Positive: A Memoir

Positive A Memoir In this compelling and compulsively readable memoir nineteen year old Paige Rawl tells the story of how she was mercilessly bullied in middle schoold how she overcame the ordeal to change her world f

  • Title: Positive: A Memoir
  • Author: Paige Rawl Ali Benjamin
  • ISBN: 9780062342515
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this compelling and compulsively readable memoir, nineteen year old Paige Rawl tells the story of how she was mercilessly bullied in middle schoold how she overcame the ordeal to change her world for the better.In this astonishing memoir, Paige tells a story that is both deeply personal and completely universal one that will resonate deeply with the thousands of chIn this compelling and compulsively readable memoir, nineteen year old Paige Rawl tells the story of how she was mercilessly bullied in middle schoold how she overcame the ordeal to change her world for the better.In this astonishing memoir, Paige tells a story that is both deeply personal and completely universal one that will resonate deeply with the thousands of children and adults whose lives have been touched by bullying.Paige Rawl has been HIV positive since birth but growing up, she never felt like her illness defined her It never prevented her from entering beauty pageants or playing soccer or making the honor role.On an unremarkable day in middle school, while attempting to console a friend, Paige disclosed her HIV positive status and within hours the bullying began She was called PAIDS, first in whispers, then out in the open Her soccer coach joked that she was an asset because opposing team members would be too afraid to touch her Her guidance counselor told her to stop all the drama, and her principal said she couldn t protect her One night, desperate for escape, Paige swallowed fifteen sleeping pills one for each year of her life to date That could have been the end of her story Instead, it was only the beginning The gripping first person account of Paige s life will pull in even the most reluctant readers of nonfiction, and her call to action to choose compassion over cruelty will stay with them long after they turn the last page.

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    1. 1. Every person in the world should read this. Especially anyone who works in a school or who attends school. 2. This completely changed my view of HIV/AIDS and bullying. I've always been an empathetic person, but this book gave me another push.3. Now I want to change the world. I've already been brainstorming things I could do for the school system in my town. I'm a teen librarian and hear what the kids in my programs talk about and what makes them hurt. I also want to educate my town on HIV/AI [...]

    2. Paige Rawl was born HIV positive. She contracted it from her mother who had contracted it from her father. Her father left them when she was little; they weren't really in contact until just before his death from AIDS.For most of her childhood, Paige didn't know she was HIV positive. She just knew she and her mom had to take some yucky medicine everyday. She remembers overhearing a conversation between her mother and doctor and hearing the term HIV. When she got home, she asked her mom, "Am I HI [...]

    3. I especially liked Rawl's emphasis on the fact that it is not our fault when we are bullied. There is this wonderful passage near the end where she talks about the differences which each of us have and, unfortunately, sometimes hide. As this year's anti-bullying week slogan went: we are all different, all equal.

    4. I can't wait to recommend this to all of my students on Book Talk Tuesday. This should be a required read in every high school. Though this book's intended audience is obviously YA, regardless of age, I'm going to recommend this book to every person who will listen to me talk about it.

    5. It absolutely amazes me that such a young girl can write a book that is so important, so powerful and so inspirational. This is not your typical teenager being bullied, my life is horrible teenage novels that are being put churned out one after another. This book is authentic and the author, Paige Rawl, is so perceptive for her age. Her heart wrenching description of her struggle doesn't make her someone to be pitied, but is someone who should be celbrated and respected. There are so many wonder [...]

    6. Here's what really worries me. 1. Many young people don't know the difference between being HIV+ and having AIDS 2. Many young people don't know who Ryan White was.

    7. No tengo palabras. Una historia muy conmovedora, que lo resulta aún más (y más desgarradora, si se quiere) por el hecho de que es algo real; más aún, algo con lo que mucha gente, sin importar las particularidades de sus experiencias, pueden identificarse. Es increíblemente inspiradora la experiencia de Paige, su capacidad de hacerle frente a las adversidades con tanta gracia y fortaleza. Ojalá muchas personas, muchas muchas tomen la iniciativa de leer este libro y desde el lugar que nos t [...]

    8. I feel like this is a great read for all students, all young people, all adults. It brings such an awareness of struggles that could potentially be hidden. The writing is ok, but the messages surpass that. Woody Swear scale-very few. And those used were used by two characters and for good reason. So, this would be manageable.

    9. This is a quick read with a powerful message. The writing is not that compelling, but there are definitely some profound statements from someone deeply affected by judgement throughout her life. I admired Paige's mother's relentless efforts to fulfill her parental duty of keeping her daughter safe and happy--which seemed impossible at times. These two women fought a losing battle for many years. The author's afterword is actually the most influential section in the book. Rawl writes, " someone n [...]

    10. Outstanding and important read for teens and teachers of adolescents. Great line reminds me of one of my core purposes as a teacher - "fighting for kids who would be easier to ignore."

    11. Paige Rawl was born with HIV. As long as she can remember, Paige has taken medication at the same exact time, every single day. What makes that so different from taking insulin shots, using an inhaler, or covering up your eczema?, she wondered. At a middle school lock-in, Paige thought little of telling her best friend the truth about her condition. This trust and naive understanding of just how stigmatized some people can be would change her life forever. POSITIVE is a story for anyone who has [...]

    12. Paige Rawl no es una autora reconocida, no es actriz o cantante, no es una persona famosa, es simplemente una chica de 22 años que tuvo la mala fortuna de nacer con VIH+. Paige decidió escribir éste libro después de haber pasado toda una vida sufriendo acoso escolar por la mala información sobre el VIH y el SIDA.Paige nos cuenta su historia desde el inicio. Su padre contagió a su madre, y para cuando ella se enteró ya era demasiado tarde, la bebé también había sido contagiada. Pero ya [...]

    13. I'm not sure why I waited so long to read this one. Powerful and inspiring! I kept doing the math while I was reading to remind myself that Paige is the age of some of my first students: I could have been her teacher! I hope that I, and our school community, would have shown more compassion than some of the adults she encountered. This is a must read for pre-teens, teens, and adults.

    14. Meet Paige Rawl, an activist, speaker, and a woman who is using her HIV+ status to share with the world her message of love and acceptance. This is her memoir and her story on how her HIV+ status changed her life and how people treated her. It allows us to view how cruel the world can be, but also how this young woman was able to turn this into her strength. I sing nothing but praises for this book (except for the occasional confusing skips in dialogue, but that is easily over looked consider ho [...]

    15. TODO el mundo debería leer "Positiva". Es tan ameno y conmovedor, que te llega al corazón de verdad mientras las páginas pasan y pasan (en serio, yo leo lento y si encima estoy pasada de sueño imaginen, pero avanzaba a pasos agigantados y me costaba dejarlo). Celebrás, te emocionás, te indignás y querés cambiar las cosas, eso es lo mejor. Reseña completa en Real or not real Books

    16. I think every teacher and student should read this book. It is an eye opening look at bullying. Not only does it provide insight into how a victim feels, it also offers hope for how to overcome it.

    17. I can't say enough good about this book. I really loved it. I was hesitant about purchasing it for the high school because it was about HIV. Boy am I glad I did! This is not a book just about HIV, it is a book about a wonderful, strong, wise young lady, about bullying, about friend making a difference, about a strong supportive parent, oh, and also HIV. Paige's voice rings strong and true in this book as she takes you on a journey of her life with HIV. I learned things I never knew about HIV whe [...]

    18. Powerful! All educators should read this book! Miss Rawl is a strong young lady whose story can help many students.

    19. 3.5que bonita historia, he aprendido un montón sobre el VIH y sobretodo el poder de Paige para salir adelante y dejar una huella en el mundo

    20. Positive was a story that I didn’t expect to affect me as much as it did. The story hurt but it loved as well, and the strength this girl inevitable found was so inspiring. Positive is a memoir about Paige Rawl’s life growing up, you may not have heard of her, but you will or you should definitely take the time out of your day to learn about her story. With the help of Ali Benjamin, the duo wrote an inspiring story that really opened my eyes.So Positive follows the life of Paige Rawl, a girl [...]

    21. I personally really liked the book. It was about a girl who was born with HIV, and about her struggles as a middle schooler/high schooler. It is really inspiring, and it has a lot of meanings within the book. Such as to be yourself openly, and not to worry about what people think. Paige has been through a lot, and it obviously tells in the book. I'd recommend this book to anyone who needs inspiration, and anyone who likes a "coming of age" memior

    22. "Maybe being broken helps you become a better person."I had the honor of winning and ARC of this book, and it was incredible. I finished it in one sitting because it was so inspiring.Wow, this is one of those books that you will never forget. It makes you feel every single emotion. I cried a lot because I could feel her pain and this book was written so well and beautifully. Paige has an amazing way with words, and I truly feel connected to her through this story. I was absolutely furious at the [...]

    23. La historia de Paige te transmite mucho. Te emociona, te hace reír , te enoja y te indigna. Te abre los ojos. Es una historia de lucha contra la violencia y maldad de los seres humanos. La historia de una chica que nació con VIH y tuvo que soportar acoso escolar por algo que ella no podía cambiar de sí misma.Una autobiografía que te invita a reflexionar y notar lo que sucede a tu alrededor sin que te des cuenta.Reseña completa en el blog próximamente.

    24. Positive is a great book. It's about a girl named Paige Rawl and she was born with HIV, she got it from her mother, and her mother got it from her father. Paige grew up not knowing she had this because she thought going to the hospital all the time and taking a pill was normal for a young girl. But when she finds out what she really has, she tells her best friend Yasmine, expecting she can trust her. Yasmine ends up telling a ton of people and there's a ton of drama, and people start treating Pa [...]

    25. Beautiful. Beautiful. Simply inspiring. That's what this book was. It was about being able to move on from the past, and about accepting people as they are. Paige Rawl was at a school slumber party with one of her best friends, Yasmine. Paige tells her about her HIV+ status and later finds out that Yasmine has spread it across the school. She is called PAIDS and suffers bullying constantly. This memoir was about her journey staying positive and finding friends that accept her as she is. The mess [...]

    26. I quite enjoyed this. Paige Rawl's memoir is a deeply moving yet very fast paced, quick read. I would, without a doubt, recommend "Positive" to just about anyone who is in middle school or high school, or to anyone who works with children/teens. Paige's story seemed to ignite a spark inside of me - a spark that was unfortunately quite dim prior to reading. This 'spark' instills a feeling of self confidence and self belief in the core of my being. It inspires me to go out and make my mark on the [...]

    27. This book is truly amazing because it is so inspiring to kids who get bullied for something they can't control. It also shows what this world has come to. If they can't control it, why are they being bullied for it. I'm not saying that bullying someone because they can change it is any better, but even worse if the person is unable to do anything. This book shows adults especially truly how mean kids can be to each other. You wouldn't think that a disease such as HIV is a typical bullying target [...]

    28. Paige Rawl is incredibly inspirational, and her story is sure to touch anyone that reads it. I had some similar experiences when I was young, which is why I picked up this book. I have a blood condition that causes my immune system to attack my own red blood cells, causing my white blood cells to be overworked and bad at chasing off infection. I used to be bullied so much for being sick, and every time I ended up in the hospital no one visited or called besides my own parents. People will always [...]

    29. Seen at Bookish Antics! I don’t usually read non-fiction books, but Positive still managed to be an extremely important, informative read for me. I learned more about the HIV virus and AIDs, something that I had very little knowledge of prior to reading this book. There are so many misconceptions about AIDs and Positive is a moving, poignant memoir that will shed light on a very relevant and often misunderstood topic. Though Positive doesn’t flow well initially and goes on a few random tange [...]

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