of the stolen sixpence, when her classmate is fired for stealing. Follow Maisie through her journey of disguises, danger, and heroism to find out who really stole the sixpence.Discussion:1. Maisie found a dog tied in a sack by the canal. If you had found Eddie, what would you have do [...]

    18. 12-year-old Maisie Hitchins lives with her grandmother, the owner of a respectable boarding house in London. Maisie spends her days helping with the dusting and sweeping of guest rooms while daydreaming of becoming a great and famous detective. While on an errand for her grandmother, Maisie finds a wriggling sack by the river with a tiny puppy inside. So begins Maisie’s first big case which includes convincing her no-nonsense grandmother that Eddie the puppy must come to live with Maisie and f [...]

    19. See original review here:wp/p4K3p7-bdThis was a good little mystery. It was light on the mystery and light on the history, but this did not make it a bad story.The Case of the Stolen Six Pence is a middle grade mystery that is set in Victorian London, where Maisie Hitchens is suppose to be helping her grandmother run a boarding house. I say supposed to because she is more interested in observing and monitoring her neighborhood for potential mystery rather than cleaning rooms, and running errands [...]

    20. The Case of the Stolen Sixpence is the first in the Maisie Hitchins mysteries series by Holly Webb. Maisie is 12 years old and lives with her grandmother in the boarding house she owns and operates. Maisie desperately wants to be a detective like the famous Gilbert Carrington. When George, the butcher's delivery boy, is fired for stealing Maisie is sure he didn't do it. And she sets out to prove his innocence by finding the true culprit.With her rambunctious dog Eddie, determination and deductiv [...]

    21. Maisie Hitchens dreams of being a famous detective rather than a boardinghouse owner's granddaughter, but has yet to find any mysteries to solve. Then, within the space of two days, two mysteries land in her lap. First, she finds a wriggling bag containing the cutest puppy anyone's ever seen! Who could have abandoned this sweet bundle of fur? But things get more serious when the local butcher's delivery boy is fired for allegedly stealing from the cash box - even though he never touches it. Mais [...]

    22. I liked The Case of the Stolen Sixpence. It is a light historical mystery set in Victorian London. It is light on history and light on mystery. But light isn't necessarily a bad thing. This is an often charming book for young readers. Maisie Hitchins is the protagonist. Perhaps she is supposed to be helping her grandmother run the boardinghouse. Perhaps she is supposed to be focused on helping with chores and running errands and keeping guests happy. But Maisie sees the world differently. She se [...]

    23. Twelve-year old Maisie Hitchins lives at 31 Albion Street, London, in a boarding house run by her grandmother. Though Holly Webb doesn't specify that they live during the Victorian era, people rely on horses and carriages to get around and snack on aniseed balls, lavender lace, and sugared violets. Maisie's smart, curious, and dreams of being a detective, like her hero Detective Gilbert Carrington (who is much like Shelock Holmes).When Maisie comes across a nearly drowned puppy in a sack, she un [...]

    24. Don’t let the cover fool you. This book is perfectly great for boys, too!Maisie lives with her grandmother, and together they run a boardinghouse, though Maisie’s part is mostly cleaning and running errands. She adores Detective Gilbert Carrington and is convinced she has the detective skills to someday help him. When money is discovered stolen and Maisie’s friend has been falsely accused, she sets to work to find the real culprit.I’m a sucker for lower class books set in London, especia [...]

    25. This review was originally posted at 3kidsreviews/?p=187 book reviews by kids for kids by Rosie age 6 This is the first in the Maisie Hitchins series. These books take place in London a long time ago. They are about a girl who loves to pretend she is a detective. She wants to be like Sherlock Holmes when she grows up. One day as she is walking home from the market she finds a puppy in a bag that has narrowly escaped from being drowned. The puppy soon becomes her sidekick as Maisie travels throug [...]

    26. I love Holly Webb, I find her Rose series adorable and when I saw she was the author of this series I couldn't help but squeal a bit and say 'Want!' The Case of the Stolen Sixpence is the first book in the Maisie Hutchins series for Middle Grade readers; it is geared toward ages 9-12 but reads closer to the 9-10 range I think. The story is cute and even a little sad at some points but very fun to follow. In book 1 we meet Maisie and her companion a dog named Eddie as they embark on their very fi [...]

    27. Maisie Hitchins is a British import that provides a great deal of fun along with the mystery. Maisie is a very appealing heroine who works for her grandmother at the boardinghouse she runs. But her real desire is to be a detective like Gilbert Carrington. But she doesn't expect a mystery to practically land in her lap when she rescues a half-drowned puppy or when the meat delivery boy gets fired for stealing. But with the help of some of her grandmother's boarders, Maisie finds herself investiga [...]

    28. This was a very quick light read, and when I first started it I found the cutesy tone of the writing rather annoying honestly. It was all seeming a bit slow at the start. But when I changed my view and realized that this book best fitted (and was probably meant for) a younger age group then middle school kids, I started to sort of enjoy it.As a younger kid's book it was rather charming, quirky artwork and all. I'm a sucker for old world London as a setting anyway. The plot was simple and so were [...]

    29. The Case of the Stolen SixpenceHolly Webb, Marion LindsayCopyright 2013This is a fun book for children just learning to read chapter books.Maisie fancies herself a detective and is friends with Alice but Slice is not in the same clasx as her so she has to keep their friendship a secret.When Maisie comes across a dig that is either lost or abandoned Alice reminds her that she has her first real case. And soon after that she finds herself in the midst of another case her friend George gets fired f [...]

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